What is weed sprayed with? Do you have a problem/know about sprayed weed?

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  1. Ghoast

    Ghoast New Member

    Recently I've been a little worried about sprayed weed. The weed I get I am told by friends who also get the same stuff is sprayed to make it heavier. I asked another friend and he said it could be sprayed from anything from fertilizer to sand or fiber glass..

    I'm quite worried about it and the health consequences. The weed I get is not cheap either and is of pretty good quality.. Nice fresh looking green skunk as opposed to old really dry brown grit weed with hundreds of seeds and stems.

    My other friend said he never smokes sprayed stuff because he can tell the difference in a big way and he finds it nasty. He just smokes his own stuff which he grows which is very nice and obviously not sprayed. Recently I bought some of this off him. I could really not tell the difference between what is apparently sprayed and what isn't. The only difference was the type of weed.

    I asked another friend about this too and he was very unworried about the whole thing. He said 90% of the weed in London is sprayed to make it heavier, he suggested soap as one of the things which can be sprayed on it and also said that if you lick one of the big stems in your baggy you can sometimes taste the sprayed on stuff..

    He said that if it was really that bad for you or a real issue then you would have had a lot of problems already considering I've smoked a lot of weed here and according to him the majority would have been sprayed.

    I live in London, UK.

    If anyone could please educate me on the issue I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance, I'm a little worried about my health here and I even recently got a vaporizer to make it healthier. I would hate to think that this sprayed on shit is really unhealthy!
  2. Ghoast

    Ghoast New Member

    seriously no one?
  3. Mazzinator

    Mazzinator Sr. Member

    there is a kid in my neighborhood who has also told me his stuff gets 'sprayed'. he said its a type of non toxic adhesive to make the buds stiffer.ive only smoked his stuff twice and the bowls lasted FOREVER.i have passed on it ever since, just becuase in mot too sure about smoking anything other than pure mj.

    so i am also curious
  4. dj Dozhe

    dj Dozhe New Member

    Wow, uh, is it possible your friend is a delusional moron? Sprayed with sand, fiber glass, and soap. Who could EVER get some weed, smoke it, and not know it's full of sand, fiber glass or soap? I understand being paranoid that someone's trying to fuck you over on some weight, but they'd probably try to do it in not such an incredibly obvious way.

    If I ever saw sand at the bottom of my bag, I'd be confused, and probably never buy from that person again. The fiber glass you would definitely feel as you smoked and on top of that you'd get a bunch of tiny fiber glass splinters when you broke up the weed. Soap?!?! I can't think of any soap I've some across in my life that hasn't had a smell to it. You wouldn't need to lick the stem you would hear yourself say "why does my weed smell like soap?", not to mention you would undoubtedly taste it when you lit up the weed. You would say "this tastes weird...almost like..soap?"

    Maybe they do things a LOT different in the UK, but I've never seen any of that happen here. People may talk about what things are sprayed with, but it seems largely to be paranoia fed by the retelling of these ridiculous stories.
  5. BlazedCanadian

    BlazedCanadian Sr. Member

    well actully in a way his friend is right, maybe not about the sand or fibre glass but marijuna plants ARE sprayed with pestisides, especilly of the plants are growing outdoor. the people who grow this stuff dont give a rats ass abotu the health of their consumers, they only want the money and by spraying it with pestidies less bugs will eat away at the plants which means more bud to sell :)
  6. dj Dozhe

    dj Dozhe New Member

    I don't doubt that outdoor plants are sprayed with pesticides. I expect outdoor plants to be sprayed with pesticides. I also imagine that they are mostly tasteless and unharmful. Why? If they were harmful only the first batch would sell. Who keep buying shit from someone if it makes them sick or taste weird? It's the idea of sand, fiber glass, etc. that baffles me.
  7. Ghoast

    Ghoast New Member

    the reason they are able to get away with it is because the particles sprayed are so small.. I just remembered another guy looking at my weed and saying oh yeah it's sprayed just like all the weed around here. He said that the tiny white particles which I thought where THC were actually just bits of sprayed stuff.. I didn't belive him and thought he was a bit of a dick. But apparently you can't really see the sprayed stuff it just looks like white stuff like THC..
  8. dj Dozhe

    dj Dozhe New Member

    And i'm just someone who needs a bit more proof. Just because someone tells me it's sprayed with little fake kief particles doesn't mean I'll believe it. I'd ask how he knows, then do a back to back smoke comparison with what he tells me is sprayed and what is not. It'd just be hard for me to bite on something as ridiculous as this just because some guy told me he knew what he was talking about. Know what I mean?
  9. Kushy

    Kushy down

    .. (in another thread)

    No offense but you're basically like the worst dealer ever. As you said yourself "they only want the money...and dont give a rats ass about the customers health" yet you create a thread saying that theres no such thing as lemon smelling weed and it's all sprayed with lemon zest or whatever. And your "info" for the thread is because you do it yourself. This is ridiculous dude and I hope you change what you're doing before someone gets some fucked up internal shit because they smoked weed with ammonia,propane,or other toxic chemicals, all sprayed onto the weed courtesy of some fucking dealer who wanted $5 extra money per gram
  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    All you need is a 10X magnifier. THC glands (trichomes) look like little stalks with a ball on top. If your white particles aren't trichomes it might be something that was sprayed on.
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  11. emuhhleee

    emuhhleee emtard smash!

    you gotta look at the bag before you buy. the only thing i've heard of weed being sprayed with is water (obvious) or molasses to make it weigh & for the sweet taste. yeah, i think it would look pretty obvious is your shit has sand/fiber glass or soap in it. you'd think you'd be able to smell/look.

    i wouldn't worry about it... just inspect your bags closer.
  12. BlazedCanadian

    BlazedCanadian Sr. Member

    let me straighten soem things out with u buddy... first of all im not a dealer. second i NEVER said i spray ammonia, propane and toxic chemicals on weed lol, i said i spray this natural lemon scent stuff that makes it smell like lemons so i can pretend its dank. 3rd i can almost gauruntee i no more about weed than so quit trying to think your some wise geniues. Ive noticed u a lot since i joined this forum and ive always hated u :) just thought id let you no.
  13. UpInFlames

    UpInFlames Sr. Member

    Lol coming from the kid who thinks all lemon-smelling weed is sprayed.

    Honestly, you should shut up at this point, because all you're doing is making a fool of yourself. You've already proven you know nothing of weed, and that you make shit up.
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  14. ReXBudMan

    ReXBudMan New Member

    I live in sydney, and some of the bastards here have been using fly spray for years. But all of a sudden it came to a halt. what they are doing now, some dealer, are using powdered food, such as gravy power ot potato power and so forth. It is REALLY fuckn annoying when you are trying to make hash, and gravy come out the mesh.
  15. AstroCoaster

    AstroCoaster Sr. Member

    :lmao: LOL !!!!!! You get points for making me laugh my ass off ! :D
  16. Kushy

    Kushy down

    dealer n. One that is engaged in buying and selling

    You may not be a full-time dealer, but if you've sold weed before, then that technically makes you a dealer... "Buddy"

    Natural lemon scent? :rofl2: Just because it's "natural" doesn't mean it doesn't have harmful chemicals in it. You're not a fucking doctor so don't act like you know what happens if you smoke those kinds of chemicals

    :rofl2: I'd bet all my money on that considering you spray your weed with lemon scent.
  17. klepto

    klepto Sr. Member

    This is pure comedy.
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  18. dj Dozhe

    dj Dozhe New Member

    Seriously, I think that was a quote from engrish.com
  19. cthcforlife

    cthcforlife Sr. Member

    I heard of coca cola sprayed on for stickyness but don't think I ran into besides possibly once...
  20. Yourtoast

    Yourtoast New Member

    4th: You're an asshole for ripping people off by saying it's dank when it isn't.
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