What's the diff between dank, schwag & shake

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by cronhead, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. cronhead

    cronhead New Member

    What's up??

    I've been reading through some of the threads here, and there's a lot of talk about dank, schwag & shake. Up here in Calgary, Canada, all I've seen is 'dank' and I was hoping someone could fill me in as to what the others are and the relative price of them all. I get 'dank' for about $75 for a 1/2 oz (that's a wicked deal, before i was paying about $60 for a 1/4 oz). This can be an expensive habit, but if you know the right people, it doesn't have to be!
    Thanx for reading!!

  2. platinumck86

    platinumck86 New Member


    well shake is just the little weed particles that arnt NUGS.

    DANK usually means GOOD WEED
    SCHWAG means BAD, crappy WEED

    Weed prices depend on how well your connected.

    i use to get 9gram schwag bags for like $20 but you dont really get high, just kinda buzzin.

    now we get 7grams of average stuff for $25, takes a bowl and your usually high, 2 and your REALLY SET.

    now DANK, well I havnt seen much of it, but I have heard of some purple haze(dont know the price), and I could get CRONIC for $20-25 a gram, but thats just a little more money than I have
  3. mcblaze

    mcblaze Guest

    Well for dank I would pay $50 for 5 grams
    for decent stuff I pay 30 for 5 grams
    for shwag, I pay 20

    I ususally go with the decent stuff
  4. Matthead

    Matthead New Member

    how do u know if it is shwag ordank...
  5. WhiteBoy

    WhiteBoy Sloth


    schwag is dirty weed, i never buy that, the lowest i go is midgrades that have about 10 seeds in an ounce...
  6. platinumck86

    platinumck86 New Member

    well schwag looks like brown and has little smell and no hairs and TONS of seed and usually alot of shake.

    DANK is usually light green with red hairs and smells VERY pungent usually and dank will get you high in a hit or two or three
  7. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    There are so many threads open about the diff between dank and schwag but I'll post it yet again.

    Schwag=brown, many seeds, tastes bad
    Dank=green, red or orange hairs, smells and tastes great, no seeds
    Shake=the little powdery bit of weed thats left in the bottom of the bag(note:if you have dank you will have little or no shake)

    or if you prefer, the beer analogy

    Schwag=bud light
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  8. Hydrocronics

    Hydrocronics New Member

    Dank: when looked at in sunlight, very crystally. many hairs, often orange, sometimes red or white-ish...some buds may have a blue or purple colouring to them (such as Blueberry or Purple Haze, very good strains.) Make sure you get your weed as dry as possible...this way it doesnt decrease your gram count if your wet buds/nugs dry out...the dryer it is, the bigger looking the amount you buy should be...(the dry weights less than the wet, of course) Some will have so many crystals that your hands will become covered in them or sticky after handling it. The fewer the leaves on the buds you buy, the better. They are less potent than the crystally, hairy buds. They may have crystals clinging to them though, and I wouldnt just throw them away. If it has no seeds, it is better. Seedless marijuana is referred to as sensemilla (meaning without seeds.) The seeds absorb THC, making the marijuana less potent. And no one likes having to take all the seeds out of their weed, especially if they are undeveloped. Pain in the @$$.
    Dank bud should smell very strong. The smell will vary, and could smell skunkish, (Skunk is a very well know strain, which has been cross bred with others a seemingly limitless number of times over the years) citrus-ey, some even seems to smell relatively similar to body odour. :burnup: A strong smell is usually a good sign...although sometimes it may smell weak and be very potent.
    Potency may depend on how old it is, at what stage it was harvested from the plant. The best way to tell is to try it out. If it makes you hack, gets the paper very resinous (brown) and tastes very good/strong when smoked, that is leaning more towards the weed being dank. But you probably know this...
    I'm stoned and wanting to share knowledge...and someone who reads this wondering the same thing as the original poster may NOT know this. :cool:
    Dank may also be called cronic or kindbud (KB) by some.

    Schwag/Trife/Sh*tty Bud: Many seeds, stems, few hairs, few/no crystals, weak smell, sh*tty taste when smoked.

    Shake: Leaf, bottom bag, etc. Possibly some crystals.

    Hope I didnt miss anything...I'm stoned. Please forgive me. So many typing corrections :(

    Later all...keep the peace.:wave:
  9. STL

    STL New Member

    dank is the good bud thats mostly nuggets, it messes u up in two or three hits and i ussually buy this stuff cuz i cant setlle for schwag which is basically "dirt" as i call it, it usualy has a bunch of seeds and sticks which im not down with pickin out. shake is the leftover bud you hve in the bag. its usually fine and good for rolling J's
  10. ChilleY420

    ChilleY420 New Member

    I usually put it like this,

    Alota people buying gonna be smokin, buy some schwag.

    smoking by yourself or with few people, buy some bugs.

    Now i have a question too,

    my friend gets weed he sais is really good, it gets us blasted off a few bowls, but it has some seeds, not a LOT, but maybe like 20 seeds in the whole bag (he had a quarter). is this considered bad weed. or can it still be dank and have seeds. they arent nugs and dont have alota hairs, or cryustals, and they are dark green..
  11. schwadood

    schwadood Keeper of the Time

    I've gotten dank before that real seedy. It still looked like good bud, and still was good bud, but a good portion of the weight was seed. But then again, he may have hooked the bag up phatter, I can't remember.

    So yes, good weed can have seeds.
  12. cronhead

    cronhead New Member

    but if you don't have many hairs or crystals...then it's probably not dank. you'll know if you have dank...it takes 2 hits to get you messed. if you're needing 2 bowls...then it's probably not great. but what the hell do i know...i haven't seen or tried what you're talking about...so take this for what it's worth...not really anything...but thanks for letting me talk a little...a little too high to stop typing...

  13. wakDbuds

    wakDbuds Jr. Activist

    lol in OZ its much simpler,
    we have 'pot' as its usually called,
    and it comes in various sizes depending on the price (25, 50 ) or if your buying a half ounce of more,its donr by weight.
    anyone selling ****ty weed would soon become an ex-dealer, so i guess i only get dank or midrange stuff here
  14. AmericanWoman

    AmericanWoman New Member

    If schwag is always brown, what is the light green, pretty, strong-smelling stuff I just got? Paid $45 for a half. It definitely aint dank or middies either. :confused:
  15. thegoat

    thegoat New Member

    shake can be so good its practicaly hash or just as bad as schwag. the shake off some dank nugs would be almost completely thc resin almost comparible to hashish
  16. Larmer

    Larmer Seasoned Activist

    Untill a few days ago, I had never heard the terms "Schwag" or "dank". Around here, there's "good weed" and "bad weed". Nobody ever buys the bad stuff, and it's rarely seen. In fact, only once in my life have I smoked dry brown weed with lots of seeds.

    My girlfriend's friend brought it over, and bragged about her ability to "hook us up" all night. I then produced 2 ounces of excellent locally grown hydro and explained how she got ripped off.

    I still can't even fathom how you guys could use crappy weed, it's not worth it at all....
  17. bluntaholic

    bluntaholic New Member

    the word dank can be used as an adjetive or a noun where i come from (norcal). for example:

    Dizam foo, this be some dank ass bom


    whoa bro, this be some bom ass dank

    u see the words can be interchanged, but it always describes good budz and it never lasts long...
  18. Snipe*Star

    Snipe*Star Guest

    for the record i have smokerd a lot of bum ass dank that was seedy / stemmy as hell but still red hairs, and a ****ing killer buzzzzzzzzz
  19. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    same here. Its like theres no such thing as bad weed in canada. lol. there is, but rare.
  20. Bong_hit05

    Bong_hit05 New Member

    i dont know what kind of shwag you all get, but over here in texas we got some pretty good shwag. dont get me wrong- there is crappy weed and it is abundant, but if you get the right dealers, you can get slightly crystally, fuzzy, and green bud. im paying 110 for a quarter pound, and it gets me pretty high after 2 bowls

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