What is the macujo method???

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by bells580, May 8, 2004.

  1. bells580

    bells580 New Member

    What is this macujo method I keep hearing about?
  2. Phreaki

    Phreaki New Member

    How I passed:

    1. Buy Aloe Rid at a salon - use it every day at least once a day
    2. Buy Clean and Clear pink in the face soaps section at your grocery
    3. Buy Tide liquid
    4. Buy Heinz vinnegar

    1. Approach your favorite sink with the ingredients in hand, along with a towel and a shower cap. Kitchen sink worked best for me. Run warm water over your hair, have the towel close by to wipe chemicals/water that drip down from your forehad.

    2. Pour vinnegar on your head. Massage into hair. Wipe forehead and ears.

    3. Pour Clean Clear over your head and massage in. This stuff burns skin but is better and safer than gasoline and racing fuels. I made the mistake of not drying all skin around my ears and forehead.

    4. Put a shower cap on and let sit for around 20-30 minutes. Have towel in hand to wipe away anything that drops down. Again, I got burned by clean and clear during the course of this process. Clean and Clear is probably the stongest chemicals you deal with in this process.

    5. Take a small dab of Tide liquid and wash all of this out. Your hair will be the squeekist clean its ever felt with the Tide. So very concentrated indeed.

    Did this 5 times over 3 days before test.

    Passed with huge amounts of chemicals (THC, Cocaine) in me 35 days before.

  3. steel1

    steel1 New Member

    Its a soak and wash method some people have been using here. Results seem to vary from person to person.
    1. soak hair with apple cidar vinegar
    2. add to this clean and clear skin cleaner
    3. let this soak for 15 mins or so
    3. wash this out with tide detergent (liquid)
    4. Use the nexus aloe rid or Paul Mitchell 3 everyday

    Some do this several times and swear it works. sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't.

    Heres the site where he explained it...
  4. scary hair

    scary hair New Member

    Clean and CLear

    I have a hair follicle test for a great job and have 9 days until I have to take a hair follicle test. I have been using the Macujo Method for a few days now and I don't think the Clean and Clear I am using is correct. I can't find the Clean and Clear Pink or even know if this is important. Everyone says that it burns really bad, but I do not feel anything. I have a little bit of everything in my system (a little pot, a little ***, and a little *** and I just want to make sure I am doing everything right. Any info will be helpful.
  5. cvmichigan

    cvmichigan New Member

    Is the pink clear and clean made by Johnson and Johnson? I can't find it but bought Noxzema triple clean. It has2.0% salicylic acid in it. Any thoughts on if it will work the same as Clear and Clear?
  6. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline Well-Known Member

    You posted this on a 2 year old thread. These people could be long gone. That happens on this site. This is a marijuana only forum and I don't know or care about other drugs. As far as the Macujo method goes, if you aren't using the Clean and Clear, then you aren't doing the Mac method correctly. It has pass and fail results when used correctly. If not used correctly I don't knw what the results would be. Good luck and let us know.
  7. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline Well-Known Member

    This is a 2 year old thread and the people are probably long gone, but you are getting and answer so, that is what counts, I guess.
    The salicylic acid is what is reported to work with the Mac method. The Noxema should be OK.
  8. cvmichigan

    cvmichigan New Member

    Thank you. I have a hair test on May 17th. I haven't smoked sense April 6th. I wasn't a heavy smoker..just a few puffs now and then. I have cut my hair short and will get another hair cut this week. I pray I pass. Thanks again for answering my post.
  9. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline Well-Known Member

    I don't know what you consider a few puffs, but it sounds like you have a pretty good chance. Don't cut your hair too short. I guess you are treating your head hair, so that is where you want them to take the sample.
  10. scary hair

    scary hair New Member


    Thanks, I've been using Clean and Clear, but there are about 13 different types. Didn't know if there was an exact type, though.

    Thanks for the reply and I will keep posted about the results. (Sorry, I didn't know about the Marijuana only thing)
  11. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline Well-Known Member

    The pink was the recommended color. Others have been used. To my understanding it is the salicylic acid that is reported to help. As long as it has that in it, it should be fine. For an extra piece of info Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid is used in a method for passing a urine test. You can reqad about that o the urine testing forum. I just find that interesting and thought I would pass it on to you.
    Take care and good luck

    Take an aspirin and call me in the morning. :D Just kidding. ;)
  12. funkyfeva

    funkyfeva New Member

    I pass using maccujo

    I did maccujo method everyday for 5 days. Although mac not explicit in which clean an clear to use, I bought both the deep cleening astrigent and daily pore toner. Clean and clear and vinegar sting. Make sure you apply vaseline around the skin of your forehead ears and neck area. Wear gogles. No need for gasoline or buying shampoo on the internet.
  13. 1tokeovertheline

    1tokeovertheline Well-Known Member

    If you wear goggles, make sure to massage the ingredients under the strap.
  14. CronoKroniQ

    CronoKroniQ New Member

    Hello im wondering if the mac method would have a more successful chance of passing the test if you let the clean n clear set in for longer then 30 mins??
  15. Mona69

    Mona69 New Member

    I have a hair test in 3-4 weeks. At that time, I will be clean from thc for about 30-35 days. Any suggestions, or is the macujo method still the thing? This thread is 5 years old and I am having trouble creating a new one.
  16. alwayshaley

    alwayshaley New Member

    Will this effect dyed hair?
  17. BuddahLovahh

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