What are you qualifications for someone being considered a pothead?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by noobsaibot, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. noobsaibot

    noobsaibot New Member

    if someone only smoked once in there life, enjoyed it, but only did it once does that make them a pothead?

    what about a person that smokes up only on the weekends.

    or how bout a person that smokes regularly but could care less about the politics with it, the huge legalize it movement and all that stuff. like the person just smokes weed and doesn't associate with things like being a hippy, fighting for legalizing it, trippy movies, shows, etc.

    a person that smokes, but stopped because he got a good job, but still wants to smoke although he doesn't risk his job.

    a person that embraces the stoner culture in and does things like wear bob marley shirts, wear weed themed clothing or accessories, believes in conspiracy theories.

    basically i want to know what you think qualifies a person as a pothead in your opinion. and also if you put a negative or positive association with it.

    i don't consider myself a pothead, but i do love it. its not like i think its a bad thing, but i think its too small or vague a term to describe a person, unless they really live that lifestyle of weed 24/7.
  2. 420Revolution

    420Revolution New Member

    i think everyone should atleast smoke weed once in their life. Its an experience that everyone should...experience. To me a pothead is someone that has smoked and thinks that smoking is good. A stoner is just someone that smokes but doesnt necessarily think its a good thing. A person that doesnt smoke but thinks that weed is good and all is just considered smart
    Just my opinion
  3. solomons_lion

    solomons_lion New Member

    In my opinion, a pothead is someone who smokes up every few hours. no matter their style, whether it be total all out hippy, droopin jeans and flat brims, or sporty people (although people involved in team sports rarely become regular users in my experience) if that persons smokin it regularly there a pot head.

    As for negative or positive, it depends on how they take it, like if they become weed obsessed and stop learning, getting educated or if they arent motivated it could be negative. Also, ive seen people who are some of the smartest ive met, be potheads, with great jobs and degrees. As for myself, i like to make it a point to learn some new stuff everyday, and read. Just to keep sharp.
  4. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    I'm a pothead, but I don't fit into any of the categories you mentioned above. I'm just a normal dude who smokes weed, I don't wear it on my sleeve, so its not super-obvious.
  5. Lukeaxx

    Lukeaxx Sr. Member

    Well I currently look after people with psychiatric problems for a living which is a challenging and rewarding job. I'm also going to college in September to do an archeology course ;)

    But I suppose i'd consider myself just me - I like to chill out and relax, and I like to have fun, and i heighten the experience with marijuana. It doesn't make me a different person. I've been a smoker for a long time, but i've never been a daily smoker, and never want to be. I just like to smoke with some friends and just chill out ;)

    I'd consider a pothead, to be a daily smoker who is greatly into the stoner culture, because a "pothead" implies someone who is an enthusiast about it.

    But i'd call someone like me, a stoner, smoking to relax, and chilling with friends, but not being completely immersed in cannabis culture.
  6. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    It's common around these parts- to smoke weed automagically makes you a pothead, and a criminal...SO even if you only smoke every month or so, folks round here don't care..Your a bad influnece they say...I have a couple buddies who are cops, and they tell me about people slandering me all the time, just because I smoke pot..Of course I don't care what they think, and neither should you..

    I don't use drugs or alchohol, and sumhow I'm still the worst person in town...
  7. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    To me, a pothead is someone that thinks about pot and only pot. Pot, is all that's in their head (pothead). I'd call myself a stoner or simply a person that happens to smoke cannabis. I smoke and I spread the truth about cannabis. Call me an enthusiast and smoker, but I wouldn't wear related clothes simply for the fact that the general public isn't ready for that yet and I'll have a stigma attached to me. If you're smart, you're smart. Doesn't matter if you smoke or not. You are who you are.
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  8. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    To me. A pothead is someone that tokes as much as they possibly can, and it's all they do. Nothing else. They jsut sit on the couch and smoke weed.

    A stoner. A stoner to me is someone that smokes all the time when they can. Not necessarily 24/7 but they know about weed culture and they smoke to hang out with friends, and spread some love around. Not worried about the bad things in life. Just chillin, goin to work, smokin, havin great times with friends, and smokin some more.

    For the people who are limiting themselves to like, only on the weekends smoking. Or people that rarely smoke but still do it occasionaly (I'd say every two months at least), I call them tokers. Just plain and simple tokers.

    For the people who smoke less than that, it's, "Oh you smoke every once in a while.. That's cool." I don't have a name for them.
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  9. Greensnap

    Greensnap New Member

    Your either a cannibaisseur or your everything else....
  10. BullitBob

    BullitBob New Member

    To me it's someone who can't do ANYTHING without getting high first
  11. steveisaninja10

    steveisaninja10 New Member

    to me pot head is an everyday user such as my self, you can either love the culture and what not or just smoke and not give a shit about the rest.

    a stoner is someone who only gets high like one or twice a week
  12. Mazzinator

    Mazzinator Sr. Member

    i would say that a pothead would be somebody who believes and enforces their belief that their life revolves around marijuana.marijuana is their hobby.kinda like describing a car fanatic as a 'motorhead'[or for british hard rock awesomeness].

    i would call a 'stoner' someone who really doesnt do much more in their day to day life other than sit around and smoke weed all day, and call it over when you finally pass out from blazing all day long.
  13. FenderGreen

    FenderGreen New Member

    I'd say pot head is smoking and liking it.
  14. FenderGreen

    FenderGreen New Member

    Or smoking every chance they get.
  15. chronicflower

    chronicflower New Member

    I think a pothead is someone who is heavily influenced by weed.
    This can be someone who smokes all the time and almost needs it, or someone who doesn't smoke alot but always thinks about it and lets it seep into other areas of their life too much.
    On the other hand, if there is somebody who smokes a ton but doesnt need it, and you could take it away without them being too concerned, I eould not consider that smoker a pothead.
  16. TheCannaBus

    TheCannaBus New Member

    A pot head to me is the guy off of Dazed and Confused that wears the tan shirt with a Marijuana leaf on the front.

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