What is this Quest Labs test?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by restorethepiece, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. restorethepiece

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    ( ) 7908N SAP 5 GC/MS

    I noticed it doesn't include a cutoff level in the test code like I've seen/heard from other people. Is it just a regular EMIT with a 50 n/ml cutoff? Will it be sent for GC/MS only if the initial reading is positive?

    Also, I hate to ask this, as I know it's a redundant inquiry and involves many variables, but if you could take an educated guess, do you think I'll pass the test on Friday? (If not, I can delay it 4 or 5 days)

    Here are my stats:
    * 6-foot-0; 145 pounds; pretty fast metabolism as far as I know; mild exercise (walk 2-4 miles a day and run a mile or two every now and again)
    * have been clean for 39 days (41 by Friday)
    * was a regular smoker for the six months leading up to my abstinence (anywhere from 3-10 bowls a week, though some weeks I didn't smoke at all); the six months before that, I smoked 1 or 2 times a week; before that, I never smoked.
    * took an "At Home" test tonight and passed.

    P.S. the test is for a pretty amazing summer internship, so I realllllly can't afford to test positive.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Wrecks

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    I would guess that you would pass right now. Seeing as you have some time, I would suggest you get a few home test strips either off the internet or at a pharmacy ( not sure how many drugstores carry them) so that you can test yourself. That really helps to reduce the anxiety of the big unknown.
  3. Secs

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    For every question you asked, the answer is yes.
  4. snake4812

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    you are in good shape. for peace of mind i would suggest drinking 4-5 glasses of water the day of the test, be sure to piss a few times before you go, and when you take the sample make sure it is from midstream
  5. restorethepiece

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    thanks for all the help. i took the test this morning and am feeling pretty confident i passed, given my stats. one question though: how clear does urine have to be to arouse suspicion and/or dilute the sample? i ask because my urine only had a slight yellow tint to it. it wasn't clear, but it certainly wasn't a bright, solid yellow. this morning before i went in, i peed once, drank about 8 ounces of water, peed again, another 8 ounces of water and about 10 ounces of dr. pepper (not a normal morning drink for me). i'm probably just being super-paranoid, but does this seem like enough to dilute or cause them to need to retest me?
  6. restorethepiece

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  7. puntteam

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    I think we're all super paranoid about our test results. I took a home test after being clean at 7 weeks and am STILL paranoid. Until I start work, recieve my first check, and drive home in my company vehicle, I'll still be paranoid. This is such a big deal to most people on this site (who seem to be responsible people who only commit a crime because of marijuana).

    From what you described, and from what Ive researched, you *should be fine. It sounds like you just had regular hydration. I don't believe they test due to color, but use a PH / Creatine strip to test the integrity of your pee. You can research the strip as well using google - Just goodle "drug test specific gravity" or something to that effect. I found the chart when I did.

    Maybe they do test due to color if it's ultra clear, but usually my only pee of the day that has significant color to it is my first (under normal hydration). Otherwise it may be standard for them to test the integrity, I'm not sure.

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