When to put tiny young plant under lights

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Fridayluck, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Fridayluck

    Fridayluck New Member

    So... my seeds have germinated and are now tiny little plants (2/3" tall) in peat pucks.
    I've just been leaving them on the kitchen window and letting them natural light. When should I place these babies in the growroom and give them the the artificial light?
    Some people are suggesting straight away and others are saying the little plants may get burnt??!
    The grow lights are CFL 200W indoors.
  2. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    The plants will only get burnt if the light is too close to them.. So right away if thats what you plan is..
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  3. Fridayluck

    Fridayluck New Member

    so I guess i'll stick them in but keep the bulb well away from them for a few days until they're sprouting 4/5 leaves, then bring it down to about 2/3" from the plant??!
  4. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    If you hold the backside of your hand right above the plant and the light doesn't burn you, then thats at least how far the light needs to be away from the plant not to burn it...
  5. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    At this site sometimes it is a race to see who can answer first. Its all good, everyone grows a little different, we all seem to stay high.

    I put lights the length of the plant away, 3" plant light is 3" away, 6" and 6" etc etc.
    Science stuff on penetration, but there is the drawback with the three foot plant needing the light three feet away, that takes a bit over 2000 watts to get enough light on top.

    After all the science is done and the lights are adjusted I put my hand over the plant just like Bud Is good says and check the heat.
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  6. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    Pheaton I would get my lights as close as possible..You loose lumens the farther the light is away, that means less light penatration..
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  7. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    The further away the light the less lumens on the plant. Words to be put in caps, carved in stone, and mounted.

    When I went from 1 HID at 16" to 36" I used the hand over the plant to set the new light levels. Started with 3 lights as it was 3 times the distance. Hand was cool.
    Went to 5 lights, same same, not a warm hand. I got to seven lights and I could start feeling a little warmth again. But any additional lights would not overlap enough to increase the amount on the plant.
    I overlapped the reflectors, put the lights every 20" and when I got to 10 lights the intensity was satifactory.

    Final answer, a single light at 12" puts as much light on top of the plant as 10 lights all shining together from 36".
    Bud Is good speaks true, close puts more photons to the top of the plant, period.

    Now for my little story about the grower in the next valley over.
    Pityfull, 4 budrooms with woefully inadequate 250w HPS lights, vegging in the hallways. Spindly plants with close to a foot between nodes, just not enough light.
    I'm vaping one of the 4 strains available, getting loquacious about my test room and how 400w isn't even enough to run a test and how HPS is poison, and without sidelights the plants should be killed out of mercy. ON and on.
    The grower goes from smiling to laughing, never mind I'm totally ripped on the papaya he grew, I helped set up his grow area. It fits how he lives.

    Lots of variety, low maintenance, not a lot of physical adroitness required (somewhat spastic he is). Yield is more than enough for his needs, he's social and keeps visitors well laid back.

    I cannot grow a plant with less than about a thousand watts, that's the minimum in the test room. I'm definitely not saying this is good for anyone else, but it is the best for how I live.

    I understand light, but use it perhaps differently. No crusade for my way, I'm in the process of helping set up another grow inbetween mine and Mr. Spindly. Room & power more the determining factors.

    The pic shows lights on the side, lights on the bottom, and there are lots and lots of lights on top. More of a fun hobby with lights than anything else.

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  8. Bud Is good

    Bud Is good Resident non smoker

    What did you do lst, top that plant...It's full of tops..
  9. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    That particular tray has 11 indica's in it. It is the first indica tray I tried. A 450 nm blue sativa veg light was used, indica does not like it at all, all the leave went singleton and smooth, no serrations, and all sprouting from the first inch of the plant. Different lights for vegging indica now.

    But those tops, way too many it turns out, I shoulda pruned. Trimming is getting frustrating, too crowded and the buds are soft, sticks to the fingers even when wet. Live and learn.
    The current tray has 8 plants and the nodes are spaced evenly. Fewer buds but am expecting half again the size.

    New tray on the left, tray getting trimmed on the right. Spent three hours getting the big leaves off to where it is now, a nightmare of green.

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  10. Fridayluck

    Fridayluck New Member

    well there in the growroom now and around 2-4" away from the light...
    I put in some pots with just germinated seeds also... no sproutin from them yet! :rolleyes:
  11. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was getting a little sidetracked there, I smoke a bowl the mind wanders and I type whatever comes in my head.

    Tiny plants need less light while they are delicate. 2-4 inches should be good. The last time I used an HID on babies I had to keep it 4 feet away, all that wasted light hurt me inside so I use fluorescents now and a lot closer than 4 feet. A little further than yours, but we have different conditions all around.
    There are all sorts of shades of green the leaves can take on, but if the edges curl or start looking dry it is a sign from above, light needs to be further above.
    When the second set of paired branches come in the light needs will change again, depending of the intentions for the plant. Lots of stickies on what to do at that time. More than just light involved, choices will have to be made, better sooner than later.

    And since this thead has gotten off subject already, here is from the opposite side of the grow, harvest. I posted the picture of the nightmare of green I was harvesting. This morning the sativa I thought I had a week left, it communicated it was ready this morning. Half of it resting on the table, half still pointing up.

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  12. SoulFood

    SoulFood New Member

    If you’re using cool florescent then keep them 1-3 inches away as the guys mentioned earlier, that’s what I do. After 2 weeks they look massive and I already have 3 sets. Marvelous work pHAETON! My hat goes off 2 you. Hey lsn, how long did it take you to get to where you are right now?(as in how old r those hot mommaz?) I might order seeds ASAP after viewing them smexy pics u have posted. Indica all day, everyday !! Simply, mind blowing. I'm jus speechless and damn I just can’t halt myself from checkin out ur gorgeous ladiez.

    All da luck man
  13. Giggidy

    Giggidy New Member


    In your last post is that just one plant in the first picture? That is some beautiful looking buds, although I may not be the best judge. What strain is it, and how much can you harvest normally per plant if growing with fluorescent lights.

    Thanks for your posts too, they have made the most sense to me so far.
  14. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    Yes indeed, one plant, two pictures. After the stem snapped and half fell over, it would not all fit in the camera frame anymore.

    Thanks for the interest Giggidy, the plant is pure sativa or else darn close. The top cola came in at 23 grams, probably about half a pound for the plant, I don't weigh the oil buds, roughly the lower third of the plant, but 6 ounces trimmed from the top 2/3. I went through 200 bagseeds to get this plant, no name but definitely no indica characteristics.

    The lights? you shouldn't get me started. Now I get to quit making sense.

    Overhead lights are spaced in a 22" hex grid, all their light overlaps at plant level. I will give the makeup of the lights, the placement is beyond my wordage. All overheads are 400w discharge.
    4 x 4000k CMH
    3 x 2300k HPS
    2 x 4000k MH
    1 x 450nm coral

    Sidelights on the sativa end are 4 x 128w T8 with 5000k Litetronics set vertically.

    On the indica end are 2 x 216w T5 set horizontal, lower set with 650nm-680nm aquarium (spectrum with the red spike in photo), upper set with quantum 6400k.

    The test budroom is doing a mountain grown test at this time. UVB equivalent is double that at 10,000' elevation. Depending on results UVB sidelights may be interspersed on the indica end. Sativa UVB resuts were negative. Two weeks in and the indica is still running with it.

    Simple questions and look at me go, even worse in person.

    The picture is the T8 tube spectrums used in the veg room, except the bank of those 5000k residental. Those are three narrow spikes, blue, big green, and red.
    I've been told the money I spend on lights would have gotten indoor plumbing with toilets by now.

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  15. gabriel420

    gabriel420 New Member

    There's not really a "too soon" as long as they're solidly rooted. i've thrown clones under 2Kw HPS n 1000Kw MH 12/12 (budding light) as soon as they were re-potted from their pucks. plants will still grow another 2ft during their budding (at least) so if you're using SOG in your growroom, and pushing out 6week bud strains, then there's no reason to let em veg any long than it takes em to root. Just make sure you've got good ventilation, airflow, and maintain a safe light distance to avoid burning em. and NEVER water anything but the roots during a light cycle. Foliar feeding (misting the leaves) can and will burn the shit out of your leaves. the droplets of water act as magnifiers and intensify the light. no good at all.
  16. claygooding

    claygooding DrugWarVeteran

    mine sprout under the lights and grow in a 24 hour grow cycle until they are ready to be moved into the flower chamber,,then dropped too 12 hr light.

    Does it hurt or help the plants,,,don't know,,but they grow and flower on schedule,,so it can't be hurting them too bad.

    PS: Phaeton,,check out an article on uv rays,,you an't got no black lights yet,,so get even crazier :<)
  17. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    I went back over the posts I hadn't taken off topic, I cannot find where it says how many plants Fridayluck is growing or what style of grow is set up.

    A lot of good growing tips, but without knowing plant # and whether it is stadium grow, sog, scrog, vertical, ebb and flow, etc.

    Conditions for the different grows are conflicting, advice for one may not work on another.
    800w at 16", 12-22-16 every four hours, 86 degree ambient, 84 degree media, 12.5/11.5 light.
    This works for my Indica, but not my sativa. And might kill a sog setup. Without knowing application, specific instructions are less useful than general guidelines and may even do damage.

    The plants should be well rooted by now and the style of grow picked, the book should have been skimmed through. The specifics of the grow now need to be noted. This will enable growers using the same type of grow to give tips on what works, and growers not using that type of grow can relax and not worry about giving non applicable answers.

    I stayed on topic! Gonna go have a bowl of positive reinforcement.

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