What Does Marijuana Make you feel?

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  1. Desperado

    Desperado New Member

    You know the old prejudice:Smoking weed Makes you lazy, Slow, and dumb.

    Now is that true? I can guess most people here will say no, But Why is that not true? What is the real reason that "some" of our ganja smoking friends have this attributes in them? and that some people who do not smoke, have them too? That would be a reason right there wouldn't it?

    I think that it is the person them self making these choices. Weed, seems to me, not to be the same as any other "drug" or... substance. Alcohol makes you slur your speech, fumble around, and make a heedless attitude; Caffeine makes you "hyper"; Ecstasy makes you feel... what it makes you feel ;)

    Now what does weed make you feel? I do Not think it makes you feel lazy, slow, dumb, or hyper, slurred, and Super fucking happy at nothing.

    It does, though, make you more in-depth.

    So i guess there is two questions here.

    What Does weed make you feel?

    Why are people acting the stereotype* of weed?

    *- Being Slow, dumb, and/or lazy.
  2. StonedBassist

    StonedBassist New Member

    It makes me feel like butter, melting on a warm, steamy pile of flapjacks, with the smell of fresh coffee wafting through the air on a bright and sunny morning

    I don't know anyone who acts like the stereotype of weed, but ive heard of them from other people, but theyre assholes who dont deserve the herb, so fuck em
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  3. Audio

    Audio Ω∫§¥∂∞≈

    It depends how I'm feeling that day, how much I smoke, and what kind of weed I'm smoking. I take all these things into consideration before I toke. If I wanna do something productive then I have to see how I'm already feeling, if I'm in a good mood and not too tired then I'll just take a hit or 2 and write some music or read or something. If I feel that it's a good night to just sit back and do whatever I'll take a couple more hits than that and play videogames or watch tv or a movie. When I do the latter I do feel kinda slow and out of it, but that is the feeling I'm going for, I've taken care of all my shit and had a productive day so I'm just ready to relax and that's what I'm gonna do.
    Though I do notice that if I start smoking a lot everyday then it's harder for me to get myself up in the morning(even harder than if I drink the night before) and I notice a kind of "amotivational syndrome", but this is why I try to avoid smoking too much.
    Why does weed make some people slow and lazy? Cause it's a "downer". Caffeine, ecstasy, coke are all "uppers". Weed is supposed to make you relax and for some people that makes them want to sit around and do nothing all the time, and other people can control it and use weed in a positive way.
  4. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Let me provide an analogous example in the world of alcohol: does alcohol make you clever and witty or does it make you throw up on your date and pass out? The answer, of course, is it depends on who is drinking, how they react to drinking, and, very important, how much they drink. Marijuana works the same way.

    People who indulge in moderation and at appropriate times can live balanced lives with either drug. People who can't control their intake and think that being high all of the time is a good thing are the ones who get out of balance and make up the negative stereotypes about both alcohol and marijuana users.

    Recreational drugs are great - for recreation. When they become the center of your life, they are detrimental to a life well-lived.
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  5. ughnessmaster

    ughnessmaster New Member

    It makes me think of my ex girlfriend. Can anyone relate to this?
  6. TheQuestionMark

    TheQuestionMark Sr. Member

    Its simple. Weed makes me feel better.
  7. Sykes

    Sykes New Member

    makes me feel lazy, forgetful, happy, stuff is funnier, stuff gets boring fast, everything is awesome feeling. etc.
  8. Lion of Judah

    Lion of Judah Sr. Member

    I suddenly forget about all the shit going on in my life (family, work, etc) and am happy once again. I get sucked into the music Im listening too and all that other depressing stuff is just not there anymore.

    It also opens my mind. I like reading while Im high, because it makes me understand and think more about what Im taking in. Same goes for anything I watch on tv, mainly the Documentary channel or any history type stuff.
  9. snoogans90

    snoogans90 New Member

    mellow, and chill, but not lazy, i can go for a walk watever there is to do

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