What was the THC & CBD ratio of cannabis back in the 1970's?

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    Hi everyone!

    Man I got a good topic for discussion here. Hopefully some folks that were smoking back in the 70's can help answer these questions.

    I have a very close relationship with my father. He is 63 years old. Was born in 1947. He was a hippie. Smoked back then and to this day smokes occasionally on the weekends if he goes out. To this day he SWEARS the weed from back in his time was way more "fun." It was an "instant good time" he says. It produced instant laughter to the point of tears rolling down your face. It caused an extreme positive outlook on life, nothing could bring you down. "I was quick, witty and full of energy." "I remember my girlfriend and I laughing for 40 minutes straight at the wind-shield wipers that accidentally went off when while we were finishing our joint."

    He states the weed today just brings him down. Makes him sleepy, anti-social, lethargic and causes slight anxiety.

    I must admit it has the same effect on me. I started smoking back in the high school and we had an okay time I guess. Laughed a little bit but nothing to write home about. It always made me sleepy. After high school I started getting fairly strong anxiety when I smoked. It eventually caused me to stop smoking entirely because it was no fun. It made me think in a depressing way.

    I recently aquired a medical cannabis permit allowing me to try all these "great strains" that these dispensaires state they have. I have to admit, they smell good and look nice but the quality of the high is horrible. The same anxiety and lethargic symptoms creep right in. I've tried Sativa dominants, Indica dominants, and hybrids. They all produce the same effect. Many of my close friends admit the same thing. They just can't handle it anymore.

    I had almost given up hope until yesterday I stumbled upon the word "cannabidiol" or CBD for short. I had never heard of it. The more I read, the more it sounds like this might explain what's wrong with today's cannabis. Most of today's "good weed" has super high THC levels but almost no CBD. It's hard to find strains with high CBD content.

    Check out this video on YouTube about an experiment in which a woman takes a pure THC hit and then a 50/50 hit of THC & CBD. Notice the laughter and good time she has on the latter.

    My question is, does anyone know what the ratio of THC and CBD were in plants back in the 1970's? My guess is it was probably a more balanced ratio than what it is today. I don't think people realize that the quality of the high suffers when you start messing around with the chemical mackup of the plant. Leaving the lights on more than your suppose to, not allowing the plants to pollinate etc...

    You have to admit, being stoned on today's weed is not an AMAZING experience. I can't speak for everyone but when I go to Hempfest every year in Seattle where there's 1000's of people, I don't see everyone laughing their asses off, and socializing. Actually, come to think of it, I don't see any. It's more like a bunch of red-eyed zombies walking around interverted and awkward.

    Somethings not right here...
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    I actually think that those "happy" highs were from now extinct land-race strains grown in areas where it naturally flourished for thousands of years and then was exported to other countries. In the early 80s people started collecting seeds and making hybrids of sativa/indica and any plants that didn't have a powerful punch were culled. Also plants like skunk #1 came along and growers/buyers went apeshit.

    Why grow some "light & happy" thai plant that takes 3-4 months to flower, when you could grow a skunk plant that take 10 weeks,produces double the amount of bud, and gets you twice as stoned?
    That's probably the cause of a lot of good unique strains dying off or being bred heavily into commercial plants,bringing down the high.

    It was special strains grown in special places.thats my guess.

    check out my thread "top 40 strains 1977" in the strain&definition section, is that an accurate representation or bullshit?
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    Thanks for your reply, info and the link! I checked it out. A couple people posted on your Top 40 post by saying they "felt sorry for what they had to smoke." I really don't care what the plant looks like as long as the high is fun. My dad said some of the best stuff he ever had was just green leaves with tons of seeds inside the bag. He's told me they would occasionally have a seed pop in the "doobie" while they were smoking...causing parts of the joint to fall and burn their clothes. HAHA. But they didn't care because they were laughing hysterically at that point.

    In all seriousness my father is a very firm believer that a happy plant produces a happy high. He always goes on and on about how these growers should have never messed with the plants natural way of life. By leaving the grow lights on way past what nature intended. Not allowing the plants to go to seed etc. In essence today's growers are torturing the plants by messing with it's natural balance.

    Your right about time and yield quantity. It's always about quicker and easier profit. I wish todays growers would understand many others, including myself and my dad would probably pay considerably more for their cannabis if it actually produced the fun feeling again.

    My dad always talked about "Panama Red" and "Colombian Gold." These were the main strains they use to get. It was pretty much the only stuff around they could obtain at the time. But it didn't really matter what strain they ended up with...it all led to the same good high. One time he had "Thai Stick" (which I see in the Top 40 link) He said this stuff was amazing! Very psychedelic and caused many audio hallucinations. He said he could "hear" sitar music while he was stoned on it. Everyone would. It was almost like the plant brought back some of what it heard while it was growing overseas. Sounds kinda crazy to me but my dad does not lie.

    He had a very close friend named Kieth who he had known for many many years. This gentleman passed away a couple years back but before he did both my dad and I took a trip over to his house. Keith had told my dad he still had a stash of some of the "old good stuff." Dad and I were both really excited to hear that. One evening we headed over to his place. He opened his freezer in the garage and showed us the stuff. It looked different than what I was use to. No big buds or shiny crystals like today's stuff. It was just leaves...and seeds. Even the smell was unique. It smelt like pot but...in a different way. It looked promising to me. I guess he had been keeping it in the freezer to try and keep it fresh or something. Kieth had not had any of this stuff in quite some time since he had a family and just sorta grew older and out of the sport so to speak. It was just some that he put away in the garage freezer and had forgotten about. Years past I was told.

    I rolled a joint of it while him and my father bullshitted. I smoked the joint. It tasted different. Good sign :) However nothing happened. Waited 10 minutes. Nothing at all. Being left so long probably caused the magic of the plant to wear off. Nothing lasts forever I guess. It was discouraging but at the same time encouraging to have finally seen weed from how my dad described it. At least by visual appearance and smell.

    I've been doing some research on the strain "Harlequin." Seems to have some nice reviews and the majority of people state it's great for anxiety and those that are sensitive to many strains. Hmmm...I wonder why....maybe because it's a more balanced THC/CBD ratio?

    I hope I can eventually find what I'm looking for. Unfortunately this Harlequin stain is not available at any of the dispensaries here in Washington State. Might just have to grow it myself. That is, if I can obtain good seeds that are trust worthy.

    I just hope it's not too late to get some good stains back on the market. It's been years of cross breeding this way and that way. Growing plants indoors and unnaturally. Growing them through hydroponics. Stepping and stepping on them over and over. I hope we can somehow reverse the genetics of these plants to go back their natural states by doing things correctly this time. It might take many many years but it would be worth it. I'm sure it would make non-believers...believers.

    Anyways...again I appreciate your informative reply and link. I'll be forwarding it onto my dad. It will sure take him back

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    Weed affects different people in different ways.I started smoking in 1969.Most of what we got was compacted bricks of brown Mex with lots of seeds, but some Panama, Acapoco, Tia, lebanese hash.
    Then as now some people just got mellow, somefelt like they were tripping and liked it, some felt like they were tripping and hated it, some people got the giggeles, some people got paranoid, some people prefered low grade weed, some people prefered high grade weed, some people prefered not to smoke any weed, some people only wanted to have a few tokes on the weekend, some people wanted to smoke all day every day. I love weed.If I smoke too much I might get a headache.It makes me happy.It works as a pain killer. It works as a antidepressent & anti anxitey drug.(FOR ME)
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    I think your father is suffering from "The Good Old Days" syndrome. Everything's more fun when you're 19 than when you're 63. It's definitely not the weed. Today's weed is superior in every way to the bricked Mexican crap we used to get back in the late 60s and most of the 70s.

    What you and your father should realize is that people didn't get as high back in the day. The weed was low potency and by the time you'd smoke enough to get really high you'd smoked so much greenery that it put you to sleep. Those happy, energetic highs were due to youth and not too much THC/CBD. To get a similar high with today's high potency weed, just smoke a tiny bit.

    BTW, I'm 63 and was born in 1949. If your father was born in 1947, must be 64 or 65.
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    Great smoke then more like 65-66-67-68-69-onward just the adjustments us old smokers hafe to make lol

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