what does shotgunning mean.

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by nocleareyes, May 10, 2009.

  1. nocleareyes

    nocleareyes New Member

    on friday i shotgunned this girl i dig quite a bit.
    I didn't think it meant anything. Does it? i just wanna make sure man.
  2. the_sam

    the_sam New Member

    There's not really a standard for that. I've shotgunned hits to friends in a non-romantic way.

    But then again, I've shotgunned/been shotgunned hits to/from people that I've liked.

    I think the action itself doesn't really matter, but there are other ways of knowing if there is a romantic interest.

    But I also see the potential to use a shotgun to make a move... oh man I think that's kind of romantic actually, but I'm a female of different tastes than most.
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  3. mud_head

    mud_head New Member

    omgosh... so i shotgunned with a few girls before, and the things i have learned, is that if you do it a couple of times, and she exclusively shotguns with you(if there are other, somewhat attractive guys around) then its okay to SLOWLY try something. i dont know how you shotgun, but mine are lips to lips, and if its ended in an approximation of a kiss, then for the next one try to put a tiny bit of tongue. if she meets yours with hers, go for it. if not, then slow down a little bit more, and wait to see what happens. but like what the_sam said, shotgunning definitely leaves open the oppurtunity for an incredibly romantic moment. i think there is nothing more romantic than kissing after taking a hit, and trading smoke with a girl. all of your sensations are heightened; its almost as good as sex when your sober. you lose yourself in it, and find her(kind of confusing, i know, but it makes sense to me)
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  4. the_sam

    the_sam New Member

    Hahaha It is like face sex with no penetration except with the smoke.

    Seriously... it can be an intimate thing.
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  5. jakspar0w

    jakspar0w Tak!

    I would say it meant something coming from a girl standpoint, but then again the only person I've shotgunned with is my boyfriend, which usually ends in a kiss. Sooooo, if you kiss the girl, she might get some kind of hint. Just be smart about it.
  6. quote of the day!
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  7. idrinkbongwater

    idrinkbongwater New Member

    were im from, shotgunning is totaly diffrent. you take the blunt or j and turn it backwards so the cherry is inside your mouth( holding it with your lips and teeth so it doesnt touch anywhere inside your mouth) then someone puts there lips or nose close to the end of the blunt and you( with the blunt in your mouth) blow a shit load of smoke into there mouth, or nose
  8. Owl

    Owl New Member

    Where I'm from, if you shotgun somebody, you have to propose to them within the next 48 hours, or the town rallies at your house and hangs you from a tree.

    But I'm kinda from a fucked up town, so, y'know...whatever. Good luck.
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  9. xchoicex

    xchoicex New Member

    ^^ LOL :D

    this thread is interesting and funny.. i loved every post in it...
    where i come from, we shotgun in both ways mentioned above.. (but not in the nose... geez!)
    either ways, it is intimate and i find it romantic :) (in some way)
    but we also do it between friends... so i dont know... there's no real standard for it... but i think its more considered as a move... unless ur already friend with the girl...
    i miss shotgunning...
  10. Bahama Dreamz

    Bahama Dreamz New Member


    Was invented back in War times, when the soilders would be smoking either marijuana or tabacco out of a pipe and then what they would do is put the pipe in the Shell Ejection port of the gun and then another solider would then attempt to inhale for the business(muzzle) End of the shot gun. in essence using the shotgun barrel as a big pipe in a way

  11. mud_head

    mud_head New Member

    nonetheless, i still think its romantic shotgunning with a chick
  12. the_sam

    the_sam New Member

    That's very interesting... where did you learn that? Don't be offended if I don't just take your word for it--it makes a lot of sense. I just want to know for sure so I can tell people and not be disproved!
  13. Bahama Dreamz

    Bahama Dreamz New Member

    I have been wracking my head for the longest trying to remember where i saw it. It was a movie/documentary i saw them do it in. it showed the soilders lying in long grass in a feild somewhere and they showed them do it the exact way i desrcided it,

    WAIT... i found the video on youtube.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-1YxNnh3qk"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    and there ya have it.
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