What happens to your eyes when you're high?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by J-mov, Apr 9, 2004.


What happens to your eyes when you're high?

  1. Wide / Red

  2. Wide / Normal

  3. Wide / Glassy

  4. Normal / Red

  5. Normal / Normal

  6. Normal / Glassy

  7. Squinty / Red

  8. Squinty / Normal

  9. Squinty / Glassy

  1. J-mov

    J-mov New Member

    Just curious. Mine get wide and glassy.
  2. Ernesto

    Ernesto Banned

    mines turn into big bales of cotton (at least they feels that way)
  3. NYCGreenEyez

    NYCGreenEyez New Member

    They call me Christmas Trees...
  4. DDButter

    DDButter New Member

    Wide? I've never smoked with anyone whos eyes got wider. Weird. Mine are pretty normal - squinty/red :rolleyes:
  5. dopenose

    dopenose New Member

    My eyes get squinty/glassy. Not very attractive but it only lasts half an hour or so.
  6. whiplash

    whiplash New Member

    why isn't squinty/glassy/red an option... hehe
  7. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    That's exactly what I was thinking. If it was, that's what I'd put. I went with squinty/red instead.
  8. whiplash

    whiplash New Member

    seriously, when i get stoned and look in a mirror at my eyes i get scared by what i see lol, its like there's a devil behind them or something
  9. Zodiac Toker

    Zodiac Toker Banned

    depends on how much weed and the quality being smoked

    if i smoke a bowl fo some dank, then my eyes get maybe a lil glassy

    but if i smoke an 1/8th of dank in half an hour then my eyes are bloody crotch red and barely visible theyre so squinted
  10. When I Get High My Eyes Get Chincked I Look Like A Gook - -
  11. IGemini

    IGemini [?]

    Christmas colors when I'm really high. My green eyes paired with the red makes for some really nice color. ;)
  12. quimb420

    quimb420 New Member

    Mine are usually squinty/red/glassy. although every once in awile they just stay normal.
    My eyes creap me out when i dont use eyedrops.
  13. werner

    werner New Member

    my eyes are normal sometimes, but more often then not they are red. it feels like they are dry.
  14. Speshull_Ed!

    Speshull_Ed! New Member

    My eyes almost never turn red, unless We've really been doing some marathon smoking. They squint, but they always sort of squint.
  15. stonerkid44

    stonerkid44 New Member

    my eyes turn a lil red but normally people can't tell I'm high unless I've had a lot
  16. dniemann8

    dniemann8 New Member

    my eyes get all squinty and bloodshot red
  17. Mine always get a little red..sometimes squinty, sometimes normal..but always a little red..also..when its sunny outside my eyes get really squinty..almost closed..thats why sometimes I just like to sit inside where its dark
  18. NeoArcadian

    NeoArcadian New Member

    It really depends. I don't know what it deoends on, just that it does.

    A lot of the time my eyes get wide and glassy and red but most of the time they are squinty and glassy and red. :cool:
  19. kissthesky

    kissthesky New Member

    My eyes get rediculously red and squinty. I'm a dead giveaway.
  20. MyNameIsMud

    MyNameIsMud New Member

    Naturally I have sensitive eyes, that get very red and itchy when there's dust/pollen or someone talks about eyes a lot, or if I see someone with really red eyes and I look into them. So when I'm high I get red/squinty eyes, but sometimes red/squinty/glassy eyes.

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