What makes highs different?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by vitta, Mar 28, 2005.

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    Environmental factors aside, what makes one strain of marijuana produce a different high to another? What is in one plant that isn't in the other?

    I always thought THC was the active ingredient. Consume THC, you get high, simple as that. But if it's simply this one chemical that produces the high, then what else, in the bud, effects different characteristics of the high? Is the THC in one bud different to the THC in another bud? Are there other chemicals besides THC that effect the high?

    Reading through the grow guide here on Marijuana.com, I see that apparently there are actually other chemicals that can effect the high:
    " When Cannabis buds are picked in a more mature state, the levels of THC drop and the levels of CBN and CBD increase. This fluctuation is cause for a more 'down' and stoney high." What are CBD and CBN? I've never heard of these before? What other chemicals should I know about?

    I have felt the different characteristics of the high of one strain compared to another, in as much as regularly smoking the bud of an unknown strain for a period (say three weeks), and then buying another amount of weed, and smoking that regularly for a period. I feel certain characterstics of the high which are specific and consistent to one lot of weed, and a different set of characterstics for the other. But what exactly causes this? And once again, I am not talking about environmental factors, like when and where the weed is smoked.

    People talk about factors like where it is grown, how it is cured, hydro or outdoor. But I thought that really, these factors only effect superficial characterstics, like how smoothly the bud smokes (dried properly), or the concentration of THC (Hydro vs outdoor, or drying properly again). I can see how hydro can have stronger concentrations of THC (meaning smoke less, get the same high - or smoke same amount, get higher than you expected), but how can it change the high? What changes the high?
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    CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol) are two of the other cannabinoids present to varying degrees in all marijuana. The ratio of THC, CBD, and CBN in a particular strain determine the kind of effect the weed is going to have. Sativa strains tend to be high in THC and low in the others. Indica strains have higher levels of CBD, which accounts for the sedative qualities and munchies that result from smoking them. CBN is not present in great quantities in fresh bud. When THC oxidizes it breaks down into CBN. The effects of CBN have been characterized as "stupefying".
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    It can be all those things but, what can really effect your high is indica or sativa. Sativa is the type of weed that gets you metaly high and indica is the type of weed that gets you all trippy and body high. I prefer Sativa. For me the high is different depending on who i am with, if i listen to music, or if i am in like a public place.

    Johh :mj: :silvermj: :gleaf:
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    I have a relevent question! Does a specific strand have a differential effect from individual to individual? any proofs to this?
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    Do you mean to ask...does a the same Strain have a DIfferent Effect on Different People?

    The answer is yes.

    In fact the same Strain can effect the same person differently over time:

    1. ...different set and setting;

    2. ...the body may be "different" somehow (more hungry, more or less tired) -- this is something that women need to keep in mind as their bodies' cycle hormonally constanly over a repetitive 28-32 day cycle USUALLY but not always, with the Moons cycle;

    3. ... improperly stored, weed looses potency over time.

    Welcome to the Site vitta

    You have a great question there! For more information check out the link that Higher Logic provided for you. And as you get more familiar with the site you will see that we have a fantastic search feature so you can jump right into any conversations that have points of interest. It is a great tool!

    I will send you a copy of The Art of Searching...which can also be found in the Announcements Section at the top of each Forum.

    ...have a cookie ;)


    Mama Budz
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    when you say "improperly stored" what do you mean. what do you think are the best conditions for me to keep my weed? and how long before it strts losing potency?
  8. Higher Logic

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    Both of those questions have answers on this board already. Do a search :)
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    Storing Weed & What Is Improper Storage ?

    Let's see if I can help you on this one and that will give you an idea of the Search function...

    Pressing SEARCH up top I'll enter your question "improperly stored weed" -- let's see what I get when I scan through the thread and I'll put up here what I find quickly ...

    You do it too and see what you come up with!

    Warning though...you WILL find yourself wandering off on other Topics, Searches and looking at the pretty bud pictures as you get to know the site. But then again we stoners ...we are SOOOOO distractable ;)

    ahh...here we go:

    Well Oh MY Oh MY.... it appears that the old files that contained simply Where and How to Store your Weed to retain potency and freshness has been combined with a 54 page thread on hiding weed on your body...

    So actually, that particular SEARCH would not have been helpful at all, especially to someone new on the site...

    Glad i went along for the ride on this one, it could have been frustrating.

    ...have a cookie and I'll tell you what I meant:

    Keep your weed out of direct sunlight.

    A cool dry place where it won't get moist (which can produce mold and moldy weed can and will make you sick if smoked HINT: do a search on MOLD as a practice run and for great advice before you might need it ;)

    Depending on how much you buy and how long it lasts, the siplock baggy you got it in is usually fine.

    If you have more than say an ounce, or will have it more than a month, place it in a resealable mason jar (you can get them at the dollar store or the market called "canning jars") or clean mayo jar and store in the back of your closet. Open it about every 3 or four days so fresh air can get in and you will be sure not to loose your stash to mold.

    That's about it!


    Mama Budz

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