Weights and Prices?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by DoritosMan, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. NoFear

    NoFear New Member

    Today i got an eight of green crack for 25 bucks:)
  2. AngelHeart

    AngelHeart Active Member

    $150 an O for Green Crack? That's shockingly cheap! Where are you from?
  3. NoFear

    NoFear New Member

    I'm from California! In the central valley by fresno. A lot of people smoke here, most cops don't care, and there's gangs and bloods and crips and bulldogs and a shitload of country and rural areas, so weed is really cheap. i got a quarter ounce of shake for $5 and my friend got a whole ounce of green crack for 105 the other day, i got half an ounce of afghan kush for 60. I'm from Reedley California
  4. toumbhar10

    toumbhar10 New Member

    I'm so jealous of you californians! Here in Melbourne prices are crazy. Even in adelaide, our best weed is much more expensive than some of your really good strains, and it's easier to get too! Ahh, if only.
  5. NoFear

    NoFear New Member

    sorry bro! :p i was kinda born here!
  6. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    The price here in RI has been $50 a quarter for mids and hasn't gone up at all. I'm ok with that since it lasts me a long time.
  7. juan1993

    juan1993 New Member

    Dro or kush 20 a gram
    55 1/8
    120 quarter
    140 half
    280 oz
    800 QP
    3800 pound
    Bryan tx
  8. totheclouds

    totheclouds New Member

    I live in Wisconsin, we get all sorts of variety, but its always flame. Sour Diesel, Granddaddy purp, widows, Kush, purple urcle, we get it all.
    20 for a gram
    1/4-85 or 90
    an Ounce for 300
    and QP for 1000
  9. spritezero

    spritezero New Member

    In good parts of kansas its usually 20$ for an eighth of mids and then 60$ for an eighth of dank. In my few years of smoking, I've never seen shwagg.
  10. Medle

    Medle New Member

    Over here a dime will get you 3-4 grams of regular weed (reggies) a dub ($20) from 5 to 7 grams
    while some chronic or kush will be from $15 to $25 a gram
  11. colbertman

    colbertman New Member

    10 per gram, 30 per 1/8, 60 per 1/4, 110 for 1/2, and 200 for an ounce no matter the quality, but its alway good here.
  12. clint902

    clint902 Sr. Member

    The guy I get mine from told me he could bet me 1/2lbs for $200 whch took me back because I've been paying $100 an ounce for medium grade.
  13. bdwu420

    bdwu420 New Member

    With the options that I have prices vary.
    Medical Grade:
    $15-20 a gram, $45-60 an 1/8th, $65-$80 for a quarter or and ounce from $200-300ish.
    $5 a gram, $15 for a 1/8th, $30 for a quarter and anywhere from $50 or a bit more for an ounce.
    Then I can get homegrown shit thats pretty good for $10/g, $35/eighth, $65/quarter, $150 an ounce. (That's just from someone I know personally) Then I got people who will just give me the shit because we're close. I normally just hit up the dispensary though to keep it legal and save trouble with the cops, plus I can pick up some hash while I'm there to top a bowl off.
  14. 420TrainWreck

    420TrainWreck New Member

    Man who gives a fuck! I buy I smoke I have a great fucking time! :D
  15. 420TrainWreck

    420TrainWreck New Member

    Usually mid grades run at 10$=gram, 20$=2 grams, 30$=1/8, 200$=oz
  16. Emarosa

    Emarosa Active Member

    I feel like weed is really expensive in NH compared to the rest of the world...

    Gram - 20
    1/8 - 50
    1/4 - 90ish
    1/2 - 160
    Ounce - varies from 250-400
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  17. ajishere

    ajishere New Member

    im in fresno, ca. from the dispensery i can get banana kush for $ioo for 4 1/8s. i smoke alot because i am in chronic pain since 1992. i have been smokin for a real long time. the girl that brought it asked if i smoke alot,i told her yes i do. i told her it has to last me the whole month cuz i am on fixed income. she siad it would last me. it was gone in like 5 days. i am now going to a friend that i have used before he can get me an oz of hash for $50 and an oz of flame for $150. makes me happy
  18. viajane420

    viajane420 New Member

    Who would waste their money on mids? Lol
  19. McSmoke

    McSmoke New Member

    Out here shits usually mid grade, get some crack whores trying to sell you schwag for like £18-20 and 1/8th.

    usually when my dealer is being pretty constant i pay like £10-15 for some lower mid grade stuff.
  20. Kitube

    Kitube New Member

    I have a feeling weed is more expensive here in Chile (south america) even though it should be easy as hell to grow here, as well the laws here are really relaxed.
    1g i usually 10.000 chilean pesos which is 20 US dollars.
    but if i buy over 10g's i pay about 16 bucks per g.
    usually i buy 10g for 160 bucks.
    My guy says some pineapple express is coming in a week or two, that might be more expensive.
    How good is pineapple express? and how can i be sure that it is pineapple express?
    the weed i usually get isnt very sticky, has hardly any crystals on the outside.

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