Weirdest places you've found old weed?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by TreesNSpliffs, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. TreesNSpliffs

    TreesNSpliffs New Member

    We've all done it. We're rooting around our car, our room, our stash box, etc. and come across a nug of bud we forgot existed or never knew existed or weren't intending to find, etc.

    So my questions are: What's the largest amount you've found/re-acquired without expecting to and where was the most unexpected/strange place to find the weed?

    Even though this isn't technically germane to my line of questioning its in the same gene pool; Have you ever come across weed whose owner you didn't know, you weren't in a position to be seen and you took it without anybody else being the wiser?

    So I guess I'll answer first.

    A guy left an 8th on a bar at the superbowl party I was at and nobody else was in the room or in eye sight for the next 20 minutes and I was honest enough to not take the weed. Someone else stole it later and I felt a twinge of regret.

    I have frequently gone into pockets searching for my cell or for loose change only to find an old baggy with a gram in it or something like that. Car, various boxes and drawers I keep weed in, etc. but the STRANGEST place was my pubes. I don't know why they were there but I woke up one morning to drain the lizard and it looked like I had weed-dandruff. It was only a few particles but it was obviously weed. I guess when weed is constantly in every pocket of every pair of pants you own it can leak out to all kinds of random places.
  2. Moneymaker

    Moneymaker New Member

    i went to disney world a while back and i was walking around exploring the place we were staying. i had walked around the whole place when i saw a plastic bag in a short palm tree. i went to look at it closer and it was a half g of weed. i took and went back to my room. later when i went to the parks and stuff i saw a couple of workers looking around at the tree.
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  3. steveisaninja10

    steveisaninja10 New Member

    i found a dub once outside a card store down the block
  4. Gee

    Gee The truth is in here

    I found a foil stick in my cupboard when I was younger. I'd bought it off some dude, thrown in up top and forgot about it (maybe I was scared to smoke it or something?! Can't really remember). I vaguely remember opening it a long while later and finding mold so I binned it. :laugh:

    *Note: Don't hate on me. I will never ever ever let weed go moldy again!!! :laugh:
  5. Csharp

    Csharp Sr. Member

    i don't buy weed in bulk, only like $40 worth at a time. so i'm very lucky if i find any old bud. but like a month or so ago, i found a small nug or two in a cellophane i had left in this little compartment of my desk lamp. that was the only time i ever had that happen.
  6. Stay Negative

    Stay Negative Sr. Member

    found about 1.5 in the valley by this mall
    i live by haha.
  7. 717Creations

    717Creations New Member

    i was taking a tour of a house we are renting this summer and when the landlord opened one of the rooms it stank of someone just smoked. so when the other guys left i searched and found a nice small bag
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  8. newpotmoker

    newpotmoker New Member

    lol, get robbed :p
  9. dmorales

    dmorales New Member

    i used to hide my weed in a piggy bank but then my brother found it so i changed my spot. so when i was cleaning out my room one day and i found the piggy bank so i shook it and heard coins.. i popped that thing open and out came a couple of coins and a dub. hahaha.
  10. WessleyPipes

    WessleyPipes New Member

    I found about 2gs in my computer case
  11. Gee

    Gee The truth is in here

    I read a bloke on here found a garbage bin full :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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  12. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I found an 1/8th under the bathroom sink once, stashed in a box of gauze. It must have been in at least a year, or more. I didn't even remember putting it there. This was over 10 years ago, before I started using Cannabis as medicine.
  13. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    To much info there TreesNSpliffs, grossed me out. Haha.

    I always find nug where it is expected to be found. Under car seats (recent: half gram in brothers truck), under couches, in the couches, yadda yadda.... I guess the weirdest place (not weird at all though) is in the cracks of coffee tables. If weed is always on a coffee table, then there is lots of shake in those cracks. Take a paper clip and run it through all the cracks popping out all the shake. Separate the notable dirt and junk and you might have a good size bowl.
  14. Stoner Evan

    Stoner Evan New Member

    I went down to this spot that only me and my homeboy know, and we smoked. A week later, we come back, and after a hurricane, a stale ass piece of weed from our last session was sitting right there. Craziest damn thing ever XD.
  15. Ginger96

    Ginger96 New Member

    I have never found any weed in a public place. However finding nugs and grams all around my house happens on a monthly basis. I allways have some bud on me that i hide somewhere (when i'm already high) in a bag or folded up in a peice of paper. And then months later i pick up a piece of paper unfold it and find a fuckin stale ass gram in. I can never remember where it came from or when i put it there. I always get so excited though no matter how many times it happens. :p
  16. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

    My friend said he found a nug in his drawer from 4 months earlier.

    One time I was smoking at a party and we were all using my pipe and people were packing bowls over my box so they didn't spill it into the grass. Next morning I found someone left a 0.5g nug sitting in there and a lot of shake. That same night my friend gave me a free 0.8g. Woke up the next morning already excited to examine the weed I was given and found the nug and was just freaking out that I had gotten more than g for free.
  17. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

    i found a nug in my pants that went through the washing machine... i almost cried :D
  18. Nuclear666

    Nuclear666 Banned

    There's a shed on the side of my house and one day I found an 1/8 of some really, really dank shit.
  19. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

    Was it yours or did your shed leave it there?
  20. Nuclear666

    Nuclear666 Banned

    Haha, nah I found it in the shed. And no it wasn't mine, I had no idea who's it was considering that I'm the only one who tokes at my house.

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