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Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Sweet Dick Willy, Aug 4, 2013.

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    What would you recommend to a new smoker. A new smoker that may very well suffer from anxiety, and bipolar disorder. What strain would you recommend to young man to turn his life around from seclusion to someone people would want to be around. What would make the young man outgoing? Outgoing to crowds and people he wasn't comfortable around before the weed?

    Or is that asking too much from a plant?
  2. Justsumguy

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    Asking for a specific strain won't get you very far unless the person is buying theirs from the same place you will be. If your guy has something of the same name he might get it from a different grower or it could be different genetics all together going by the same name. Or he could be lying to make the sale.

    I love the plant but weed makes me too anxious for being around too many new people unless I know they smoke too. I don't really being around non stoners when I'm high. I feel like they know or think I am acting weird. Indicas make me contemplative and quiet while sativas get me talking but anxious. If you decide to go out while high be ready with an exit strategy or someone to talk to in case you freak out. I did my first few times. Maybe just knowing that would have helped.

    Also, don't forget to learn to be social when you are not high too. It is best to reduce the chance of needing it (psychological dependence). This is true of many things, from drugs to a favorite pair of shoes. You'll want to be good without them too.
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    For the purposes you mention, a moderate amount of alcohol as a "social lubricant" is probably preferable to any variety of cannabis.
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