What is this Power Hitter?

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by kornfanman0505, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. kornfanman0505

    kornfanman0505 New Member

    Im currently watching cheech and chong's nice dreams and i just got past a scene where the police chief is smoking out of this wierd handheld vaporizer and i wanted to know what exactly is it called and where i could possibly purchase one.
  2. gak hater

    gak hater New Member

    the good old power hitter :D

    the original ones were made out of plastic
    sort of like a soda bottle but thicker,with a screw on cap on it that had a metal insert
    that could hold a joint, you would light the joint and put in in the cap and put it together,it had a carb on the side and you would squeeze the bottle
    so the smoke would come thru the cap in a steady stream.
    the thing would knock you on your ass with a steady stream of smoke that would come out from it.

    i think what was in the film was more like an old fan can
    or a modified one.
    that was a can with a batt operated electric motor inside that would spin
    a prop that would suck the air from the bowl and shoot it out the stem on the side. you would fill the bowl and press the button and put the lighter to the bowl.
    it would light up on its own when you held the button then send a steady stream of smoke out the stem on demand when ever you pushed the button.

    both of these things used alot of weed very fast (and i mean alot) so once the novelty wore off you really didn't use them all that much.

    i would kill to get my hands on a old fan can.....
    you never even hear it mentioned anymore
  3. TokeChaChe

    TokeChaChe New Member

    I didn't even know these existed
  4. gak hater

    gak hater New Member

    what i'm talking about was around about 30 years ago..
    the power hitter came in a few different colors
    i had a glo in the dark white one... lol
  5. rubberviking

    rubberviking New Member

    Dude my buddy just finished building one!!...it is awsome

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