Weights,prices, and sizes questions.

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  1. Mr.MarryJane

    Mr.MarryJane New Member

    Ok well the start off with I don't usually buy a large amount of weed,usually just a dime bag. I'm thinking about buying something larger like a eighth or something bigger like a half ounce or something like that.I have no idea what these cost,or how much it would be to begin with.Is there any way I could tell I wasent getting fucked over? Like maby if I buy a dime bag and I compare the size to some kind of coin of something would that like like aprox. A dime? I have seen people do this before.But I'm just not sure how to do it my self.Any ideas? So basically I'm just asking for aprox. the price for every weight out there just about.And yes I know that prices differ in different places.I live in south Carolina so if any one lives here or has ever lived here can you let me know what the aprox. Price is for all the weights? Thanks :hail:
  2. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    I live in georgia so I'm right below you...I don't think the prices should be much different.

    If you want to see how much it looks like, ask your dealer to weigh it out in front of you. Tell them that you're curious as to how much it physically is.

    General prices for dank/good weed
    Eighth (3.5g)-$50-60
    Quarter (7g) $100-120
    Half O (14g) $200
    O $400

    I usually buy eighths at a time.
  3. Mr.MarryJane

    Mr.MarryJane New Member

    Yeah that's usually the dank price here for a gram,but the last time I got weed I bought a dime bag (2 grams) and I payed 10$ for it.It couldn't have been mid cuz i got high off of like maby 4 puffs off a joint.I snooker it with my friends.It was some strong smelling shit to lol.
  4. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    I typed in google "eighth of weed" and this is the best pic I could find.

  5. Mr.MarryJane

    Mr.MarryJane New Member

    Well damn that's ALOT of weed! Haha I wish I had that much now! I ain't got none :( lol
  6. Bud420life

    Bud420life New Member

    Yeah thats about an eighth... In utah thats about how much I get for about 40 bucks though. and a half ounce costs me about 150-160. And that is the prices for when im buys dank...
  7. Mr.MarryJane

    Mr.MarryJane New Member

    Damn bro! Your lucky! Lol

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