What genius invented the dugout pipe?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by Shaneanagins, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Shaneanagins

    Shaneanagins New Member

    Does anyone else use a dugout pipe? It's an incredible piece of smoking technology (I think that might be a pun). If you don't I highly recommend it. It looks classy, it conserves weed, and best of all, the little chillum you smoke out of looks like a cigarette so as to not call any undue attention to yourself. It's basically like a pack of cigarettes but for weed. The problem is, I have no idea who invented it or where it came from. It just seems to have strolled onto the scene like a stone ax or agriculture. Does anyone know the origin of this magical device?
  2. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    Somewhere in India....
    It's a variation on the illustrious Chillum. :)
  3. str8dank

    str8dank New Member

    i use mine almost everyday, i can make a gram last me 2-3 days getting high multiple times
  4. tdlex420

    tdlex420 Sr. Member

    A friend of mine has one that comes in a wooden container and its got a cutout space where you can drop the weed in then take the fake cigarette and just push it down into the weed to fill it. The whole thing is very convenient and we have used it more than once out in public as it does look just like you are lighting a cig.
  5. Shaneanagins

    Shaneanagins New Member

    Yeah the wooden box is why it's called a dugout. The idea is that the cut out space is the dugout and the pipe is the bat (and the other team is the police).
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  6. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    That's good!
  7. tdlex420

    tdlex420 Sr. Member

    Lol that is pretty good. I'll have to mention that to my friend that has one.
  8. lookhappy

    lookhappy New Member

    uhh, no offense, but i don't get it......
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  9. Shaneanagins

    Shaneanagins New Member

    It's a humorous baseball analogy, you know, baseball?
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  10. lookhappy

    lookhappy New Member

    but what's with the police thing?
  11. Wrangler98

    Wrangler98 New Member

    As in the Smokers vs. The Popo in a good ol' fashion baseball game. We have out dugout and bats. They have more advanced equipment, but we have them in sheer numbers. So far I think our side is winning.

    Get the analogy now?
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  12. lookhappy

    lookhappy New Member

    wow, now i feel like a total stoner. i just reread the thread and noticed you said "other team". This whole time i thought you were saying "other term". My bad.....
  13. Seejay

    Seejay New Member

    There the either team because you know they don't like us ? Baseball dugout team game anything man?
  14. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

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  15. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    We had 1 but didn't know it was called that. We gave it back, because smokijng a ciggarette, around Here, brings a Lot of negative attention. Of course, at Home, iot would be Ok,but even though it's a good idea. We prefer more stable means of consumption. Ya got to keep it simple, especially when You're stoned. If it looks Like something else, why not just use it, in the manner,The pourpose,for which it is made.
  16. gak hater

    gak hater New Member

    i don't know who invented it,but i can say
    the first time i ever saw one was in the mid 70's
    with the power hitter and the fan can.
    it probably has been around longer then that..
  17. Skeet Skeet

    Skeet Skeet New Member

    never heard of these?...around my people a dugout is when you empty a cig and fill it with weed

    how exactly do these things work, looks like it might be a nice investment
  18. Wrangler98

    Wrangler98 New Member

    It is a small wooden box about the size of a cigarette box (they come smaller too) and have a swiveling top. On one side of the top is a cylindrical hole where a one-hitter that looks like a cigarette (but is really a metal or ceramic pipe disguised). There is also usually a small spring so that the one-hitter shoots out. On the other side is a small 'dugout' (get it?) hole that is shallower than the other side. You fill this little hole with ground up bud.

    To operate the whole thing, swivel the top to release/spring the one-hitter out. Then, facing the bowl of the pipe down, press it into the side with the bud. This fills the bowl since it is already ground up. Then smoke your bowl discreetly and repeat. Continue until properly stoned.

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  19. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 Pot Stirring

    I have one, and back in the days before I owned my own residence and did most of my smoking "on the go" it definitely worked well. I still use one when fishing or on road trips occasionally. One thing I make sure of is having something suitable for unclogging it, because they tend to plug fairly easily. I've reserted to whittling a "poker" out of twigs/branches on multiple occasions!!!
  20. Plaidheart

    Plaidheart New Member


    I used one of these yesterday for the first time :) I asked a friend to spot me some green since my connect is MIA and he handed me the box I was like WTF is this!? He just called it a one hitter though. Nice little buzz! Could've used more trees but beggars can't be choosy... I may get one with my next pickup.

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