what is kush suppose to taste like?

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by axewind, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. axewind

    axewind New Member

    the weed ive always smoked has just been purly green (no idea what kind/strain) but my friend bought kush and it smells like some king of orange or detergante and its barly green at all more brownish orange. you can like taste it after you smoke it to anyways is that normal or is it laced or something
  2. AmnesiaHaze965

    AmnesiaHaze965 New Member

    When I toke up with some tasty kush or tasty dank weed I can usually taste it for hours.. Especially some of the strains that taste real good, like cheese, super haze or chocolope.
  3. p0th3d

    p0th3d Sr. Member

    The more you taste..and longer you taste it after a smoke..usually means its a higher quality...

    Unless you buy weed like i did recently...which tasted like soap haha, i have come to believe the dealer stored it in a a big box of washing powder (as he has children about) and it was bloody awful lol

    So the detergent taste might have been what it was stashed in for a while...
  4. RespyShunt

    RespyShunt New Member

    either they stored it near something smelly, or it was just flavored with something, like orange juice or orange peels.
  5. Juank

    Juank Sr. Member

    I have some weed now, It's called orange.. something. I forget the name. It's the most potent I've ever had (one bong rip will keep me stoned, or I can fill half my light hitter chillum and get stoned, which is great because I got less than I paid for), and it has a slight orange taste to it. It's not like.. oranges. It's like weed with an orange tint to it. Or kind of like an orange peel. It smells skunky though. I taste it for a long time afterwards, even if I'm eating. I'll usually brush my teeth after smoking it, just because I don't like lingering tastes.

    I'm rambling. point is that orange taste, and lingering taste are not uncommon.
  6. jodster

    jodster New Member

    I had some kush that tasted like mint and smelled like 'Sour Apple" jolly ranchers. It was delicious, unfortunately I only bought 1g of it =(.
  7. axewind

    axewind New Member

  8. psfign

    psfign New Member

    my roomate got some kush a couple weeks ago...unfortunately, im detoxing right now. :(

    ive never smoked anything better than popcorn either.

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