what is bush weed

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by boxman, May 12, 2009.

  1. boxman

    boxman New Member

    you read the title^^:D
  2. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    Marijuana that is grown in the Australian bush? :laugh: :p

    I've actually never heard of that. :shrug:
  3. FullTimeSmoker

    FullTimeSmoker New Member

    im gonna assume its grown out doors ( in the bush). or it could b the strain of MJ the G.W. bush smoked on as prez.
  4. Ska

    Ska Sr. Member

    MJ hidden in my pubes =p

    Actually nah, I think it's when someone puts pubes in your joint
  5. e-4Rippin

    e-4Rippin New Member

    Well down here in Australia, Bush weed is pot that is NOT grown hydroponically, usually outdoors
  6. TonToker

    TonToker New Member

    where im from bush weed means low quality weed.
  7. MattyBlunts117

    MattyBlunts117 Sr. Member

    yeah man where im from too it means its pretty crappy weed
  8. ganja-man

    ganja-man Groovy

    I've never heard the term "bush weed" before, it could be the same as "ditch" weed or maybe just a term for MJ that is grown outdoors.

  9. Bahama Dreamz

    Bahama Dreamz New Member

    Bad out door grown weed. burns harsh and doesnt get you high enough.
  10. TonToker

    TonToker New Member

    this pretty much sums it up...coz where im from weed is always grown outdoors.

    Bush weed = crappy weed
    High Grade= some good dank shit

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