What are my chances of passing?

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  1. I have a urine test this Sunday, the 9th. I had two or three hits of some good kush on Thursday, the 29th of November. Prior to that, I hadn't smoked for several months. I have been getting a lot of fluids and doing some running, and I am 6'2 / 160 lbs. What do you all think my chances are?
    Thanks, Russ
  2. In addition, this is a test for a job and will likely be the cup & dipstick type.
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    I have noticed most Urine drug test have evolved to sending the sample to a lab now, not many dip stick test anymore, too easy to manipulate and employers are paying the extra to have a more accurate test performed, never assume, always do everything you can to pass, the dilution method has worked for 95% of this community inc me, i would start following it now...Good luck and let us know
  4. Thanks for your advice and prompt reply. I bought a $20 Walgreens home test and took it yesterday when my urine was quite clear, I got a solid negative line. And the reason that I believe it's the cup&dipstick is that my buddy got hired at the same company about six months ago, and said that he got the results within the hour.

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