Whats the IDEAL temp for activatin THC

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  1. Vegeta421

    Vegeta421 New Member

    aite so im gonna be baking some muffins tomrow, actually only 1 muffin to try. its gonna have probly about a gram and half (the recipe calls for 'small joint's' worth of weed. anyway i know 180 degrees or somethign was the temp weed needed to be heated to be activated but i think its boiling point is 392 or something like that.
    anyway the muffin recipe says preheat oven to 375, is this too hot and will it degrade the potency? whats the ideal temp to cook at to activate the thc for MAXIMUM potency?
  2. Graphxguru

    Graphxguru New Member

    cooking with pot

    THC is not water soluble so it's best to mix your pot in a batter that contains oils... like butter or margarine in the batter. Keep the oven at 350 degrees or less. Don't use the microwave, it will destroy the THC molecules. Don't use your good smoking pot to bake with. I have ground up shade leaves and baked cookies that were damn near hallucinagenic! Be careful with the amount you ingest. It might take an hour for it to hit you, but the high is quite intense and lasts for hours. :cool:
  3. Grapefruity

    Grapefruity New Member

    it isnt proved (i think)that thc needs to be heated to be activated so maybe you shouldnt worry...ive eaten raw weed and got pretty high of it, but maybe it wouldnt have been more potent if heated
  4. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    God help me

    This has already been talked about so much.


    In fact, that entire thing is a myth. Heat BREAKS DOWN chemicals, why would you want to do that to THC? That doesn't make any sense.

    If you don't believe me go eat 7 grams of raw weed and see how messed you get.
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  5. Vegeta421

    Vegeta421 New Member

    hmm im not so sure about that. i think u can get hi off of raw weed but heat does activate more chemicals that get u hi. i mean think about hash which is pressed from kif, its heated to active more canabinoids (sp?) which arent active when its its in unpressed/unheated form.
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  6. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    Please, I beg of you, search these boards for activation and you will find ample evidence as to why marijuana does not have to be activated.
    If that is not proof enough, think about general chemistry, and heat. Heat breaks down chemicals, it doesn't change them. If THC/CBD/CBN already exist in marijuana (which they do, check out the resin secreted during maturation of buds in the flower stage) then why would you need to "activate" it?

    I'm not sure about the method in making hash, but if it's made from kiff it would already be very potent. Kiff is (by definition) the THC crystals (again, it's ALREADY THC, why are you trying to change it with heat?), so if you press these then by weight you're going to have a lot more THC/gram than marijuana, which has a lot of other things (chlorophyl, general plant matter, etc..).

    As for heat magically "activating" more chemicals, i'd like to hear how this even started. Since CBD/CBN/THC all exist in marijuana's raw form, and all have been proven (in their raw form) to interact with CB-1, and CB-2 recepters along with generic anandamide receptors, why do we have to change the chemical?
  7. Vegeta421

    Vegeta421 New Member

    dam i think you're right. haha sorry bout that post earlier but after readin your post it makes sense
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  8. ikari

    ikari Seasoned Activist

    No problem :D , glad to have been able to help
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  9. Arsenal

    Arsenal Resident Chef

    Re: God help me

    Ditto. Thanks ikari. I (and many others) have been getting a little tired of saying this. :)

    However, heat applied to Marijuana in butter will aid the chemical bonding process allowing THC to seep into the fats and so on. It makes the reaction more spontaneous, hence you leave it to soak in butter/fats for less time. This does not mean that if you heat up your MJ a little it will be more potent. It only refers to the transfer of THC to butter. That topic has been covered many many times as well.

    As far as baking goes, just follow the directions. Sure, the extra heat may make you lose some potency, but you don't want soggy inedible brownies either :puker:
  10. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    Heh, here I go beating a dead horse. :)

    I'll agree that you don't have to heat cannabis to use it.

    But you could get more bang for your buck if you do. Why?


    I'm looking up what an alkaline condition is.

    Yeah, I can't find a good explanation of what it is, and how it relates to weed.

    Some interesting information about THC acids.

    While they are non-psychoactive, they may have medical uses as seen here.

    Some information about the temperature that THCA turns into THC.

    Activation of THC acids in cannabis (decarboxylation); this occurs at around 103 degrees Celcius with vapourization at around 180-200 degrees. Smoking performs this process but is reported to destroy between 40 and 98% of the THC (Korte, Miras etc.*).

    * from The Botany and Chemistry of Cannabis, Joyce and Curry (1970)
  11. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    Look what I found. It's Ed Rosenthal answering someone's question about heating cannabis.
  12. Arsenal

    Arsenal Resident Chef

    Very interesting. I imagine "Alkaline Conditions" refers to THC being placed in a basic solution, hence the carboxyl group is removed and the acids neutralized. I don't know the exact chemistry, but I may look into it sometime soonish.. This does not mean placing some weed in a bunch of milk will make it more potent though. Milk is not a strong base at all. Perhaps milk of magnesia.. but uh.. heh. :D

    Edit: Of course I know the chemistry for this! Gah, mega-brainfart. It goes something like this:

    R-COOH + OH- -> R + CO2 + H2O, R being the alkyl group containing THC.

    Makes perfect sense now. Not sure what bases are strong enough to do this (in respectable quantity and that are readily available..) We now return you to your regularily scheduled post:

    It also mentions, however, that decarboxylzation occurs at room temperature, just very slowly. Ideal temperature being 106C, 220F.

    Hmm.. :idea: well, folks, if any of you have heard of a 'bain-marie' you can probably see my excitement here. A bain-marie is basically a pot sitting on top of another pot where water is boiling. This raises the temperature of the second pot to *exactly* 100C. Not quite 106C, but definitely high enough to make decarboxylation quite speedy.

    So what do we have? A potentially 100% sure-fire, guaranteed way to make bud butter with *maximum* potency. Or even just a way to heat up your bud before you eat it 'raw' to get the best effects! Very interesting indeed. :D

    I will be performing an experiment of this nature this weekend now. CheebaMonkey, I gotta say, it's nice to be wrong every now and then..
  13. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    Thread Moved

    To the Chemical and Physiological forum.

    (Excellent thread, fellers. :) )
  14. Vegeta421

    Vegeta421 New Member

    yo panama not my fault this time :) when i posted it was rightfully under the recipe forum
  15. CheebaMonkey

    CheebaMonkey Sr. Member

    There's no need to worry Vegeta421, it's not like you're in trouble or anything. :)

    Oh what's this? You're back again? Yes, I know I posted that thread in the wrong forum. Take a seat in this chair? Okay. What's with the metal restraints? What are you doing? No, stop that! AHHHHHH!! Make the hurting stop!!!!!!! Make it stop!!!!!!
  16. Vegeta421

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    hahah thats funny cheebamonkey but i was in trouble last time i got a pm from panama sayin if i keep postin in teh wrong forum he'd delete my acount, lol
  17. Vegeta421

    Vegeta421 New Member

    so theoretically the best way to increase weeds potency if you have fresh weed is to store it in a hot dark place right?
    and if you want to preserve potency for awhile in a cool dark place?
    is this true ?
    because i have always stored my bud in a box in the fridge cuz i thought it was preservin cuz whenver i left it in my kifbox in my room it got crispy dry cuz my room is too hot (probly like 75-80 degrees) but i gues its better in the room in order to release more of the psycoactive componenets of the thc?
  18. Glen Gershaw

    Glen Gershaw New Member

    "Dried, manicured buds should be stored in an air-tight glass container in the dark, ideally in a refrigerator." -Jorge Cervantes (Author of Indoor Marijuana Horticulture). Under these conditions, marijuana should retain the majority of its potency for up to two years.

    Pot doesn't need to be "heated" before you smoke it, as LIGHTING IT ON FIRE should heat it enough, ha, ha. When you're cooking it, you don't need to heat it to "activate" the THC, but you do need to heat it so the butter absorbs the THC so it can be used in cooking.

    Someone correct me on this if I'm wrong, as I've never cooked anything with it but I've always thought fresher buds should be used in cooking, while properly dried buds are ideal for being ground up and smoked.

    As THC oxidizes (degrades), it turns into Cannabinol (CBN). Too much light, heat, or fondling can speed up the oxidization process. Marijuana with elevated CBN levels produces a disoriented, sleepy, groggy high.

    If that's what you're going for, then fondle it up a notch and break it up with your hands instead of a grinder (the best invention since the bong). I keep my marijuana in a glass jar, hidden in a cool place. I keep the fondling to a minimum; I usually want to get off with an energetic high. If I wanted to get sleepy, I'd drink a beer or two or three.
  19. Vegeta421

    Vegeta421 New Member

    haha your right, what was i thinkin, if im smokin the weed its heated anyway lol i was probly baked when i posted that
  20. beats

    beats New Member

    Ikari, It doesn't need to be activated literally, but it does need to bond with a fat substance in order to be absorbed correctly into the system. It will still work raw, but it will take more hard-earned herb in order to get the same high.

    Also the "activation temperature" (Should be bonding temp.) is about 180, it incinerates at around 200-210 Im guessing. To be safe don't go above 190-195.

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