Weights and Prices?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by DoritosMan, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

    this doesnt look good
  2. ZongUser

    ZongUser New Member

    Dag where u ppl live? If i can find it the best deal i get is 60 a half (which may range from great to dirty seed/stem filled bags) and the most ive paid is 80 a half (the shittiest shit ive ever smoked). the problem lies in finding a reliable contact whose honest and wont rip u off. And i hate having to go thru a friend of a friend psssh I get so fed up with it sometimes that I just wanna quit...but then it all seems worth it when your blowing a bowl of sticky icky
  3. Robin Graves197666

    Robin Graves197666 New Member

    here we get a quarter for £50. that works out 2.8g for a score which is great because the scores are like 1.2g so your cheaper buying more. they also do 2 scorebags for £30 but end of the day there shit scores
  4. ImSoLit

    ImSoLit New Member

    i can get and eight of bunk for 20, a quarter for 35, 20 gs for 60, an o for 80, and for 90 bucks i can get a quarter of the dankest dank. my most purchased bag has to be a 60 bag of dank, fat 3.4-4.2, mostly on the heavy side.
  5. grant1

    grant1 New Member

    i can get 50 for an eighth of dank and 90 for a quarter
  6. AcousticSchooler

    AcousticSchooler New Member

    10$ for a dime (.7g)
    30$ for a half eighth (1.25g)
    60-70$ for an eighth (3.5g)
    170$ for a half ounce (14g)
    300-320$ for an ounce (28g)
  7. mallitia95

    mallitia95 Sr. Tokemaster

    A dime is 10 dollars its not a particular weight
  8. AcousticSchooler

    AcousticSchooler New Member

    Jeez thanks mallitia, I don't know where my head was haha I think I was trying to hit the $ symbol :rolleyes:.
  9. gamereric22

    gamereric22 Active Member

    I have never heard of someone buying a half eighth (1.25 g's?). You also did not mention how much weed you get for the dime bag (probably not much since 1.25 g cost $30)
  10. AcousticSchooler

    AcousticSchooler New Member

    All we have is high school kids buying all kinds of crazy amounts up in west NY including me haha we don't even normally buy a said amount, typically we say ,for example, 30 worth, and my dealer gives me 30$ worth of weed. It's pretty damn sketchy I'll admit haha :rolleyes:

    EDIT: I updated it with gram amounts for you guys :)
  11. gamereric22

    gamereric22 Active Member

    Lol if thats that case then you cant really tell if you are getting ripped off? Up here in Canada its nice and simple, $10/g. So a 8th is $35, a quarter is $70 and so on.
  12. spirittoker95

    spirittoker95 New Member

    For what we call 'reggie' (brick weed with seeds and stems, but not schwag and gets the job done)
    Blunts - 1 gram - $5 (Usually sold at school or from a friend)
    Dime - 3.5 grams - $10
    Dub - 7 grams - $20
    Half oz - 14 grams - $30 (My favorite quantity, as it's 2 dubs 1 for $10)
    oz - 28 grams - $60

    Dank (I dunno why but everyone just says kush...)
    Gram - $20
    Eighth - $60
    Quarter - $100 to $120
    Half - $180
    oz - $280 - $300
  13. spirittoker95

    spirittoker95 New Member

    I should make a note that I've had reggie that would make some dank ashamed
  14. freddo1234

    freddo1234 New Member

    A half eighth is pretty standard in London, and while technically it's 1.75g (and known as a 'benz' for some reason), if you buy a benz it will usually be around a gram. Here, many dealers will expect you to mean '£20 worth' when you say 'an 1/8th' and so will sell 1.5-2.5g scores as 'eighths'.

    However, my dealer has a scale and sells by the gram (£7-15/g depending on quality and his supply).

    I will never understand people's obsession with 'dank', 'mids' etc. There are complex gradations of quality, and named strains are a) often bs and b) even if genuine, not always better in quality.
  15. Kidete

    Kidete Member

    Here in Kenya weed is sold in joints. There is a thin one commonly known as 'slim' and a larger one(thick as a pencil) known as 'colo'. The best weed available comes from Tanzania and Western Kenya. The prices vary from 15ksh-30ksh which is around 5cents(U.S dollars)
  16. gamereric22

    gamereric22 Active Member

    How much weed do you get for that price? Is that per gram?
  17. Australianpothead

    Australianpothead New Member

    Im moving to kenya:D
  18. wobbel

    wobbel New Member

    I buy my weed just in the coffeeshop at the corner of the street :x. The cheapest weed which is white widow is 6 euro for 0.7g. They also sell orange bud for 7e per 0.7 and haze for 9E for 0.7

    I pay 3.80 euro for 1g at my homedealer. I usually buy in bigger amounts there. I have 16g weed for 60 euro there.

    It's indoor weed, not totally sure what it is. but it is great.
  19. michelemishellie

    michelemishellie New Member

    Yeah same here in Cali,,, exact same prices,,, unless you buy from the grower,, of course,,, a few in my family grow for a living and for personal. They call the schwag,, Stress here though,, probably that too,, I just have not heard that around here,, No offense to anyone,, but they also call it Mexican or dirt weed. I like the word schwag better. I am not into putting labels on people so I don't like using the term " Mexican weed " That's cool,, only 5 cent's in Kenya ,,,
  20. PhoLuM

    PhoLuM New Member

    Regular Prices:
    $10 a G.

    Cheapest prices for good bud I get:
    $5 a G.
    $10 a 2Gs
    $20 an Eighth
    $30 a Quarter
    $60 a Half
    $120 O

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