What can I do with stems?

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by USC_TheReal, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. USC_TheReal

    USC_TheReal New Member

    A buddy of mine saves his stems in a baggie. We were thinking we could make something with the stems. I was wondering if we cook the stems down in butter, and then strain out the stems, could we use the butter to cook with? I know we would have to have a lot of stems, but I was just curious as to what we could use them for. Thanks.
  2. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Soak them in some type of alcohol, the drinkable kind, and make green dragon/tincture. Use the search feature on this site to find out what that is and how to make it.
  3. Sofa King

    Sofa King It's Good to be the KING.

    I've vaporized stems numerous times. They don't tast anywhere near as bad as smoking them.
  4. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Stems make great tea...
  5. NCisBlaZed

    NCisBlaZed New Member

    Do stems get you high?
  6. tkfour21

    tkfour21 New Member

    Stems don't get you AS high as the bud itself, but they're great for tea, especially if you mix it in with actual tea leaves like mint or green tea.
  7. Retardedape

    Retardedape New Member

    I'm pretty sure you can extract the THC by putting the stems in a mason jar full of Alcohol (high proof vodka should work), and leaving that in a dark and cool place for a week or two to make something like a tincture. I'm not sure though, you should consult the search engine.
  8. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Sterbo, do the stems get you high in the tea?

    I have obtained alot of stems and alot of kief leaf and stuff, I was wondering how to make it so that I would get stoned on the tea.
  9. hector

    hector Sr. Member

    they make nice tooth picks
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  10. Retardedape

    Retardedape New Member

    Well if you like half n half in your tea, then you can cook bud/kief/stems/shake/hash or whatever has THC in it and the half n half will meld with the THC. All you have to do is heat the half n half until just before a boil and put the bud in, put it on simmer and wait 10-15 minutes (stirring occasionally). Then strain the liquid and put it in the fridge until it is cool, after that you can put it in any kind of tea you want.

    I did the same thing with some whole milk so i guess it will work with half n half too, maybe even coffee mate, just don't use the low fat or fat free kind
  11. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    That's a good question and one that engenders a bit of controversy.
    When I was in my teens I used to make tea from stems all the time and if I remember correctly I did get a mild buzz.
    For me it wasn't really about getting 'high': it was that I liked tea a lot and from what I had read at the time it seemed something of a palliative.

    Here's an old thread that I just found for you that may prove helpful...

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  12. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Thanks for that, it is quite helpful. Im going to make some actually, i got alot of excess that i get from my ounces.
  13. sacredherblover

    sacredherblover New Member

    Stems for Pain Relief

    Soak stems in rubbing alcohol for at least 10 days (in a glass jar preferably) in a dark place. Shake daily for the 10 days. The longer this sits, the more potent it becomes.

    Use as needed for topical pain relief and in skin creams or lotions. Strain with cheesecloth and transfer into smaller atomizer or spray bottle. I add a few drops of frankincense and myrrh to my bottle and use it to spray on inflamed joints, swollen muscles, helps tension headaches if placed on the tight spots, etc.
  14. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    Ahh the tincture method. I do the same method with stems, leaves and kief after cooking the plant matter lightly for a few minutes then inserting that into alchahol (Grain of high proof, 191 proof preferably.) Once it has sat in the alchahol for a few minutes I then put into a water bath and let the water come to a rolling boil . You should see some light convection within the jar of alchahol/weed, however if you find the inside is moving around too much, turn your heat down.

    It should evaporate some of the alchahol and after 20 minutes you should have gotten quite a nice extraction. I use them in dropper bottles although I must say if you are tolerant then you need some high quality tincture.

    If you cannot find 190 proof, and you have to go down to something lower, the only thing I can recomend is that you let it sit longer in the water bath.
  15. Reaper420

    Reaper420 New Member

    Sweet deal ... Ah man, all those wasted stems I just threw away could have been tasty tea... :(
  16. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    I would recomend that IF you get your hands on more reject, then make a water tincture or mild alchahol tincture to add with the tea, it may get you higher.

    Sterbo enjoys his weed tea, so if you want to just get high i suggest you go through some sort of extraction process first.
  17. Monty SoniZ

    Monty SoniZ New Member

    My friend did this once.
    he had one of those big gallons of everclear bottles or w/e and let it fill with stems for about 25-35% of the bottle. poured ever clear in there.. and let it soak for week or so.. or how ever long you want.. let me tell you some prett intense shots D=
  18. Rellsun

    Rellsun New Member

    would this work with the plant's stalks and stems right after the weed is harvested?
  19. Monty SoniZ

    Monty SoniZ New Member

    well what my friend did was save all teh stems and broke up the weed for the kids when he sold like QTS or something
  20. dope lettuce

    dope lettuce New Member

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