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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Dextral, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Dextral

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    Okay so me and a couple of buddies decided to smoke some joints outside of our local movie theater last night before seeing a scary movie. It was my first time smoking out of a joint and i liked it. I only had a couple of hits and the usual thing started to happen and soon i knew i was high.

    This is when it gets weird.
    Mid way through the movie my friend and i decided to go get a drink cause we were thirsty as hell. As he was ordering i started to get dizzy and soon i had tunnel vision. I didnt feel like i was going to vomit, but soon my vision was very limited. Everything was black, and i was spinning around in circles like a little child that was trying to become dizzy (as my friend explained it). I dont even know why i was doing it. I managed to walk back into the theater and into my seat with my friend, and when i sat down my vision came back. It was so fucked up, but i didnt really mind it haha.

    Is there any reason as to why i had tunnel vision for my first time? Ive been smoking for a couple of months and never experienced it before until now. Was it because it was my first time from a joint?

    Let me know and thanks for reading!
  2. IheartDoties

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    I couldn't tell you, maybe it was just dank bud? I had something similar to this happen to me when me and my best friend smoked an eighth of green crack out of his bong, but I'd only been smoking for a couple of months at the time.
  3. Markos96

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    This is me just guessing, but it could be a variety of things. You said it was the first time smoking out of a joint, maybe you just got light-headed because of oxygen deprivation? I know sometimes when I smoke dank bud out of a joint I'll hit it too hard and it'll make me start getting really light-headed and make my vision really blurry. One time I got really high and thought I was "forgettin to breathe," which made me breathe harder, getting me light-headed. Also you're in a movie theater, which some people can feel cramped in a lot of times (Sometimes I feel light-headed when I go into the movies, but I think that's my anxiety sometimes acting up). Or maybe you got up too fast? Either way I don't think it is really something to worry about, it's just one of those things that happen.
  4. anonymousalien

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    I smoked the same bag of weed for weeks, and only two in twelve times I felt something different. The first I was in bed and I started feeling paranoia. I felt like small creatures were chasing me (I didn't have alucinations), and when that disappeared, the room seemed giant from the bed, and I was afraid of falling. It didn't last long, and it wasn't so unpleasant tho.

    The second time I had altered eye perception. I don't think I had tunnel vision, rather I saw everything as if I was looking trough fisheye lens. Kinda looking from behind your eyes.

    What I mean is that it all depends on your physical and psychological condition at the time. Maybe you got fked up after sitting for hours and standing up or starting to walk suddenly, or maybe the change to a different light placement and intensity.

    Maybe it was a flashback of seeing the movie! That makes sense.
  5. budistheshit

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    Is it wierdthat if you dont eat when you get the munchies you lose weight? Since ive lost some weight not from working out but i think its because i dont eat when i get the munchies is that a problem?

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