What are YOUR headshops like?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Danny420, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Danny420

    Danny420 New Member

    So I live in Alberta, Canada and I gotta say I love the stoner culture here, but I've never see it internationally, even though I have traveled a lot.

    Where I live, in Calgary, there are plenty of headshops. Hell, sometimes there's 2 on the same block! There's one store that has a resident stoner cat, with it's own kitty sized hammock, he's pretty chill. That same store blows their own glass as well. They've also got some sweet cloth (like flags almost) with the leaf on it all over the ceiling, it's a chill place. The stores around here also sell hemp clothes, and other hemp products like cream, lip balm etc. additives to the herb, and salvia. Some of them can get kinda big as well. Best part - the people there are always cool.

    I'm wondering if it's the same everywhere, especially in the different states in the US since I've never stopped by one there, and they're not as pot-friendly. And any other countries?
  2. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    Well here in southern Ontario in my area we got two very close to eachother. Friendly stranger and THC (Toronto Hemp Company). Although, I've only been to friendly stranger and it is kickass. The employees are fucking awesome and even though they have an 18+ sticker on the cash register, they talked with me and sold me some glass. I am 14 by the way. Super cool people, super cool atmoshpere. Also the layout is very nice. They have basically all that you need. Clothes (hemp too), stickers, bongs, pipes, scales, millions of rolling papers, accessories to many other items that are a majority etc.
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  3. Bowlblaze

    Bowlblaze Banned

    Probably not a great idea to advertise that on a public forum; it's a great way to give whoever sold it to you a nice huge fine and make sure they will never, ever sell to you again. I know someone who was slapped with a $700 fine and fired from her job for selling to minors.
  4. Mazzinator

    Mazzinator Sr. Member

    everything in the US is for "tobacco use only'.no ifs,ands or buts.my friend slipped one time and said bong in a local shop and was asked to leave.some are pretty chill, but they still follow the rules.they just warn you a few times instead of straight up kicking you out.but no, you wont see[most-likely] anything in a US smoke shop with any cannabis imagery.
  5. Danny420

    Danny420 New Member

    Ya in the stores here you can't openly talk about weed, and especially not anything like crack. Although you can say bong etc. But the imagery? lol, weed is all you see. They've got the frigin Canadian flag with the hemp leaf substituting the maple leaf just hanging there. As a matter of fact, one time I saw one store stocking mushroom spores in a mini fridge, right beside a shelf of bongs haha.
  6. iLikeTurtles

    iLikeTurtles New Member

    My favorite one has grafitti all over the walls outside. it used to be alice in wonderland themed but now its something not as cool
  7. Guru

    Guru Sr. Member

    My local headshop is full of research chemicals and cigars, not much nice glass :(
  8. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

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  9. Frid

    Frid New Member

    Mine pretty expensive. He usually give me money off shit tho and tax free.
  10. cj117

    cj117 Surfer Monkey

    Here in the US, HEMP stuff is a lot harder to come by. Ironic that it's illegal in the USA, but not Canada. All our hemp stuff must be imported. Total bullshit if you ask me.

    The headshops I go to are usually pretty chill, though they're located in kind of sketchy areas of the Bay. I'm sure that there's nicer places in Venice Beach or Santa Monica with less dodgyness.. hehe
  11. Grass-Smoka

    Grass-Smoka 303% Acid

    Man, that sucks ass! Ours has televisions playing stuff about marijuana, people openly talk about it and the employees even give advice about weed and pieces. There are Canadian flags with the pot leaf instead of the maple leaf everywhere. Now, THAT'S what I call a headshop.
  12. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    In downtown Brantford most people go to this place called The Habit, it's not really a typical headshop but it's really chill.

    Pretty much everyone in Brantford is chill, So many people diss Brantford and claim that everyones an asshole but it's not like that at all.
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  13. token_roddd91

    token_roddd91 New Member

    There's not too many headshops in my immediate area, but the few I have been to around here were all pretty much the same. Everything is for tobacco use only, and they all abide by the same unspoken rule: no speak of illegal substances in the shop. The police keep a very close eye on these places and love finding reasons to search people coming and going from and to the shops.

    This one I go to has to be the most amazing one I've ever been to. All of the employees are super chill and the owner blows all the glass pieces they sell himself. You name it, they got it. They also have a huge variety of screens, papers, tobacco, and incense. They sell this really cool furniture, lots of plants, posters and wall hangings, and lots of different types of clothes. They also have spiritual candles, powders, potions, and all that kind of stuff.

    All-in-all, it's a pretty amazing shop.
  14. Orange Bud

    Orange Bud Banned

    Picture a smaller version of a wal mart but instead of groceries its pipes, bongs etc... on shelves. There are like 12 isles and up front are papers and such. Its got many posters and black lights.
  15. Black_Smoke_Box

    Black_Smoke_Box New Member

    I go to this one store in Edmonton called Shell Shocked on Jasper Ave. The employess there are so sweet, I went there to go pick some gear to make a home made bong and they told me to come bring it in when its done. They stock lots of cool peices made by local artists. I bought a pipe when I was in there too, Its clear with white swirls and has a wizard made of clay holding a blue orb going down the shaft. I smoke from it when I meditate it gets me thinkin' all mystical and what not.

    They also put fake bud in some of there bongs and pipes so you can see what it looks like with some green in it haha.
  16. forty2

    forty2 New Member

    Man T.H.C is 3 floors of hemp shop awesome. Im proud of torontos weed scene a shame though it lost an awesome cafe
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  17. sub_graf

    sub_graf Sr. Member

    My local headshop doesn't exist. I live in a small, uptight town in the south. Our nearest headshop is about an hour and a half away and it sucks. I went there to get a new slide and bowl for my bong and they had none. He said he could order me one from the internet and I could come back for it. So, I went home and ordered my own from the internet.

    I would really love to open one in my area and have seriously considered it, but I know it would attract alot of unwanted attention on my part.
  18. forty2

    forty2 New Member

    Yeah sometimes it depends on location. Like the area where my headshop was located was made safer when alot more headshops and the like opened thier because alot more foot traffic was generating lowering the chance of a crime being committed
  19. Pennywise87

    Pennywise87 New Member

    There's a few tobacco shops in my area, but I don't think I've ever been in/seen a legit 'headshop'. I live in the upstate of SC. Area's only slightly *cough*-uptight-*cough*.
  20. jikaboom123

    jikaboom123 Sr. Member

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