What did you name your bong?

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by GanjaGirl420, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. grandmaster hash

    grandmaster hash New Member

    I have an 8" bong its fluorescent Orange so I just call it Orange, it was wicked code too, used to ask my friends if they wanted an Orange when the parents were around!
  2. trees924

    trees924 New Member

    Name it the hulk!
  3. new2twistinup

    new2twistinup One with the Universe.

    If I had a bong I would name it bongzilla
  4. alefinwade

    alefinwade New Member

    What did you name your bong

    Name your favorite veggie and how do you like it cooked or maybe not cooked. Mine would have to be potatoes. I can eat them just about any manageable way to cook them. YUMMEEEEEEE
  5. gamereric22

    gamereric22 Active Member

    After having this bong for a bit more than a week, i have realized that the perfect name for this bong is Frankenstein. That becasue the keck clips remind me of the bolts on Frankenstein's neck.
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  6. CasSteal

    CasSteal New Member

    ^^^what the what??!!? That thang is beautiful
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  7. THC Is King

    THC Is King New Member

    I do agree. If had heard of HOSS before I got my piece, then I probably would have went for one.

    How much did that thing cost?
  8. gamereric22

    gamereric22 Active Member

    Hoss is a Canadian company, so if you dont live in Canada its gonna be pretty hard to find Hoss products. The base was $165, 8 Arm perc was $90, and the top tube was $65 so that equaled to $320.
  9. 20ith

    20ith New Member

    I recently bought a VOLCANO bong, im sure some of you have heard them.. poorly and cheaply made, but I got it for 60 dollars with two others for free.

    I never got to name it cause the damn thing broke shortly after I bought it. It fell only about an inch from the ground and the bowl and area of the bong that the bowl slides into shattered. Piece of shit.

    However, I did keep one of the two others I got, they are nothing fancy and are quite disposable (I couldn't be bothered if it were to break or go missing) but I call it the Traveller because its the one I take to parties and elsewhere.

  10. JakeTokes

    JakeTokes New Member

    I have an Agung ice slider (only good bong they have I think), named it Mario, just because the red at the top of my bong reminds me of Marios (obviously from Super Mario Bro's) hat. :)
  11. Emarosa

    Emarosa Active Member

    My new bong, had it a couple days. Also my first bong. Hits sooo smooth. No name for it yet though. any suggestions?

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  12. The Key

    The Key New Member

    The name will come to you, it has to be earned.
  13. heliskier

    heliskier New Member


    how about the hulk?
  14. XplodingDuck

    XplodingDuck New Member

    I named mine "The Whispering Eye". If you've seen Role Models, you know what I mean ;) The base is clear-pink, and the smoke chamber is clear. Maybe a pic soon!
  15. deliadestruction

    deliadestruction New Member

    I've three bongs. One's about 6 inches and it's a deep forest green with some brown streaks. Its name is Treebeard.
    One's pink and came with a gas mask. It's name is BYOB- as in BRING YOUR OWN BONG, because I don't share something that wraps around my face. Grosses me out to think of hair and stuff stuck in there from other people but I digress.
    And my newest one is just over a foot tall, it's shiny, with white and black stripes and a translucent look to the whole thing. It's almost kind of got a pearly shine to it. I haven't named it yet. Just got it last week.
  16. GreenForAll

    GreenForAll New Member

    Named mine Anubis (Egyptian god of death).

    My girlfriend was the first to hit it and she turned pale as a ghost and looked like she was going to die for a minute....thus the name!
  17. stoney_408

    stoney_408 New Member

    i love mine but its a real herb eater its called blue bird i would post a picture but dont know how its 2 feet tall looks like a sky blue marble bong
  18. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    I called mine Stan, I can't really remember why I was stoned at the time, maybe after southpark or something??? The point is moot though, Big Stan was broken, i have no money cause I'm studying full time and now i have to make do with my pipe. The pipe is called Punchy :3
  19. Jeremy0728

    Jeremy0728 New Member

    I named my sherlock bubbler Senor Smokey pants...Don't ask and i named my spoon pipe Donatello cause it has a lot of purple swirls and my bong is named jimmy.

    "I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here. If He put it here and He wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong?" - Willie Nelson
    From Eldon...hope you dont mind but i really like that quote! =] :gleaf2:
  20. Adelaideyouth

    Adelaideyouth New Member

    Bought a new bong!!! It's got cannabis leaves on it that are kinda rasta coloured so i named it "Bong Marley".

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