What are some of the best tasting strains?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by scganja, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. scganja

    scganja New Member

    What are some of the best tasting strains? I'll start it off...LEMON KUSH (lemony herbal sweet taste)
  2. SpiralSpindle

    SpiralSpindle Sr. Member

    Just got some 'jelly bean' that I will post pictures and maybe a review of later, that tastes amazing. Just like licking a bag that held jelly beans in it.

    That's in my top three now. Otherwise;

    White widow

  3. scganja

    scganja New Member

    jelly bean sounds pretty tasty!
  4. Brittany420

    Brittany420 New Member

    Strawberry Cough. It tasted like stawberries but damn it made you cough.
  5. tallestwookie

    tallestwookie New Member

    hmmm the best i've ever had was trainwreck. just some really dense shit. love it. i've only smoked it once though...
  6. youngblood00

    youngblood00 Active Member

    thats what i just got, but i think its incredibly smooth
  7. tallestwookie

    tallestwookie New Member

    and is one of the few strains that tells you what its about right there in it's name haha.
  8. Dizeazed121

    Dizeazed121 New Member

    I honestly can't even start a list of strains, there are just waaaaaaaaaaaay too many here.....and it's all Chronic, no doubt..
  9. Leothore

    Leothore New Member

    To me it would have to be this strain my friend brought to me a little over a year ago. He said it was from cambodia, and the hairs on it were red. (Come to think of it now, I hear a lot of strains from Japan are famous for their red hairs, and cambodia isn't too far. Coincidence? I think not)
    Anyway, the best way I can describe it is like water. It didn't have much of a taste but rather most of the taste came from our blunt (grape, yum). It was also the kind of strain where after you smoke, it hits you late and hard. Fun memories :)
  10. Phenom

    Phenom Banned

    Maui Wowie.
  11. Emerald Dream

    Emerald Dream New Member

    White Widow in the lemony fresh green department. My absolute favorite flavor & high. Sativa dom.

    Blue Dream - floral sweet, Sativa dom.

    NY Sour Diesel - Tastes like sucking on a lemon-flavored school bus tail pipe - if you're into that, its WIN.

    Purple Kush - Super floral, sweet, herby, almost like dried roses.
  12. TheGood

    TheGood New Member

    Ive had some of that extremely good. I also had some cherry kush smelled and tasted exactly like cherries.
  13. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    I agree with the lemon kush. GDP isn't too shabby. My friend had this stuff called blueberry pancake, he said it was delicious.
  14. Lpwn_Ranger

    Lpwn_Ranger Sr. Member

    My favorite tasting strains, in no particular order:
    Sky OG, very flowery.
    Mango Kush, of all the kush I've tried, mango is the tastiest.
    Golden Gecko, flower citrus blend.
    Jedi #13, and Jedi #5280 (Colorado special), but I'm pretty sure 5280 was just 13 with a different label, but still, very tasty.
    Frooty Loops, the fruitiest tasting marijuana I have ever had the pleasure of smoking.
  15. funnymax4u

    funnymax4u New Member

    My fav is still Sour Diesel
  16. D3monic

    D3monic New Member

    White widow was good but I don't know if I would slap it in the tasty division. Mcfly had a different taste to it that I kind of enjoyed.

    Still havent had the chance to try purple urkle yet. too bad we fell short by two votes in the house for legalizing....maybe next year :(
  17. Dizeazed121

    Dizeazed121 New Member

    On second thought, hands up for 'The Originals'!

    Those original Chronic bud strains that started it all...
  18. ExternalBleeding

    ExternalBleeding New Member

    I'd have to say, this one type I got was one of the tastiest strains I've ever tried. Didn't ask what it was, but it was no doubt Chronic. There were different colours all in the bud. The bud was part black, red, bright and dark green. It smelled very fruity, I'd say like a bubblegum, or even cherry. It was hard to really tell. The bud itself was covered in little white crystals, not as much as White Widow, but it was very noticeable. I smoked it in a pipe. It was REALLY fruity tasting. It was like a blend of flavours, like licking the inside of a package of skittles. It produced a very... sharp?.. fruity smell. Like when someone chewing bubblegum gum is breathing in your face.

    It was definitely a pure indica strain. Giving that "couchlocked" and numb feeling. It was great because between 3 of us, we split about .6-.75 and we were all high as hell. Very potent. Compared to a strain like Purple Kush, it felt like I smoked 2 times the amount of Purple Kush.

    Overall, it was a great strain of weed, wish I knew what it was. Perhaps I'll come across it once again. I have a feeling in my gut that it was some sort of Kush. Perhaps Bubblegum Kush?
  19. medme

    medme Sr. Member

    i'm kinda partial to "blue dream",,,, it tastes so good and the high is wonderful...
  20. ExternalBleeding

    ExternalBleeding New Member

    Forgive me for going partially off-topic. But I've been hearing quite a bit about this "Blue Dream" strain of MJ. Sadly, I've never come across it, nor do I personally know anyone who has... What is the taste like?

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