What was your first time smoking weed like?

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  1. Permanently High

    Permanently High New Member

    Hey guys! I'm bored, so I thought Bout starting a new thread! Please, post your experience on when you first smoked weed!
    Here's mine:
    So, I was with a bunch of mates who had been smoking weed for years so I decided to try some. Long story short I ripped 3 joints, and had a full cone from the bong. I was a fucking wreck. For the first like 10 or 15 minutes I laughed, uncontrollably. Then, the sun light started attacking my eyes, and I felt like spewing! So, I yacked twice, and rolled up into a little ball so the sunlight couldn't get to me. Then I went into a sort of trance, where I wasn't awear of anything, or anyone around me. It was fucking awesome! Eventually I snapped out of it, and got a huge case of the munches! It was probably the best day of my life. I didn't stop smiling once.
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  2. Izzyrizzy

    Izzyrizzy New Member

    Heres my first time! :)

    I had never smoked before, nor had any friends that smoked before. And I had been curious about marijuana for a while.
    So I asked one of the guys I knew that did smoke a lot and asked him for weed, but didn't know how much to buy, nor how much to smoke.
    He said twenty dollars for a gram.
    I baught the gram and was like "This isn't even a lot..."
    I at firest thought I got ripped off! Haha

    Me and a few of my friends who never touched the stuff, went to our friend who was out of town, but left her doors unlocked, and she didn't care if we went inside, her parents smoked already so we could smoke openly and have no worries.
    We bought a blunt, and one of my friends roll'ed it for me, because apperently she knew how to roll?
    But i bascially smoked the entire blunt to myself of some Sour Diseal.

    I got SO high, I didn't even realise I was high until like, 15 minutes after smoking where it was like a punch in the face all i said was, "I think im high" and then fell off the couch and started laughing. I got super paranoid cause the 2 girls i was with couldn't smoke, and they were laughing a lot, so in my mind i figured they got high off the secondhand smoke, and i FREAKED out and was like "You guys can't leave, your ganna get busted"
    at about an hour, I started getting worried about how long it was ganna last. So i did the LAMEST thing anyone could ever do...
    I called my drug dealer and asked him how long I was ganna be high for, lol.
    It was near the end of the high where i actually started to enjoy it, then it was over and i wanted to do it again haha. Been smokin ever since.

    No high has ever been the same since, I smoke a shit ton now and still can't reach that level i was at the first time. Its kinda sad, but ehh, being high is being high right? :)

    Thanks my story! :)
    Happy Smokin bro, and have a great 4/20 :)
  3. SkateboardRat666

    SkateboardRat666 New Member

    first time smoked weed was about a year ago now, I was 14 and wanted to smoke weed for a while and 2 of my close Friends always smoked weed together. So one day they invited me over to smoke weed, so there we were, me my two pot head buddies and another really close friend of mine who had never smoked before either. We got back to his and his mum rolled us 2 joints for the 4 of us we shared them around and had a can of udl each. After about 4 or 5 tokes of this joint I was instantly high as a kite, after my 3rd draw it felt like my brain was covered in oil and I couldn't hear anything so I piased myself laughing for a good 5 minutes straight and then started talking really really loud and my close friend who had never smoked before didn't get high and the other two experienced smokers were just chilling like normal stoners do and I was there wigging out and everyone was laughing at me.
    Then we went out drinking this cask of wine we bought earlier in the day and got really drunk and went stumbling around the streets and then returned home and continued to laugh an wig out, I didn't get cotton mouth or munches or anything just strobe light effect, it was a great first time and a funny memory to look back on.
  4. mary withers

    mary withers New Member

    First time I got high was a few weeks ago. Got high with my sister at a park which was next to a cemetery which was a little creepy lol my sis wanted to smoke it in the cemetery but I wasnt brave enough for that haha but I was puffing and didnt feel anything, then it hit me. Everything started looking like in slow motion, the trees, and even the sound of cars sounded like in slow motion. My sis started getting flashbacks and then I had a little bit of a panic attack, like I couldnt feel my legs, they felt numb and cold, and I thought that I wouldnt be able to walk again, but then I convinced myself to walk.
    My sister was pretty relaxed for her first time and she was trying not to laugh so much as we were walking down the street. She kept looking at me and laughing. We then went to watch the Avengers in 3D lol. Weed really affected my memory because we got to the movies and I didnt know where to buy popcorn for a minute hahah, we then got into the movies to watch Avengers and I dont know if my sis and I were talking too loud or it was just us thinking we were talking too loud, because of the weed. We then started asking ourselves if we were in the right the movie room loll but then we watched the movie and felt relaxed. we did eat alot! and I also felt real thirsty too. I also thought I was talking slow. I basically cant really remember the storyline of Avengers as we were probably really baked. Quite a funny experience :mj: :)
  5. AnotherHighGuy

    AnotherHighGuy New Member

    Congratulations. My first time was on January 15, 2010 and it was at a massage parlor, and one of the attendants smoked me out. The la-z-boy recliner was comfortable, April's vaporizer was a plug in, and after the equivalent of a small joint was smoked, I felt like little stabs over every inch of my body, out my eye lashes, toes and fingers. Plus, it felt so wonderful that I felt I was in outer space, with nothing revolving around me, and me not revolving around anything.

    May you travel a wonderful road of familiarity with partaking of cannabis.
  6. Snow Smoker

    Snow Smoker New Member

    Well, my first time wasn't too Long ago. I was at ' get together ' with my brother who is 11 years older than me. And my cuzin ( 15 years older ). There was a quite a few of hi friends there. At first I was shy, but a couple rounds a beer pong an a couple red solo cups full of beer & clam got me going. I proceeded to the campfire where we sat awhile until we could smell a bit of skunk. Somewhere around that moment my cuzin's friend pulled out a joint and lazed it up. We passed it around the campfire until we knew who was smoking it, it was only me, this 17 year old Greece chick who was smokin hot. And the guy who brought the joint along with his girlfriend. We moved away because my nephew wa present and didn't want to be a bad influence. We Tom about 5-7 toke's each before it Was all gone. I didn't really feel anything but it was overall a great time. :)
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  7. McSmoke

    McSmoke New Member

    Takes me back man woah.

    It all started when i was 15 with my best friend Woody. We were part of the 'freinds with all types' guys in school so we pretty much knew everybody; Nerds,Gamers,Populars, and obviously most importantly the Stoners.

    One day i said i wanted to try it too my friend Woody, we hadnt really discusse dit all before and to ym suprise he said he did too. I contacted this Stoner i knew called Andrew and basically he hooked us up for a £10 bag.He sort of ripped us because he took like a quater of weed for himself but he didnt really care because we had a bag of weed that was ours! xD

    I took it home and hid it under my shoe sole, the next we skipped school and went to his house because in his backgarden he had a Chimnea(Metal fire holder) so we would disguise the smoke with that and his parents were both out till 7ish.I bought the papers in a market, the guy was selling friggin bongs and shit to like 11 year olds it was insane.

    Anyway we smoked a joint each and felt like fucking god man. We basically sat down in a deck chair, with eucaplyptus logs burning with a sweet scent.Dont get be wrong it was like Kush we were smoking it was probably borderline mid grade weed but it was amazing.So we had a fire, deck chair and we had some Soungarden and Nirvana on, maybe a bit of Rap.

    Basically after 5 minutes we were hungry as shit, Woody had decided to drink a beer and threw it up because hes a lghgt weight, even now lol. We left his house and walked for an hour threw a forest which was trippy as fuck to a burger joint.

    I bought us 6 burgers,3 milksahkes and like 6 apples pies. we ate them all and Woody threw up all over this cashier so we fucking legged it. When we got back Woody realised we didnt lock the door and his mum and dad were in the kitchen crying because there Tv and computer had got stolen.

    Me and Woody were just laughing like shit,Haha it takes me back i miss those memories man. Good old days!
  8. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

    I remember it vividly. I was about, oh I dunno, about 15? Maybe 14? Maybe even older but it was some time long ago. There's this place in town called Urbis, where all the emo kids used to hang about and chill (yes, I was a raging homosexual who wore eyeliner and his sister's nail polish at one point, don't judge me too hard) and we was meeting these birds, who we were going out with at the time, but they was just coming up to see us. I had to go meet them but I'd been to a party at my mates the night before and she didn't know, so I thought I got away with it, and then she saw me and just stormed off haha so my mate was like "Wanna go meet this guy for a zoot?" and I was like well yeah cause I not got nothing better to do now. Had about 3 or 4 tokes off this large joint, that was being passed about between 4 of us on these benches outside, cause at that time it was summer and they'd set up some gay like wooden sitting area for this kiosk thing, I dunno. Anyway, went to go walk to them after we finished this joint off cause she forgave me haha like I cared at the time anyway, and like half way down when we was going towards the car park I was just like "Dude, I'm just tripping out". Like I even know what it felt like, I just went for the first thing. But looking back though, it was a fucking mint high. It was so good. And not because of the fact it was the first time I smoked weed, like weeks after it I got much more high of much less than that, like a toke or two would send me west, but it was just the nice, warm, sunny day and the fact I didn't care I got shouted at by someone even younger than me haha some bird with a metal face and legs chunkier than Twix bars. Angin, but goooooooooood weed. I actually saw the guy a few weeks after it as well and he were selling pills for like £2.50 a piece. Wonder how a business can be made with such shakey marketing.
  9. Sean M Rose

    Sean M Rose New Member

    My first time went like this.

    It was my birthday 2 years ago and my work buddy asked if I wanted to smoke so I said fuck it why not. So we are on our way to Dave and Busters and we are smokin this huge blunt. 10 mins later I come back to the world and look at my buddy and he says "This song is crazy" and I laugh and then freaking out I say "I can't feel my fingers!" and he says "Thats always a good thing". I spent the rest of the trip wondering if I was going to die or if we were going to wreck and die. So we make it over to D&B and I couldnt walk or play any games because I was so fucked up. We decided to get something to eat so I had a full appitizer, 14oz KC strip, baked potato, green beans, salad and a piece of cake lol. It was an awesome night. Thinking about quitting about a month before my birthday and try to get that high again...
  10. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

    Dude, I've not had a zoot in 4 days and I'm hoping to get that high. When you have the stomach to eat that much food, it's just mega haha
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  11. Sean M Rose

    Sean M Rose New Member

    Yeah it was nuts, I didnt realize I ate all that food until I looked at my bill at it was 90 bucks lol. It was a great night. I hope to do something like that again. We should all stop smoking for a while and do it again lol
  12. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

    Yeah well maybe I was right, cause I've now had an absolute top zoot. This mega big one, called a Rocket. 4 roached it, and I must say I am rather peckish
  13. Lich

    Lich New Member

    Hello, and well my 1st time smoking was an age ago but remember it quite fondly. Well to start my folks were both hippies and I remember them toking out of an old bong when I was 4-5 watching loony toons. I had so much fun playing in the smoke. Anyway a year or 2 lter my pop and grandad were working on the house replacing part of a rotted out wall. Now I was there fetching hammers and whatnot when my mom calls for me to come in. She is in the back room watching soap operas and she lights up a spliff puffs it and passes it to me(a 6-7 year old kid!) and instructs me to puff like Im breathing through a straw. I do so then cough alot, she tells me to hit it again and I do so coughing even more. Afterwards I was sent back outside to play, but dont remember what happened. I didn't smoke again for another 8 years, but would sit and chill with my folks whenever they blazed up.
  14. Mighty Blaze

    Mighty Blaze New Member

    My 1st time high was actually when I ate a weed brownie. I knew I was eating one FYI. My roommate finally had convinced me to try weed and so I did. I was feeling very relaxed and had a friend over for madden. I got destroyed and because the roomate who gave me the brownie was in his bedroom, he thought I was talking to myself because he was unaware my friend was over. Funny stuff. I felt very lightheaded but it was a good high. I have experienced paranoia and stuff when super high though because I don't smoke frequently enough. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack, etc.
  15. bfaulkner420

    bfaulkner420 New Member

    Let's see my first time was last year during my spring college semester downstate. I just got done drug testing for a job and the next day a couple of guys from my class drive by in a Cadillac and were like hey man you want to get high and I said sure always wanting to do it but didn't want t o get caught by my parents (thank you dorm life). When I got in the back of the car I told them I never smoked before they all were so pumped because they were getting me high for the first time. We had a joint that pretty much looked clear and i've never seen a paper like it since. After about 4 hits I could feel pretty friggen awesome even though on my first hit i thought my throat was on fire. We smoked like 3 or 4 bowls afterwards there was 4 other people with us and we were smoking some pretty good green bud. After this they dropped me back off at the dorms and for some odd reason i felt like i should run to the dorms lets just say i say i played ping pong all night feeling pretty awesome. After that I turned into a pretty hardcore stoner before i left that college I smoked an ounce of dank weed by myself in three days in the back seat of my truck laying down listening to tool and feeling pretty awesome. Been smoking pretty much everyday since.
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  16. stolenlogic

    stolenlogic New Member

    Mine was at a Metallica concert. Nothing happened. It tasted horrible and wasn't rolled well at all. It was just randomly passed to me. Haha
  17. DubAlley

    DubAlley New Member

    First time I smoked was down my street at night with a buddy who convinced me to. I had already been curious. Anyways we started smoking nd then his ride came so he left me a bowl in this Shitty foil pipe he made. I took my time smoking it then walked home when I was done. It felt like it took me an hour to walk the length of 6 houses haha. Once I got to my room I looked in the mirror and just started giggling. I had an amazing first time experience, I fell in love with the feeling and been smoking for 6 years now.
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  18. DubAlley

    DubAlley New Member

    oh it was og bubba.. one of my fave buddz to this day!
  19. BlazinJays

    BlazinJays New Member

    It can't have been any more that 2 years ago but i honestly have no idea, mayby i got so blazed i forgot .
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  20. ....I was told it was a big roll up.....

    Now look at me...

    that reminds me I must thank them :D

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