What do you guys do with your vaped pot?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by co0lk1ll, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. co0lk1ll

    co0lk1ll New Member

    Title says it all, i've been saving up my vaped weed and i wanted to get some ideas on what to do with it.
  2. 1death5

    1death5 New Member

    Make it into golden dragon. Its like green dragon(a marijuana tincture) that you can put under your tounge, a drop on top of your weed, or take shots of it if your daring.
    1. Gather all your vaporized weed, get a jar along with atleast 80 proof vodka or any other liquor.
    2. Put the vaped weed in the jar, fill it up about 2/3 of the way. Fill the rest with the liquor ur using.
    3. Leave it in there for at least 2 months, more is better. Shake it up everyday at least twice a day.
    4. Strain out the weed, and u'll have your golden dragon.

    You WILL get high off it. It is very powerful. Don't underestimate the golden dragon :burnup::jawdrop:
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  3. Kushy

    Kushy down

    1death5's golden dragon is a good route for using vaped bud for oral ingestion... But if you'd like to take your vaped pot and make something smokeable or even vapeable (again), you can turn your ABV into hash. You could do the same method as golden dragon, but go a step farther and just let the alcohol evaporate, and you'll be left with the hash goo. But letting all that alcohol evaporate can be expensive, so you can use 99% iso alcohol to substitute as the liquor, and then evap it off. Shits cheap and 99% pure, so you'll get the highest extraction % from it. Then just evap it and scrape up the goo. By doing this, you essentially took all that vaped pot and removed all the plant matter from it, allowing you to inhale the pure cannabinoids from the bud. The hash could even be smoked and would be healthier than smoking weed since you're taking the main combustibles (leaf) out of it.
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  4. co0lk1ll

    co0lk1ll New Member

    Yeah i was looking more toward the route of hash, just wasn't sure if you could make good hash with vaped weed. How would you recommend evaporating it?
  5. toking_gangster

    toking_gangster New Member

    sell it at the middle school :~)
  6. Kushy

    Kushy down

    If you vape it to almost brownish I wouldn't even try it. But if your bud is potent, has (had) plenty of crystals, and is still relatively tan or got some green bits in there, then its definitely worth it. To make the hash higher quality and more potent I would grind up some green bud and mix it in with it to make it a little more potent, but even if you don't, it will still make some decent hash, just maybe a little too heavy on the lower cannabinoids. Hash is really stony as it is (even made with green bud), you'll never get an uplifting hash., even if it was made with sativa bud. So if you're using the lower end cannabinoids off the bud that only means your hash will be REALLY stony. So what I've heard from ABV hash makers is that smoking only this heavy hash by itself will simply stone you, not really get you high. Thats why you should (when you end up smoking it), mix it with a sativa so the hash takes care of your lower end shit, and the sativa uplifts you, and you get the full spectrum.

    Thats just my words of warning for the hash, it won't be golden and goo-ey like dank green hash is, obviously, but it will make a heavy smokeable product that will go well with, and on top of bud.

    As for evaporating you want to be careful with alcohol and open flames so obviously don't cook it off. But you can buy a cheap stovetop cooker that can boil it off safely, or even using a hairdryer you can evap the alcohol in about 30 minutes by just blowing the alcohol around. Or if you let it sit out it should be a couple days maybe up to a week or 2 if it doesn't have great surface area... yea its awhile but it doesn't require you to do anything.

    Here is a full easy guide for making iso hash, just substitute bud with your ABV, and I would suggest throwing in some greens for some upper cbds in there.
    Easiest way to make hash! Quick Wash ISO! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
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  7. newcarcaviar

    newcarcaviar Sr. Member

    I save up a bunch and then make edibles.

    I will say though, that it's a bit of a gamble, at least in my experience. First of all you need to use a lot more of the vaped weed in your cooking to get any effects, for obvious reasons. And depending on how thoroughly you've vaped it, it can be hard to judge how much you'll need. Last time I made ABV firecrackers (Already Been Vaped), I used close to 10g and that got me feeling nice and mellow. Not blasted though.

    But on the plus side, you've already gotten some mileage out of the weed the first time around so if whatever you're re-using it for doesn't work, it's not a total loss!
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  8. Kushy

    Kushy down

    Eh edibles are a hit or miss thing with me. Even with green edibles theyre sometimes too mild for me, especially with my tolerance. I tried making ABV firecrackers once, ate 4, didn;t feel a thing. The edible high is already pretty mellow and mild as it is, making edibles out of ABV just isn't worth it. Rather make something smokeable out of it.
  9. flip_trix1

    flip_trix1 New Member

    Last night I decided to make brownies using my spent vap. I vap at 385. I get about three, 3ft bags. Then I toss the spent stuff. I made butter using the double boiler method. I put in ¼ cup of vaped stuff and ¼ cup of butter. I had no cheese cloth to strain the weed. I just dumped the butter and the weed together in the batch. I put it in a 9-12 inch round cake pan. Remember to spray with pam. I cook the brownies till they were done. I ate ¼ of the pan. I was rocked for about four hours. It took 1hr to kick in but it was awesome. Good luck.
  10. Nick-ay

    Nick-ay New Member

    we empty all of the vaped weed and bowl cash into a glass container. then eventually i'll go through it and pick the more weed like items from the ash. Into another storage container it goes and there you have yourself some weed light. lol.

    we usually don't make any edibles or anything out of it.....just smoke it through a bong (the bigger the better) to try to get rid of some of the bad taste. its kinda like smokin resin....not that nice but hey, it gets you high. :)

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