What comes next after marijuana legalization and "LGBT" rights?

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    The two biggest social issues of the last fifty years have been marijuana legalization and LGBT rights. We shouldn't rest on our laurels, but it seems that the ball is rolling on and we may soon see somewhat of a conclusion on those two issues soon (hopefully). There is a lot of buzz on Capitol Hill regarding federal marijuana legalization (and industrial hemp legalization). Most states have passed or are discussing pro marijuana legislation. "Don't ask don't tell" has been repealed, more states are moving forward towards marriage equality, and the President has publicly supported "gay rights." It would appear that the public is beginning to grow out of old belief systems and is moving towards more tolerant and rational views. The big question is, "what comes next?"

    1.) Religion: The next social issues I think that should be focused on is promoting secularism and free thinking. This one get's a lot of reactions because many people seem to think that a secular United States would mean that it would be illegal to practice one's religion. That is simply not true. All it means is that we should start making our government respect the first constitutional amendment (the law of the land). That means (but is not limited to) keeping religion out of science class in public schools, removing the words "In God we trust" from our currency, removing tax exemptions for religious establishments. Those are just a few examples.

    2.) Animal rights: I've never understood how some people can call themselves "animal lovers" and then go out and eat a juicy steak. It is considered animal abuse to smack your dog in the head. It is considered animal abuse to have sex with other animals. But it is not considered animal abuse to kill, dismember, scorch their flesh, ingest their remains, and then sh*t them down the toilet. How is THAT not animal abuse? Don't tell me that eating animals is different because it's essential to our survival, because that simply is not true. When animal flesh enters into our bodies it causes our blood to become toxic. To counteract the toxicity, our bones will release potassium which can eventually lead to osteoporosis. We are not omnivores, we were meant to be herbivores. Our digestive system was designed to digest ONLY plants. Our teeth and jaws were designed to only grind plants (not animal meat). No, I'm not a member of PETA (I wouldn't even say that I have a particular love of animals). I just think that we treat other animals very cruelly.

    3.) Victimless crimes: Let's face it, using the argument that marijuana should be legalized because it's a victimless crime is hypocritical if you turn around and don't support all crimes that are considered "victimless." That just makes you a self-serving hypocrite. Any crime that has no victims shouldn't even be a crime in the first place. That includes (but is not limited to) prostitution, wearing a seatbelt, euthanasia, and public nudity.

    The things I listed aren't as "accepted" in society as marijuana and "gay rights" are, but that doesn't delegitimize my views. The things I have said would probably be considered "fringe" by many. I just have this to say, it's easy to voice your opinion when everyone agrees with you.
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    Human beings have been meat eaters since some Australopithecine managed to hit a rabbit with a rock. Where did you come up with the idea that we're herbivores? Our closest animal relatives are also meat eaters when they can get it.
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    That is true that humans have eaten other animals since the very beginning. Forget the ethical aspect of it for a second, let me explain why I say that the human body was designed to ingest only plants. Carnivores and omnivores (lions, tigers and bears etc.) have very short intestines which allows the meat to pass through their bodies very quickly which prevents them from getting clogged arteries. Human intestines are much longer which causes the meat to stay in our bodies longer. This is the reason why animal meat causes so many health problems in humans. The kind of teeth that humans have (canines, incisors, and molars) are designed for eating only plants. Even the way our human jaws move show that we are herbivores. We grind food in our mouths, our jaw moves from side-to-side which is what herbivore jaws do. Carnivore's jaws move up and down vertically. They don't chew like we do, they rip and swallow. Not only is it possible for humans to be entirely herbivorous, that is what our bodies were made for. We will live longer and much healthier lives if we remove animal products from our diet. Then you have ethical aspect which is an entirely different debate.
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    If we're not supposed to eat meat, why does it taste so good? Why is it that most people who have a choice are not vegetarians? What are Eskimos supposed to do for food, living where it's too cold to grow plants?

    Tibetans have much the same problem and find that they can't ingest enough energy on a vegetarian diet to survive on the high cold plateau. Despite being fervent Buddhists, they eat meat.
    I'm sure a diet with less animal flesh than the typical American diet would be healthier. I can't buy your argument from design because Homo Sapiens and our ancestors have been eating meat for three million years. We have obviously evolved as meat eaters.
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    How is "because it tastes good" an argument? There are many things that feel or taste good. That doesn't necessarily mean that our bodies intended for us to partake in whatever that thing may be. Our bodies weren't meant to intake alcohol or cocaine but people do it because it feels good. Like alcohol or cocaine, eating meat does damage to the human body and can lead to health problems that lead to death. That's an irrefutable fact. I named specific regions of the body and explained how their design points to the fact that our bodies were intended to only intake plants. You come back at me with "if we're not supposed to eat meat, why does it taste so good." That is not a scientific argument. I contest your statement by asking you "if we're supposed to eat meat (like you suggest) than why does doing so cause serious damage to our bodies which is a huge contradiction to our primary instinct of survival and reproduction?" Another argument you made was, "why aren't more people vegan/vegetarian?" Answer: Eating meat is convenient (good luck finding a vegan meal at a restaurant), it tastes good, and it is ingrained into our society (monkey see monkey do). I can respect the "survivalist" aspect of meat eating. But who in the United States depends on hunting animals for meat as their primary food source anymore. The argument I made was intended for people in the United States only. I'm not necessarily saying that it should be illegal to eat other animals, I'm asking how can things that are less harmful to other animals be considered "animal abuse" while killing them and eating them is considered perfectly okay. I just want some consistency with the animal abuse laws.
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    Sema, can you provide links for sources? I'm not able to find anything to support your claims that we evolved as herbivores. Plus, what I've found directly contradicts what you're saying about our teeth and jaws. What I have found that hints at what you're talking about comes from, what seems to be, vegan propaganda sites..
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    Here are the first few websites that popped up on a simple Google search. There are many more links I can give you if you want. Most of the links I have posted below are articles written by doctors and other people with credentials.





  8. Justsumguy

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    Humans are omnivores.
    We have molars and chew in a way that is good for grinding plants, and we have canines and a forward facing eyes to eat and hunt.
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    Well, excuse me if I take the word of biologists and doctors over yours. I'd venture to guess that they know a little bit more on this topic than you and Buzzby. I guess some people think that if they say something enough times that it suddenly becomes true. Isn't that how the internet works?
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    I guess it all depends on which doctors or scientists you decide to believe.
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    I'm all for being nice to animals but actually science really does prove that humans evolved as meat eaters. The ape who shares a common ancestor with modern man, has larger intestines designed for veggie consumption which is why they have such large protruding bellies. It is well documented that cooking and preparing meat was crucial for the evolution of the human brain. Cooking meat allowed humans to process some of the food before it entered the body, preserving our energy for brain production instead of digestion. Our intestines are not designed to consume a strictly raw veggie diet. I do think we eat too much meat however. I also have first hand experience as a child birth educator and it is very difficult to get the proper amount of protein and other essential nutrients when pregnant on an all veggie diet. Many times even vegans eat eggs and fish (non-mercury) during this period for the good of the baby. I'm not trying to be argumentative but science simply does not support that humans evolved as vegetarians, our evolved brain is a direct result of meat eating. Sorry!
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