What does mid consist of?

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  1. Now I know there are many different types of mid, but what are the main ones that show up? I understand if you wouldn't know considering the grower wouldn't typically doesn't call it plain mid, either out of pride or knowledge, but the dealer that doesn't know probably would just call it mid because it isn't high quality. But in knowledge, what does mid normally consist of?
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    mids normally consist of weed, otherwise known as marijuana, users of the drug often ignite it, inhaling the vapours to produce a high
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    Mids are jus Wat they are they aren't completely crap weed but they aren't chronic weed either they're jus the middle
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  4. Like it's been said, "mids" are just mid-grade cannabis. They consist of the same plant matter as the higher & lower grade varieties.
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    IMO anything from like 10-15% THC thats mids for me and usually 16% and up is good good

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