Whats your favorite thing to watch while high?

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by Calypso, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Calypso

    Calypso New Member

    Wuts your favorite move/TV show to watch while blazed?My favorite movie to watch is the Crow and my favorite TV show is MXC. :chokin:
  2. DDButter

    DDButter New Member

    Family Guy!

    Probably in the wrong forum btw
  3. Up In Smoke

    Up In Smoke Guest

    I totally agree with you that MXC is the best/funniest show to watch. Family Guy is hilarious, but then havent been producing them in a while, so ive pretty seen every episode. Sometimes i'll watch the most random channel and just watch it, somtimes it gets really interesting, sometimes; not soo much. I'll watch anything that looks interesting. Good Channel for that is Discovery Channels, they have a lot, and TLC. (samething)
  4. Redline

    Redline New Member

    OMG!!!! i bought both DVD sets just so i could watch them high.
  5. Skyline

    Skyline New Member

    I have the 4 DVD box set for Family Guy. I can laugh my ass off for hours to that stuff.
  6. LawnBoy

    LawnBoy New Member

    Late Night with Leno then Conan.
    Or a live music dvd such as ,

    Grateful Dead: View from the vault I,II,III
    Grateful Dead: The closing of Winterland
    Grateful Dead: New Years Eve
    Allman Brothers: Live at Beacon Theatre (2003)
    Allman Brothers: Live at Great Woods
    Phish: Bittersweet Motel

    and so many others but especially those
  7. dopenose

    dopenose New Member

    Most of the things that LawnBoy said, I'm also a fan of watching south park.
  8. ManMulcahey

    ManMulcahey Wilson, King of Prussia


    Phish - Bittersweet Motel. (God that movie is so good, i tear up at one point)
    Phish - Live in vegas.
    Deazed And Confused.

    For tv
    Family Guy
  9. TimeGuardian

    TimeGuardian New Member

    Haha, the family guys awsome man. I love that show.. the baby is the best. :laugh:

    I saw the simpsons medical marijuana episode today guys and it was funny as heII. Homer gets a promotion lol, and homer and otto in the attic! "and otto spelled back wards is otto".."now im scared" lol

  10. SmokerForPeace

    SmokerForPeace Jr. Activist

    What is MXC?
  11. DaDornta

    DaDornta MJ.com MASTA SELECTA

    Well I LOVE watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. I think Big-O, Family Guy, Futuramma, Space Ghost, Brak Show, and Cowboy BeBop are awesome. They were showing a 6-episode mini-series called "FLCL" which ROCKED. I had to download all 6 episodes. It's so crazy that your like "huh?!" the whole time even when your not high...but it all makes sence eventually.
  12. sHo'nUFF

    sHo'nUFF New Member

    The X-Files is the trippiest thing to watch.
  13. Calypso

    Calypso New Member

    MXC is Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

    Btw I was watching Family Guy when i started this thread :cool:
  14. GrassyAss

    GrassyAss New Member

    I like to watch COPS when high. Also Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Adult Swim is hillarious too. I usually watch whatever I can find that's good and watch it.
  15. chunti boy

    chunti boy New Member

    Most extreme elimination challenge=a whole bunch of retarded asian ppl doing some lame ass games while their voices are dubbed over.FUNNY AS HELL
    MXC and Family guy-made by stoners for stoners
  16. strict9

    strict9 New Member

    That 70's Show & King of the Hill .. best shows on TV :)
  17. GreensTHC

    GreensTHC New Member


    i just watch movies or howard stern some mtv bet comedy central some 2pac
  18. Experience Haze

    Experience Haze New Member

    I DO NOT CONCUR! the evil monkey is the best, like my avatar?
  19. Mookie_Hustle

    Mookie_Hustle New Member

    Chappelle's Show is hand down the funniest show i have ever seen!!
  20. FitShaced

    FitShaced New Member

    yea adult swim kicks ass.sux they dont show Lupin the 3rd anymore that show was great.gotta love the history,discovery,science channels too.

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