What to do after germination?

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Sarunas, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Sarunas

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    Well, first off I'd like to say hi, just made an account :)
    Anyways, I recently bought some seeds and have been germinating them for the past 36 hours, only one has germinated so far, and i planted it in a 5 litre/ 1 gallon pot and put it outside in the sunlight (well not so much sunlight now; British weather :DD) So I'd like to know if what i did is correct or if i needed to do something else before planting in the big pot.
  2. claygooding

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    should be fine,,add no fertilizers or nutrients until the plant has six leaves,,a worm casting tea is excellent as a starter nutrient,,builds strong bodies 12 ways like Wonder bread.

    4 cups of wormcastings in 1 gal ,3 cups in 1 litre,in a plastic milk jug,set in sun for three days,,can be strained and used as foliage spray.
  3. timpo17

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    sounds good to me... gl op!

    (i dont really feel like starting a thread to ask my ques since its about the first stage as well)

    i have 1 seed picked out of a bag that i sowed 4-6 weeks ago..
    its in a solo cup with drainage holes i keep on my window sill (pointing south) plenty of sunlight
    i think its indoor potting soil (i see perlite), just used what was around the house
    i water once dirt is almost totally dry (every 2-3 days)
    it broke ground the 4th day
    temperature: high 85F / low 65F

    its about half an inch out of dirt....looks like 1 leaf, the tip still has the shell casing remains

    im worried since its been 4-6 weeks and there hasnt been much growth- anyone have any ideas? did i kill it? or is it just taking its sweet time?
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  4. Sarunas

    Sarunas New Member

    Thanks for the tips, and gl to you too
  5. regeniaparsons

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    The germination of your marijuana seeds usually starts with curiosity, then quickly turns into a serious hobby (garden).
  6. stoneygreenbud

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    Once the seedling has broke the surface of the soil, it should grow. if it looks green and healthy, let it be. it will grow. on the other hand, if it was only a ( top soil ) then you are going to need to get some regular potting soil, because top soil doesn't have any nute's that are available to the plant, and therefore the seedling will only have enough energy to break the soil's surface and will end up not surviving if you don't get some nutes to it. so your best bet is to let the plant tell you what it needs. ~Stoney~

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