What Types Of Companies Hair Test?

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by MOXJO7282, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. MOXJO7282

    MOXJO7282 New Member

    I was wondering what types of companies hair test? It occurred to me that a thread that identified the types of companies that hair test may help people. Now I'm paranoid that I'll get subjected to a hair test, but honestly have not heard of any companies in my area (Long Island NY)that do this.

    I''m in the corp world, and am going for a new job at a global fortune 500 company. I probably won't be tested if at all for 50-60 days clean, but was a heavy smoker, very active physically with running and weight training.

    Is this a growing trend or what? Or is it just companies that deal with safety issues?

    I had read one time the THC is not accurately tested. I guess that is no longer true.

  2. stressCASE123

    stressCASE123 New Member

    To answer your questions, companies vary. As for me, I applied for a casino job, got offered a position, and with no time to prepare......Got a Hair Test.
    At the time of the hair test, I didn't know what to expect. She took about a foot of my hair.

    Later on that day, I researched on what this hair test consist of, and I just about nearly had a heart attack. When researched further, All Casinos do hair testing. ( I had no clue)

    Some, I've heard from this site, that a furniture store, does hair testing.

    Who knows, But 500 fortune companies sounds like a good candidate for hair testing. I figured the more money the company has, the more chances they can afford hair testing.
  3. mammasita

    mammasita New Member

    Company I'm trying for is....

    an IT company that works in close conjunction with the Navy and Marine Corps. :)

    RSXDSM New Member

    I read an article recently that said about 10-15% of Fortune 500 companies currently hair test, and you have to figure that percentage is only going to increase in the near future. All the casinos hair test, as do many jobs that involve driving company vehicles or handling money. I've heard that even low wage retail and fast food companies like Blockbuster and Subway hair test now (!?)

    I think the key here is the Federal government. Once hair testing becomes standard or close to standard for Fed jobs, security clearances, the military, etc., (if it isn't already?) you can be sure that EVERY company that does business or wants to do business with the US gov. and the military will make hair testing their standard as well... welcome to the new world of Big Brother.
  5. br0k3n

    br0k3n New Member

    I'm a freakn truck driver for an enormus freight company and all they do is piss test. But the tech job I want does a hair test, I'm sure I'll pass since I quit smoking over 3 months ago. It just amazes me that someone in charge of 80,000 lbs rolling down the highway only gets pee tested and someone answering tech questions gets hair tested.
  6. mammasita

    mammasita New Member

    I know....go figure.....

    my current job, I am trusted with 30,000 dollars worth of company vehicle, tools, and various other crap that adds up to that - all I got pre-employment was a piss test.....I drive around all day by myself fixing things at peoples houses....for a help desk/IT job a DAMN HAIR test. It really does NOT make any sense. :mad2:
  7. stressCASE123

    stressCASE123 New Member

    Is it really that necessary????

    I was reading about this article on employers and drug testing. Basically what the "article" read was that employers need to watch out for drug abusers. Even small private companies need to watch out.

    This article kept going on and on about how businesses are losing millions of dollars because of "drug users". They were advertising to take initiative "action" to go ahead and do the hair test.

    It will seperate the "drug users" to the "non-drug users."

    I was just laughing to myself as I was reading this article.

    Peace out!!!!!!!!!! :bounce1: ::bounce::
  8. br0k3n

    br0k3n New Member

    That is funny, and I thought I read somewhere that pot smokers actually cost companies less in health insurance. I would imagine that could be true since I never went to a doctor the whole time I smoked.
  9. mammasita

    mammasita New Member

    Companies that Drug Test

    Got this link from another site.....u can also add a company, if you know they test and aren't listed.....add them

    U can search by state and/or company name

  10. MOXJO7282

    MOXJO7282 New Member

    Great Resource

    Now that is what I'm talking about. This is a great resource so people know what to expect. The only problem is for me , it shows that the potential company I'm going to work for does random testing. I'll be surprised if that is true, it is a temp service provider, so I'm hoping it means the temp workers are subject to it, but not the permanent workers. I can only hope. I'll update when the time comes.


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