What's the difference between weed. . .and hydro?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by SweetieSC, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. SweetieSC

    SweetieSC New Member

    I'm fairly new with all of this, and I was wondering, what's the difference between plain ol' weed, and hydro? Which is better? And how much is the average cost of a gram of hydro? Is it less or more than $30? Thanks.
  2. punx

    punx New Member

    prices really depends on the dealers, and location.
    weed is marijuana
    hydro is hydroponics, or in most cases, the H part of THC.

    hydroponics: Cultivation of plants in nutrient solution rather than in soil.

    hydroponics: a technique of growing plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients.
  3. manny

    manny New Member

    Here is some good information on growing hydro. Notice that hydro doesn't necessarily mean that the weed is better, but it usually is, since it costs more to grow it that way, and it would be stupid to spend that money to grow crappy weed.

    I've never heard of any weed, anywhere in real life, that cost $30 a gram. Maybe $20 if it's REALLY good, or it's hash... but only then. (average would be 10-15, depending on how much your dealer likes you, and of course, your location)
  4. mike10541

    mike10541 New Member

    I'm not sure that it costs more. I have a friend who grows and sells and he said once he got the technique down with growing it hydroponically, he was able to just produce a lot more and bang them out and make more money.
  5. manny

    manny New Member

    True, but I bet it still cost him more than going out into the woods and dropping seeds in 1/4-inch-deep holes.
  6. Ernesto

    Ernesto Banned

    hydro just means hydroponic, or grown in water base, not soil

    sometimes it is more expensive, but it is better weed too.
  7. SweetieSC

    SweetieSC New Member

    Someone wants to charge me $30 for a gram of hydro! Now I don't know, but I feel that's a little steep. . .
  8. RIP JMorrison

    RIP JMorrison New Member

    No more than $20 a gram, then the high just isn't worth the money.
  9. Ernesto

    Ernesto Banned

    god, this just makes me wanna get right back to my beloved a-dam...5€ a gram.
  10. Arise -SWS-

    Arise -SWS- New Member

    Hydro is a method of growing weed in water with nutrients dissolved in them. In other words, hydro (hydropondics) is a method of growing weed and has little bearing on the quality of the weed you're buying. While hydro-weed can be stronger, most of the time it's not so don't be fooled by a dealer who wants to inflate prices just because it's 'dro. Look for the 3 indicators of good weed:

    Smell: 90% of the time you can smell good bud very strongly right through the bag. You're looking for a minty/piney/spiced scent.

    Look: You want nuggets with very few stems and no seeds. Also make sure they're green with tiny crystals/red hairs.

    Feel: The nugs should be firm and slightly sticky to the touch.

    If you don't get all three of these, DO NOT PAY ABOVE $20 for one gram.
  11. Growguy

    Growguy New Member

    20$ for a gram? im sure this has been said a million times before but to anyone with decent hookups you shoudnt pay more than 10 a gram. if you're even paying 15 you know someone is pocketing 5 bucks off you on every deal.
  12. bigpeanuts

    bigpeanuts New Member

    Please don't make wide sweeping generalizations. Move here and try to buy a gram for $10. :rolleyes:
  13. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    This is one of my pet peeves, when people think there is a "difference" in things like schwag, mids, and quality bud. Bud is bud, the only thing "different" about them is their genetic qualities, how/where they were grown, and how they were packaged and processed (which is the most important part).

    There's no "strain" of schwag. Schwag simply refers to the process in which it is transported. Schwag is no different from stuff you find in Jamaica, Canada, or the UK, the difference is the bud sits around for a while (which turns the THC into more CBD/CBN, which is why a "schwag" high makes your "munchies" more intense and you are more prone to goto sleep) and is compressed. All of these factors increase/lower the potency.

    Then you have to consider what part of the plant they pulled the bud from, if they took it from the bottom parts, the middle parts, or the tops.

    The difference between some hydro and say something grown outdoors or natural/organic is what the process was to grow it. Hydro is done with chemicals and there is no need for a soil composition like you would if you planted it in the Earth or in a garden. Of course, what they put in the mix (chemical, whether organic or not) makes a difference in the bud. Since there is more of a "process" to this (rather than cutting down fields and compressing it into a brick) it costs more.

    Mexican schwag used to be good when it was growing out in a field and not smashed and handled like it is when you get it. Same goes for a lot of countries, whose bud is really bushy and leafy (kind of looks like schwag) but when you smoke it you'll notice it gets you pretty high.

    So schwag, mids, KB, pretendica, chronic, hydro, whatever you want to call it is all marijuana, bud, reefer. The only difference is how it was processed and handled before it gets to you.
  14. Big_L

    Big_L New Member

    sorry dude but schwag dosnt refer to how it was handled or transported it refers to the quality of the bud.
    schwag - bud with stems and/or seeds. usually very compacted and not in nug shape since its been bricked but not always. Schwag just refers to bad pot, be it with seeds n **** or shake or very few crystals, you get the picture. it gets you MUCH less high then kryp, the high lasts much less plus you're more likely to get a headache and feel burntout. most schwag is brinked and imported but a local grower who puts no effort into growing can easily come up with schwag.
    mids -between kryp and schwag
    dank pot aka diesel aka kryp aka "indoor" (dealers usually jsut call really got pot indoor though you can have some amazing outdoor pot if its grown right) aka the list goes on and on - nugs (flowering tops) with many visible crystals, some hairs (dosnt need alot although the more the better usually).
    hydro just refers to the way it was grown which means hydroponics but this dosnt effect quality so much as yield. However, two things first it is true a hydro grower will probably put more time/care into his plants since he investd in it and secondly, because of this many times kryp is refered to as hydro so you gotta be careful it can just mean good pot (the dealer probly dosnt know how it was grown 4/5 times i bet) or hydroponic buddha. either way, 30 a gram is WAY too much. that is a huge insult to offer you such a price and you should tell that person to **** off. 20 is truly the maximum you should pay for one gram and let me say that's pushing it.
  15. Smoke Rings

    Smoke Rings New Member

    damn? who pays 20 bucks for a gram?
  16. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Apparently you have never been outside of the country and SEEN "schwag" growing. Mexican bud, the same stuff we call schwag, is bricked up and left to sit for like 3 months before it reaches anyone. This translates to loss in potency. You can't GROW a marijuana plant and have no crystals on it, it's going to grow fluffy and nice. As soon as you rip it off and start packaging it and so on it really makes a difference. Have you ever seen a compressing machine? Have you even seen "schwag" growing anywere? Granted it does have seeds, but that doesn't mean it won't get you high or it was NEVER good bud. It's no different than taking some BC and putting it in a barrell for 3 months and then compressing it. It's going to get dry, crumbly, lose flavor and smell, and overall just suck. I'm sorry you get a headache from smoking "schwag," but that's not a result of the marijuana, it's a result of how the bud was handled and packaged to you, or lack thereof.

    Schwag doesn't mean seeds and shake and "very few crystals." I have a pound of "schwag" in front of me right now and it's sparkling away. I can see tons of red hairs as well. Maybe you should check out my image gallery, better yet, here's a pic right now:


    That's "schwag" right there, at least it's the BEFORE picture of schwag before it's put in a compression machine and sent out to you. It looks like good bud, right? Damn straight. But as soon as you let it sit and compress it down it becomes "schwag," because it's lost all of its qualities. Shake isn't schwag, it's shake. No crystals on bud isn't schwag, it just means it's LOST all the crystals because it's been mangled all over the place.

    There's no strain of schwag, there's no strain of mids, and there's no strain of quality bud. Strains are strains, but as soon as you don't care for the packaging and processing of the bud it then can be coined as schwag or mids. Take some care in the plant and you've got some quality bud.
  17. Big_L

    Big_L New Member

    you're missing the point completely. "schwag" is a term used to refer to BAD weed in general be it Mishandled, poorly grown, poor genetics or WHATEVER. Im sorry but that picture you posted is not schwag thats straight up good bud and Im sure everyone else will agree with me. btw, you can grow crappy weed believe it or not it is possible, its not always gonna be "fluffy and nice". my friend planted some seeds of his for ****s and giggles and a few of them grew. he put no time into them, used some light bulbs for lights and hid under his bed. anyway, he had a few plants and they grew to be ok with some crystals/hairs but by the time it was cured and ready for smoke it didnt look anywhere near as good.everyone around here refered to it as schwag since it was crappy. i stand by my definition SCHWAG = LOW QUALITY BUD
  18. DaDornta

    DaDornta MJ.com MASTA SELECTA

    I've never seen "shwag" before...or maybe I just dont get it...ok, does shwag mean like weed that isnt the chronic but just sort of average? I get that often...?
  19. imported_Ilúvatar

    imported_Ilúvatar Where is my mind...

    shwag is a term, it can mean different things to different people. to me and most people i know, shwag is just a term for pot that is not kb or dank. its not bad, its just not the best pot you can buy. you get high off of five or six hits, and it taste good. there is weed lower than thins and that's just called **** weed. i grow tired of having all these labels for weed; so I just call it by kb, shwag, or **** weed. I've never smoked **** weed but I've smoked a lot of the rest D

    other than that, compressing the weed has NOTHING to do with potency. the only reason its compressed is so that you can fit a lot of weed into a small space. the best weed I've ever smoked was compressed. it didn't have any crystals on it, but it was the stickiest thing in the world. i could take one bong hit and be high for a good two hours. just because its compressed doesn't mean its bad weed.

    also, in Canada it may seem ignorant to buy a gram of kb for twenty dollars, but that's the going price in the states. of course you could know someone that can hook you up for cheaper, but its mostly sold for twenty a gram
  20. ::blazed jae::

    ::blazed jae:: Sr. Member

    Yeah ok, if there was an opening for marijuana analyst/researcher Red would DEFINITELY get the job before Big_L... wow...

    Red is entirely correct... He's not saying you can't classify buds by their potency, he's just saying that the overall growing process and care is much more important than "what kind of weed" it is.

    Basically, "schwag" is the result of lazy growers and apathetic dealers. I've bought 3.5 gram bags for $20, both with seeds but one bag was dark green and had no smell while the other one was pungent and almost looked like KB with seeds.

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