what does it mean for weed to be in "brick" form

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by bubba259, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. bubba259

    bubba259 New Member

    ive heard this term over and over again but never found out what it means
  2. KITE420

    KITE420 New Member

    brick weed is when the weed is dense, usualy a piece off of a brick(pound) of weed
  3. TemplarProphet

    TemplarProphet New Member

    A brick of marijuana is compacted weed wrapped in tape or a bag or both.
  4. steakii

    steakii New Member

    I have always thought it be be weed that was compressed prior to being shipped in order to hide it into small places. Brick weed doesnt mean its good or bad, it is just normally a little denser due to the compression.
  5. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    Actually, its fairly rare for high qaulity weed to be bricked. To be honest, I've never seen weed I'd consider to be "kind bud" bricked. Kind bud usually demands more money, and people want their product to look as appealing as possible. Its hard to make a 1 oz chuck off a brick look like high qaulity weed. Most brickweed is schwag, imported from mexico, and bricked (compressed into "bricks" usually weighing either 1 lb, or 2.2 lbs (a kilo)) for ease of transport. The compression knocks off a good share trichomes or kief, ultimately causing the weed to lose some potency. Wholesale, a 1 lb "brick" of schwag runs about 500 bucks or so, even les in border states. It varies greatly in potency, amount of seeds, etc. Some of it is fairly decent smoke, but some is utter garbage. About the only way to tell sometimes is to smoke it.
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  6. chadwick

    chadwick Sr. Member

    knocking off trichs isnt the only thing bricking weed does to the weed, because of the pressure the heat builds and thc is very heat sensitive, this heat is normaly hot enough to destoy a decent bit of THC, the only thing good about brick weed is how cheap it is, you can roll alot of joints with a pound that you bought for 50 dollars
  7. fight4theright

    fight4theright Marijuana Enthusiast

    Well, 50 bucks is pushing it, but even for 500, its pretty cheap. I figure that the line has to be drawn somewhere though, and I would rather smoke some potent green, or even some mersh, before I would want to smoke the Mexican bricked weed.
  8. FunkySkunky

    FunkySkunky Gentille, allouette

    Yeah bricked weed is indeed some terrible stuff. Not too common in the northeast, but if it comes around, you sure do know it.
  9. Bud&bluntman

    Bud&bluntman Sr. Member

    brick weed ussualy suck pretty hard core. I had some back in the summer and the shit was BROWN... E - TOWN BROWN
  10. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    AS much as everyone talks about "brown" brickweed, I've only seen it once, and I see a LOT of brickweed in a given year. As far north as South Dakota is, you wouldn't think our brickweed would be all that fresh, but the stuff we get seems to be of better quality than what some get. The only "brown" schwagf I've seen came from Texas, and the stuff wasn't even worth smoking. In a strange twist of karma, the guy trying to sell it got busted with pounds of it, because a) he was stupid and b) no one made the mistake of buying any of that shit twice. It didn't take him long to burn every last one of his customers, leaving him with felony weight sitting in his freezer that no one wanted anything to do with. The guy was a royal douche bag though, and I have absolutley no sympathy for him. (my thinking he was a douchebag ironically had nothing to do with weed--he tried to get me arrested for an unrelated felony (which I DID NOT commit) to cover his own ass.....which, thankfully, didn't go any further than me being interrogated for an hour or two
  11. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Generally, bricked weed is of low quality. But not always. Bricking is a packaging technique that allows smugglers to get more weed into a smaller space. If the weed is of high quality, they know that they can get a better price if it's not bricked, so they usually don't. I used to get bricked red Columbian that was so sticky you could hardly pull the bricks apart. It wasn't pretty, but it sure got you high.
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  12. Old Stoner

    Old Stoner Banned

    I agree, Buzz. Most of the shit we had back in the 70's was bricked. And most of it would kick your tail. Homegrown, back then, meant schwag.

    Oh, for a pound of bricked Colombian Gold right now.... MMMMMM....
  13. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    If you ever get nugs that are more flat than round, it's probably because it was part of a giant brick of buds.

    Being bricked or not doesn't really seem to effect potency or anything. When the "wrong" weed is bricked, it's much easier to rip people off, or on the other hand, get a better deal. I love finding bricked KB, because it's closer to middie prices than KB prices. It's usually in the middle of the two price scales. But man, meeting up with a dealer to get "KB" and just getting un-compressed middies really sucks.
  14. jpgblazeup

    jpgblazeup New Member

    i've had some ok brickweed nothin to really brag about ya know if thats all the dealer has i'll take it but never over some beautiful fluffy buds. I've had brown brick weed before and it jus tasted and smelled nasty nothin i'd ever wanna smoke again even though it did get me high
  15. kinghelwig

    kinghelwig New Member

    brick weed

    There was alot of brick weed in the late 60's-to mid seventies,you could get a brick 2.2lbs forno more than 100 bucks,then came the coloumbian redbud that was good shit but it drove the weed prices up that stuff went for 400-500 a lb,we had so many different kinds of weed that you had no problem getting any amount you wanted,and almost immeadiatly, now we have all this exotic crap for outrageous amounts of money,and you have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get it,I'm in o.c. and I have to do a 60 mile round trip here in the county to get my meds,and then they may not have a good selection and you can only get a certain amount,so I guess when all the hoopla dies down and they let us do our thing without being harrassed, I will bring out the trusty Phototron and grow some great weed,until then I am like everybody else that got a card that says we are cool but not really and go buy my weed from a legalized weed dealer or pot shop as they are called,got to be careful though some of the new stuff will really put you in the zone and I dont need a dui so I smoke at home and at night before bed,helps sleep real good and gives good dreams,thanks for letting me ramble on:cool:
  16. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    I have seen large quantities of homegrown bricked for storage and long term moisture retention. Herb will turn into dust if given enough drying time....Or I should say turn into dust as soon as you touch it if it dries out too much.....;)

    "Brick" just refers to the shape of compressed herb. The shape and size of the brick depends on the press that was used and how much pressure was applied. I've seen bricks that were pressed too hard and all the seeds were busted. This means that the guy's who pressed it didn't know what they were doing, so that usually means herb of lower quality.

    I've seen alot of killer compressed. Compression is a science, and the best can pack it in but not destroy the quality of the herb. As Buzz and a few others have said, back in the day, it seemed like we had some real good compressed herb. Acapulco Gold was always my favorite along with good Columbian Redbud.

    Of course I can name herb anything I want. A name really doesn't mean anything. I've heard bud called "Kryptonite" because it was the shit that killed Superman.........:D

    Some Where In Ded Land..........:banana:
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  17. ZephyrEire

    ZephyrEire Guest

    I'm with troublemaker on this one, I've seen some really crappy brick weed, but then I've seen some decent too.
    My main dealer right now has brick weed more often than not I'd say. His bud has always been pretty middle-grade stuff, not great but not too bad, but for a good price for what we get. Actually the bud I have from him right now is bricked, we got a half oz and it was a solid block. But when we broke it apart and looked at it close, it's not too bad stuff. Not too many seeds and stems, some good red hairs, and it was even a little bit sticky when i got in to it.

    that said, i wish it wasn't bricked. it makes it look like you have less haha, and it usually does make it very dry when you get it,

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