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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by BlazedCanadian, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Lately, ive found a huge interest in collecting diffrent types of strains. I have them all in 4 diffrent jars with labels of their names (i no its go hard but i think its sick lol). So i picked up a quarter of some of this weed earlir this week and it looks so weird, does not look like weed even the slightest bit. It is weed tho, smells like it, smokes like it, and got me nice and high. I had a nice ass camera to take a pic of it and the goddam camera broke, or its not working (not focusing) :'(. I have seen ENOUGH weed in my life lol but seen nothing like this before, So im gonna try to describe it. Its a light greyish/brown colour, not even 1 leaf on it, a 5.5 gram nug, symetrical bumps from botom of nug to top, and on the ends of the buds on some small places its almost like a small purple bud is unbloomed. IMO i think it was just an unmatured plant that was cut and cropped to early and dident have time to fully grow, but i could be wrong. What do uz guyz think?
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    sounds like it may have been water cured, water curing is a process after you harvest the buds you submerge them in water to flush out chemicals and any other pests or pesticides. Its said to increase potency but it makes the bud look odd or even ugly.
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    you beast

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