What is the best root hormone for cloning?

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Tristan Nelson, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Tristan Nelson

    Tristan Nelson New Member

    Just want to know the best root hormone. Also is gel better than powder hormone?
  2. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    I've been seeing your questions all over the boards this morning, IMO, you would have greater benefits if you were to get yourself a grow book and sit down and give it a good read. believe it or not, it will answer most all of your questions. and will proly give you a whole new list of more specific questions. ~Stoney~
  3. medme

    medme Sr. Member

    thats what i was saying,,, in my "How-to gow marijuana easy" post,,,, thanks stoney....read,read, and read some more...
  4. SativaMe@420

    SativaMe@420 New Member

    I know several people who have varied opinions on rooting hormones, one guy I know swares by using a gel and a powder together in a simple system that he's achieved 100% success with; You make the first cut (off the plant) about an inch longer than normal, then submerge the cut end in a solution of water, rooting powder, mycorrhizal fungi + trichoderma + beneficial bacteria (like Mykos, Plant Success/Great White) and make a second cut (45* angle of course) while submerged in the solution, this process not only ensures that an air embolism doesn't occur but also causes the rooting hormone & beneficial microbes to get drawn up into the stem, this is very simple and effective. After you make the final cut in the solution you immediately dip the cutting into a rooting gel, then into a rooting powder tapping off excess and into your medium. I know another guy who says he's had dam near 100% success with just using a cheap rooting powder like Take Root and he says he uses a VERY small amount, to each their own I guess. As for which is the best I'm not sure, I've personally had 100% success with the cheap Take Root powder, I took 16 clones off a White Widow using it and all of them rooted.
    On another subject you should listen to the advice of getting a grow guide, I highly recommend Growing Elite Marijuana by Ryan Riley, it covers practically everything you need to know. Good luck.

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