What can I smoke to get that weed high?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Swisha Blunts, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Swisha Blunts

    Swisha Blunts New Member

    I am on probation becuz i got caught and arrested(fucking bullshit). But what are some other stuff to smoke that can get me high like weed. I use to smoke k2 alot but didnt really like the taste and the high didnt last that long. I just bought a vial of posh blue berry yum yum and smoked a blunt of that and the high was straight but it didnt last that long. I am thinking about trying legal buds but i dont know if its worth it. I heard of something called spike max it goes 25 a gram and i heard its fucking cronic and it wont show up on drug tests. I just need something to smoke that will get me that high i use to miss when I blew trees but it cant show up on my drug test. Someone please help me outt. 6 more months until i can smoke marijuana<3.
  2. HerbalMeditation

    HerbalMeditation New Member

    No you don't. This isn't heroin. And if you're really that addicted to getting high maybe a break is the best thing for you.

    I smoke weed every day and am just getting off a 3-month probation. Just stick it out, it's not that hard once you get into it. Stay away from spice, it's a fucked up drug. All it takes is a little self-control.
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  3. scofieldr3199

    scofieldr3199 Sr. Member

    im not reccomending anything cuz i fucking hate legal herb. but serinitity i've tried once and it made me trip and freak out, i heard cloud nine is good, i've done salvia before don't ever do that shit, i say take a break, your on probation for a reason im guessing, easier said than done though. good luck
  4. Swisha Blunts

    Swisha Blunts New Member

    im nott addicted to getting high. i just want to get high? i got self control too, if a person is addicted to weed they are a dumbass. I use to smoke everyday for 3months straight then i toned it down to the weekends then when i had to drug test in 2weeks i smoked a personal blunt. after that i have been blowing k2 and some posh. hahaha i think i might try legal bud? cant wait to get off this probation shit so i can roll up a kush blunt and take it to the faceee :)
  5. 420xAngryMidgetx420

    420xAngryMidgetx420 New Member

    you could smoke crack I've heard that high is kinda like a THC high :p

    Dude seriously ask your hook up if he/she can get some body cleansing shit, there are these 48 hour pills i used and didn't fail one test there awesome pretty cheap too. The only problem is if your fat the THC bonds with your fat cells and it's a lot harder to get rid of.

    That's my opinion there really isn't anything out there at the moment that's EXACTLY like weed but K2 and I agree that shit sucks the high lasts me like 45 minutes tops it's bullshit.

    Spend the money on some body cleansers and keep tokin the herb.
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  6. Swisha Blunts

    Swisha Blunts New Member

    midget i know what your talking about. But its just too much off a risk you get what im saying. But on the other thought i could actually pull it off i am nowhere near fat i wiegh 140pounds and i play soccer everyday. I sweat sooo much that like it just gets outta my system quick but the thing is i got random drug testing at least once a month. I gotta call this hotline and they announce my color and that day i have to test. If they dont announce my color then i dont gotta test :) so say i tested december 2nd after that i could probably smoke and quit the last two weeks of december and then be straight for my next drug test. what do you think man? sound good?
  7. 420xAngryMidgetx420

    420xAngryMidgetx420 New Member

    aaaa shit you got random test, they told me my dates so I was prepared ya that sucks. But yeah that's probably a good way to go toke like the next couple days after your tests and take the cleansers afterwards. I had no problems with my cleansers they worked great it showed clean every time and I smoked the most amount of weed I ever smoked in my life 3 days prior. Is it only ONE random one a month or are there more?

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