What Religion Are You?

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    The thinking shown below is the Gnostic Christian’s goal as taught by Jesus but know that any belief can be internalized.


    This method and mind set is how you become I am and brethren to Jesus, in the esoteric sense.


    When you can name your God, I am, and mean yourself, you will begin to know the only God you will ever find. Becoming a God is to become more fully human.

  2. Zeus1113

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    I'm an agnostic atheist. I don't therefore have a religion, really.
  3. jauburn

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    Atheist. Lover of the thought of sex and youth and the serenity of age.
  4. william7

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    I'm a Bible believer and I'm totally opposed to organized religious institutions with hierarchical command structures. We should be operating as informal house churches similar to the way the early church in the book of Acts operated.
  5. buzzmobile

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    I'm a Frisbeeterian. I believe when one dies their soul goes up on the roof.


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  6. thunderbear

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    The proper definition comes from the word "Atheism", the dictionary describes Atheism as a noun

    1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God.
    2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

    So, in short, to answer your question see number 1.
    I, on the other hand, am an Ordained Minister, as well as a Certified Angel Card Reader(r), an Usui Ryho Reiki Master Teacher, as well as a Level 2 Karuna(r)Reiki Practitioner, a Psychic Medium, Empath, an Intuitive and a Sensitive. I have read for Atheists before, they are not to be feared. Just because they have a different belief system than you or I, doesn't make them "evil" so to speak, however, the ones that I associate with, you couldn't ask for nicer people to be around, we just make it a point to not bring up religion, unless one of them wants a reading.
    As for the topic of the thread, I am going to have to say Non Denominational, as I have been involved with so many different churches and faiths, and religions, over my 54 years, that I have come to the conclusion, of why should anyone have to "choose" a religion, when, what it all boils down to, is, for all that believe, we believe in the same thing, only others have different ways of expressing their chosen religion.
  7. zappy

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    I'm an agnostic atheist. I have never been convinced by any argument for the existence of a God, so I don't believe in one. The current scientific evidence suggests that our brains are the creators of our conscious experience. Because of this, I believe that consciousness might itself be a fundamental property of matter.
  8. ßü††|맧

    ßü††|맧 New Member

    Perfectly happy sitting on the fence as an agnostic.

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  9. BLC

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    I'm "Confused" ....
    Well I was raised Christian, believed in Jesus Christ.... and now at 58 sadly I'm way more confused then when I started!

    I believed that salvation was a one time, "you believe, you're in" thing and that settled it.

    I fervently, I mean hard core studying.... some times up to twelve hours or more at a stretch. And I did this for over twenty years, I mean countless litteraly thousands of hours, I (without sounding arrogant, but to make the point) probably forgot more than the average minister, Pastor/Teacher ever learned.... and still I'm confused!

    What I have learned is what was once said by Descartes (pronounced 'day cart') “I Think Therefore I Am”

    It still boils down to "faith" any way I slice it. It is faith that "believes" that God does not exist, as much as it is faith that believes He does!

    Once the "believe" issue is out of the way, and God, or God's is what you choose to believe, it still takes faith to choose which one.

    What am I getting at? I guess it is the fact that concrete hard evidence for "God" simply does not exist. I ultimately see all evidence as a personal choice to believe. ....Or not to believe

    Green grass, blue skies....

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