What's Your Pipe's Name?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by KewlBum, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. KewlBum

    KewlBum Member

    Hey, i was just wondering if you guys had a name for your pipe. Mine is called Jack Sparrow because the first time I used my pipe was when I was watchin Pirates of the Caribbean. What are your pipe's names?
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  2. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    I'm named mine Celtic because it was made in Ireland.
  3. rhyax

    rhyax New Member

    I've got a spoon named Vera, after a gun in Firefly and a Pink Floyd song

    My bubbler's named The Goblet because of how you hold it

    My newly aquired acrylic bong is called Sadi Plastik, named after her initiation smoke (which was off topic)

    I know there's already some threads about names...but maybe I'll post some pictures later if I can get my camera to work :cool:
  4. SecretNinja

    SecretNinja New Member

    I got a bubbler called Captain Cannabis
  5. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    my spoon is named Eve, since she was first used on New Year's Eve, and my bong has the waaaaaaay overused nick "bubbles"
  6. TheGnome

    TheGnome New Member

    My little spoon is named Guyute after the Phish song, i just loved the song, and i love the pipe!
  7. Colt45420

    Colt45420 New Member

    Mine's name is Neptune's Crown. I was with a buncha friends when we came up with it. I honestly don't remember how we came up with Neptune's Crown... AT ALL... But I still love the name. It describes it, too.
  8. Dank Nugz

    Dank Nugz New Member

    My bowl is named spyro after the big spiral it has on the bowlhead. :cool:
  9. imported_Pot_Head

    imported_Pot_Head New Member

    my bong is called compton ass B i don't no how we thought of it but thats its name
  10. dankitydankdank

    dankitydankdank New Member

    I have a small spoon named Felix. :grin:
  11. barker4000

    barker4000 New Member

    Yolanda Spoon. We were all smokin in this chicks yard and i go we need to name her. This one kid yells Yolanda and the other yells Spoon. Yolanda Spoon. She broke though, some drunk kid dropped her. :mad: RIP YOLANDA
  12. djordje

    djordje Banned


    ...considering all my gear is in WA state with my bro, can't fly with 'em;

    1ft Bong "Green X" (Green Pyrex, with an elec. tap 'X' on the top...to high watching 'X-Files')

    Spoon A "Bliss" (Custom Blown Spoon, paired with bubbler, named after one of my good friends (her last name is Bliss) "it's like kissing I...")

    Pipe A "Gun" (Made in HS Shop class out of gun parts...)

    Spoon B "Luci" (Reminds us of a female devil...don't ask...)

    Pipe B "Spike!" (Metal pipe that we made at a punk show by breaking things for parts...)

    3ft Bong "Tarzan"

    6ft Bong "Greenzillia"

    Bubbler A "Dookie" (Custom Blown, paired with Spoon A, personal fav...)
  13. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    I have a lot of pipes and I don't want to name them all because I already have on a few threads, but my favorite pipe names are:

    1. Everest- not only the biggest, but gets you the highest, and it can be extremely cold and icy if you throw it in the freezer. Also when you blow into the female cold mist comes out the top.

    2. Sirius- named after Sirius Black of Harry Potter- I thought his name would be an awesome pipe name. This double bubbler was named before it left the store.

    Lost- because I can get lost looking at it and because you get so stoned because of the carb and the HUGE bowl.

    4. Wicked- currently being fixed but it's the oldest and one of the coolest named bongs.

    *pictures coming soon*
  14. rhyax

    rhyax New Member

    Those are some sweet pipes collector...I especially like the bubbler--how much'd you fork over for that thing?
  15. f*ck_y0u

    f*ck_y0u New Member

    my pipe is named Wally, I dont remember why we named him wally, and there might not be a reason behind it ... it just sounded nice at the time. and I named my friends new bong last night!! Its name is beaker, because it looks like one of those science beakers.
  16. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    Thanks man, I paid $265 for it. It's a very special one though- very thick and well built.
  17. Fatpot

    Fatpot New Member

    mines called the general, everytime i load a bowl, im "awarding the general a medal"........heh
  18. JungleNHere

    JungleNHere New Member

    man we are not creative at all, everytime i try to think of a creative name it just sounds stupid after awhile. so we basically name ours after what they look like, or when we got it.

    here we go:
    1. nathan's old pipe- a small, nice, double-blown glass piece. it's color changing with a glass bubble on one side that's nice for easy holding.
    2. rachel's old pipe- this one was my very first one to buy, and luckily it's still with me. this pipe is so special to me because it holds so much very sentimental value. it's basically a spoon pipe with a carb. it's red with inlays around the bowl
    3. rachel's new pipe- i bought this one on my honeymoon. it's very small and compact, which i love b/c it's easy to take places and conserves weed very well. it's blue.
    4. the mushroom pipe- well you've probably already guessed but this pipe is shaped like a mushroom...go figure right? it's pretty nice, but it's single blown and doesn't hit very well, so we use it simply for special occassions and decoration
    5. the insect pipe- this pipe is beautiful because it actually looks like an insect. legs, eyes, mouth and all. this one is too delicate to use often though because the legs are so thin and fragile
    6. the sherlock- the one is a very simple sherlock, but it's great for parties because the bowl is so deep
    7. the bong- our one bong. it's nice, double-blown, color changing with inlays of a dragon and snake on the front and back side

    see...i told you our names were boring...once i get my digital camera fixed i'll post pics
  19. KewlBum

    KewlBum Member

    lmao. those names are the most none creative at all. the names are hilarious
  20. JungleNHere

    JungleNHere New Member

    yep i'm not gonna deny it...

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