What Kind Should I Get?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by DankTheTank, May 26, 2005.

  1. DankTheTank

    DankTheTank New Member

    For my birthday in July I'm going to get some good **** what is the best type of plant? (Like Haze, Hydro That Sort)
  2. I'd go with some schwagg...heeeeellll yeahhhhh..Actually, I dont know what you mean, dont you know what good bud looks like? Just get the best **** you can. Its not like there is a store where u can just pick out the type u want.
  3. DankTheTank

    DankTheTank New Member

  4. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    Northern Lights Or AK-47 for starters

    Or maybe White Widow?
  5. DankTheTank

    DankTheTank New Member

    What do you recommend out of those?
  6. vvacko

    vvacko New Member

    i dont think youre going to find a dealer that has like a lemonade cart with the names of the weed and the prices or anything....
  7. DankTheTank

    DankTheTank New Member

    That is why I tell him in advance of what I want so he can get it but thanx for your comment :rolleyes:
  8. vvacko

    vvacko New Member

    you havnt been smoking very long have you? just a guess...but yeah, just get some good dank, i dont think your dealer will be able to get any random name you thro at him, and if he does, hes probably lying.
  9. DankTheTank

    DankTheTank New Member

    He definatley can and he is my friend so he would probably smoke it with me so he wouldnt lie about it. I guess you have to know what I'm working with to understand. I could get everything from weed to heroin (I would never do anything non herbal though and that **** can **** u up!). <3

  10. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I just wanted to re-state what others here have already posted. It's not like you are always going to get a choice of strains when you are ready to buy. Only people lucky enough to get that is the people in Amsterdam. :D

    I have been smoking marijuana for 20 years. I know in my experience, you get what they got at the time. I have always been fortunate that my friends can get me dank, BUT, at the same time, they couldn't always get so called "brand name" pot. I have got good strains, skunk, haze, etc, but it isn't always that way.

    I would just be happy getting a good dank bag myself. As long as it works, I'm not too picky as to the strain. :)
  11. Coolguy

    Coolguy New Member

    I envy you if you can get any name type of weed that you want. If your friend can really do that for you, I'd ask HIM which is best as well. Tell him you want the best, most potent bud he can get his hands on.
  12. DankTheTank

    DankTheTank New Member

    Well maybe your right, but here is my situation I live in NC and every week a guy brings in new shipments from the mountains so, my dealer already said he could get me Hydro so I may check that out if I cant get something like white widow. My dealer said he could definatley get some good dro :eek: that would be quite tasty

  13. DankTheTank

    DankTheTank New Member

    I'll talk to him about it but right now I'm sick so that kinda sucks Sore Throat which means no smoking for now :( . I'll definatley talk to him about it though <3

  14. InLoveAndDeath

    InLoveAndDeath New Member

    Just look at what hes got and go for the best. The one with the most potent smell, crystals, hairs... Good luck man.

    BTW July is a ways away man.
  15. DankTheTank

    DankTheTank New Member

    yeah it is a long time............Just think in advance
    I'll see if he could get some White Widow or AK-47 that would be saweet.

  16. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    Or how about White Russian?

    (It's White Widow crossed with AK-47)

    Best of both worlds! :grin:
  17. bud~swell

    bud~swell New Member

    Watermelon is the shiznit if you stumble across some.

    The only way to get the exact strain you want when you want it, is to know a grower.....
  18. DaDornta

    DaDornta MJ.com MASTA SELECTA

    If your friend tells you that he's slangin' sacks by strain name this means one of a few things..

    1. he grows it himself so he is SURE it is what he says.

    2. he knows growers that know for SURE what they grow

    3. he was lied to by his dealer

    4. he's lying to you

    I'd say it's either 3 or 4...and I agree, you sound like a newb to smoking. Welcome! People will say anything to buy a sack, and who's going to question them?

    Word of advice...don't mention any other drugs but weed here by name...if you have to mention other drugs, it's probably not relevant to the discussion anyway...
  19. iceduster

    iceduster New Member

    get some blueberry
  20. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    :newbie: :newbie: :newbie:
    He told you he could get hydro, be satisfied. Did he actually say, "I can get you almost any strain you ask for," or did he say, "I can get you some good hydro." Hydro is not a strain, and a lot of dealers can get "dro." You're not going to impress anyone (who matters) talking about name brands like this. (A 2 cent sort of suggestion) Just enjoy your hydro if he can get it for you and don't worry the strain.

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