What type of strain should i get for a beginner like me

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by lile237, May 2, 2010.

  1. lile237

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    dont care if its sativa or indica. and it's grown indoors, easy to grow, 7 months flowering, and is short-medium. and doesn't give off a skunky smell. and is exotic not like mids or reggie.

  2. Cannabis_Joe

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  3. Dark

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    7 months flowering???
    Yes, you're questions seem to belong at The Garden's Cure, but no marijuana flowers for 7 months.
  4. KMKbuzz4-2-0

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    hmmmmm....well if you train or prune your plants you don't have to be so restricted...but if you want a good indoor strain that you can grow small maybe a good autoflowering strain...Diesel Ryder? Since you don't have a strong indica/sativa preference it sounds like you just want some awsome weed so something like Chem Dog, Romulan, Super Silver Haze.

    And then of course theres the strains that everybody loves and knows like White Widow, Purple Kush, Grandaddy Purp, Northern Lights. One that I love to grow indoors is Cali Mist. Its a great sativa and a pretty easy grow.

    But you shouldn't have to worry too much about it not being anything like mids...since you're growing it you can make sure the plants have great growing conditions and then just as important as the growing is the drying and curing. Just doing that right will make your plants an enormously better than the bag of bud you got the seeds from (not trying to deter you from getting good seeds just saying pointing it out).

    But there's a few ideas to get you started but the thing is nowadays there is so much variety you really should just be searching a strain guide for the specific qualities you're looking for.
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  5. lile237

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    my bad i didnt know where to put the thread. i found 2 perfect ones though. top44 and hindu kush female seeds(got from a strain guide and grow in 6 months.) just dont know which one to chose. u are right it doesnt matter if its mids but i wanted something exotic. now all i need is a indoor grow guide because i searched on google and they were real confusing

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