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    I am 16 almost 17 and I just made a joint out of Dictionary sheet and a filter from an index card. It did not turn out very good and it was not good. I put tobacco in it too. I am not sure if I even smoked a lot of the THC because it was weird and it wouldn't work right, so I tried smoking the smoke coming off of the top, etc and it was lit in different places. I do not think I even got high. So I think I am done with using that and I could of asked for a Swisher Sweet but I didn't want to walk down to the store just to be turned down. I think I might purchase a bong or a pipe, but I am not sure. I want something not too big and not too expensive but it works good. I am not 18 so it's not like I could walk into a Head Shop and just buy something like that. Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance. e
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    The reason your joint didn't work is because it probably was more like a cylindrical paper stuffed with weed than a rolled joint. A properly rolled joint should deliver a large volume of smoke.

    I would say just buy yourself a glass spoon. Its a small glass handpipe with a bowl for weed and an end for sucking, most have a carburetor (a small hole on the side to create a vacuum inside the pipe)

    Your fairly young, someone at your school probably has one, just ask around. Some headshops don't card people either.

    You could also try an apple pipe. Not hard, just take a screwdriver and stab a hole through it, about halfway through, then do the same thing from a perpendicular angle. Like a hole through the top of the apple, then a hole through the side until you can draw air through it. Then, take a knife, and create a cone shaped wedge at the hole you want to put weed in to make a bowl.

    You could get super ghetto with it and hot knife. Hot knifing is when you heat up two knives on a stove burner, put the weed on one knife, and then put the other knife on it and squish it down. But that's as ghetto as it comes.

    Best bet is handing someone ten bucks for a used pipe. Glass is better than metal IMO.

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