what exactly is the "Half Life"

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by probationBLOWZ420, Jun 6, 2010.

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    i;ve read the definition here on marijuana.com but ims till not getting it, does it mean that the "half life" is when the marijuana is half-way out of your system. meaning that if the half-life is 10 days, you will be clean in 20? im having a really difficult time understanding this.

    also im on probation and get drug tested monthly. last month i started smoking again. i smoked about a gram worth and quit smoking 14 days before the test. 6 days later I took an firstcheck drug test and it was negaitve with a faint line. i didnt dilute, it was pure "golden" i did however drink alot of alcohol and flush my system with beer and vodka. when i got tested at probation i drank roughly a 2 liter of water and went to the bathroom 3 times before giving the sample. i will find out monday if i was negative.

    this month i smoked about 3 grams, 2 g's of mids and one of hedes and gave myself 24 days until my test. i drank alcohol and pee'd alot. also its hot so ive been sweating. i took a at home drug test 11 days after smoking with 13 left until drug test and it was negative. im going to do my dilution method again.

    by doing the above did i out-live the half-life? will both tests probably be negative? are the home drug tests as accurate as lab tests and if not, by doubling the time from where i took the at home test negative and probation test will that ensure a negative lab test?

    thank you in advanced. i've read alot on hear about testing. the lab test cut-off for my probation is 50ng, it's 50 something

    i am 5 10, 220, a lil tubby, not excercing, it is hot and ive been sweating. i drink alot of beer and go to the bathroom alot when i do. this month im going to smoke about 2.5 g's of white rhino from cali dispensary and leave 25 days to become clean. should i be fine,
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    The half-life in terms of marijuana testing refers to the length of time it takes to get half the THC metabolites out of your body. If the half-life is two days, after two days you'd have half as much. After 4 days you'd have a quarter as much. After six days you'd have an eighth as much. After eight days you'd have a sixteenth as much. Etc…

    Alcohol does nothing to remove THC metabolites from your system. Neither does drinking water. The only thing liquids are good for is dilution immediately before a UA.

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