What do your regs look like?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by smith_, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. smith_

    smith_ New Member

    This site has so many pictures of beautiful plants, but I havn't seen many pics of regs. I think it would be interesting to see what the norm is from different parts of the world.

    This is what you can get for 25$ a half quarter, most places in the greater Toronto area. Its not the most potent I've smoked, but that bud will get me high as shit if I smoke it to my face, which I plan to do in a bit.

  2. Mikeebud

    Mikeebud Sr. Member

    Haha, Nice man, Where you from in the GTA?
  3. smith_

    smith_ New Member

    I actually live in Durham, close to Ajax.
  4. Heyitspurple

    Heyitspurple New Member

    Usually the mids around my area are pretty good. I'm not sure if Florida is known for good pot or not lol. I would post pictures but i ran out of the ganj last night!

    BTW, nice bud..
  5. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    I pretty much don't ever mess with mids just because it is such a shitty high and completely feels like you are wasting your money. Granted, you can snag a g of some banger for $20 and I could get an entire 8th of mids for that same price, I need to smoke the whole 8th just to keep a decent high. Really not worth it but the mids I could find around here are pretty legit.
  6. JPtheMT

    JPtheMT New Member

    Around where I'm at you get brickweed, mids, KB, and straight beasties (hard to come by sometimes). And right now brickweed sells at 100$ an ounce, 250$ a QP, and about 800$ a pound right now (CHACH-ING! :]) and mids around here is usually fluffy homegrown that someone grew in the backyard and isn't worth shit. The KB and beasters go for 20-30$a gram :] The only people around here that smoke high quality bud are 9 times outta 10 weed dealers. Everyone around here just smokes brickweed cause it's so cheap and most of the time readily available. I'll take pictures of the different kinds from here sometime :p
  7. imFADED

    imFADED Sr. Member

    You all probably smoke brickweed cause you are getting ripped at $20/$30 per g for beasters. I the best fire in the area for $20/g which is probably the most average price for heads.
  8. JPtheMT

    JPtheMT New Member

    I don't smoke brickweed, and like I said 20 to 30 dollars TOPS. I've paid as little as 15 a gram. Some people will pay that and when the demand rises and supplies run short most will cough up the cash. Depending on where you live, the further south you live you run into waaaaay more brickweed than good shit and people smoke what's available. Wichita Kansas isn't exactly known for it's abundant supply of good pot.
  9. Mikeebud

    Mikeebud Sr. Member

    No way, In whitby?
  10. 2slo2run

    2slo2run New Member

    That looks almost exactly like the stuff I got in a recent dry spell. I just finished rolling the last joint of it. I paid the same price though as I would normally expect to pay for very good quality bud. I got it through a friend and was not able to inspect it prepurchase. I was dissapointed but glad that I had something at the same time. (all my hookups for good stuff were dry a couple weeks ago)
    But I just picked up an 8th of some really nice, really rare bud and plan to smoke about half of it on New Years!
  11. RagTagMopTop

    RagTagMopTop New Member

    Those are your regs?! And twenty five for an eighth?! I'm moving to Toronto!
  12. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member


    $30 a quarter. Ha and it's some GOOD shit. I smoke like one joint and I'm so good for the rest of the night haha.
  13. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member


    Another half i bought from the same guy, ha 30 a quarter!!!! That's one big ass nug!!! I was SO excited. Smells REALLY good, and smokes very well.
  14. rich420

    rich420 New Member

    That is some decent looking regs. I need to take some pictures of the bud im getting around here.
  15. krad

    krad New Member

    I can get some of this for $150/oz...good stuff ! =]


    TNASTYII New Member

    thats some nice mids for real man...

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