When will marijuana be legal in the US?

Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by NaturalMystic79, Sep 23, 2001.

  1. Or will it ever be legal? I love America. I've lived here my whole life. I've discovered beautiful things, and it's sad that one of the most beautiful things, marijuana, has to be illegal. My main reason from smoking regularly is the fact that I don't want to get caught and get a criminal record. I am 22 years old, a pretty young guy, with a future ahead of me.. I don't want to ruin it all because I got caught with some pot.

    I feel, as many others do, that if marijuana was legal, it would be a much better world, and would eventually become more socially acceptable. People will realize it has many valuable uses, other than reactional smoking.

    In America, anytime soon, will marijuana be legal? Is it a losing battle to try to get our government to legalize it? I know some states support marjuana for medical purposes. Is this a big step forward to full out, legalization?

    Any thoughts?
  2. krolley

    krolley Guest

    far from it..

    The only thing that keeps me going sometimes is my faith in our fellow persons, the tireless campaigners who strive for the reform of the archaic laws of the country. Just take a look at how many states have decriminalised for medical use, and the compassion clubs etc. I realise this is different to legalisation, especially for recreational uses, but when the little future Johnnys and Janeys see their mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles all smoking weed with no harm and their minds are rid of the foul propaganda the country will change.

    -- krolley.
    ~ I want to be free to know the things I do are right ~
  3. schwadood

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    I think thats it is a battle worth fighting for. The rest of the world is already moving towards either decriminalization or legalization. The US is going to start losing some valuable allies in the War On Drugs. England is moving toward decriminalization right now. Canada will get there soon as well. US companies will see the amount of money that could be made from marijuana and push the government for legalization. I'm sorry to say this, but I think that tobacco companies will be the way to legalization. If they start growing marijuana in some of their tobacco fields, or even set up indoor grows, they could make a lot of money, and still be able to sell tobacco since alot, but not all, of marijuana smokers smoke tobacco. I'll probably quit cigarettes if marijuana were legal. :D Maybe not:( Anyway, the world is changing and the US will not be able to stand alone. Not when that much money is involved.

    peace and much love
  4. Bear

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    One thing I have noticed is the massive increase of mj in the media. How many shows (tv and radio) use it as a prop now - something which means gradual acceptance to me. I mean, somtimes I am amazed that I can watch tv for an evening and see 3 separate referrences to mj and its use - pretty amazing to me in a country where it is illegal.
    However, I think there is still a long, hard battle ahead.
  5. Mamabudz

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    ...Be patient...Be safe... Be as active as you can be...

    Yes the tide is turning, it will take some time...

    BUt the proofs are coming in that are needed to properly bring evidence to the courts and legislatures of the land are coming through on almost a weekly basis. Check out the news on the home page...especially the Science and Tech news where the info new discoveries confirming the uses of mj.

    My latest research just turned up interesting findings on cell necrosis and apostosis ...the way cells die and are removed from the system...very important in terms of the immune system and the body's defenses agaisnt foreifn anti bodies, the lymphocytic system, the immune system, and cleaning the body of dead or diseased tissues (malignancies, et al.)

    Previous research has shown cancer to be a strong pain reliever, anti inflamatory without the serious stomach side efect or metabolic side effects of anti inflamattory drugs on the market used for arthritis and other serious joint injuries, body pain.

    Each proof of its benefits, its safety in moderate use, etc. brings us closer to acceptance.

    ANd of course there are grass roots groups like the ARMU and NORML. get invoved, get educated, get out there ...no wait..

    ...have a cookie ...now get out there ;)

    Mama Budz
    * I Toke & I Vote *
  6. :cool:

    I can't help but to think thaat maybe one day in the future Mary J will be legel. If i don't see it and my kids don't see it but maybe my grandchildern might. At least it will be done in the furure and change the world for the future generations and i will to know that maybe I did something to help that case.

    Eventually Ppl will have to see the obviuos. I think that someday it will be legel when i don't know and really if it were right now we would still be looked at and called a pothead
  7. Spankys420

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    lets face it. its not ever going to be legalized. even though other countries are and have moved toward legalization, were not. the damn government is brain washing and has brain washed millions of americans into thinking weed is the worste thing in the world! plus they make too much money by locking up these "terrible marijuana users". it sux. it just makes me very quite sad that every1 in america doesnt know the truth about marijuana. i wish all americans have a chance to check out websites like thse ones.
  8. schwadood

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    But in time, when the rest of the world has either legalized or decriminalized the US will see how much money could be made. Marijuana can be grown in any state of the lower 48. It could be exported and taxed. American companies will be making money off of marijuana and then they will be the principal suppliers for America. The only other way I can see mj being legalized would be if popular opinion changed and the majority of Americans were for legalization. Politicians, in order to keep their power, would have to legalize or they wouldn't be able to make money, which is what politicians care about most. Both of these situations are possible, but i think that both depend on the rest of the world changing first. England is getting there, and i bet Canada will go that way as well. The American people will not be able to ignore that. But we can't win if we don't fight. The best way is to change someone's mind, even if they never, ever smoke. Just so they realize the truth and vote yes on legalization. Thats my $0.02.
    I'm sooooooooooo high.

    peace and much love
  9. SilentPete

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    Hopefully soon. There are a lot of refrences to smoking marijuana in movies so hopefully that is a sign that things are changing. Minds are opening, just v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y..................
  10. :chokin: LOL,
    That is what i was saying but i was high and it didn't come out right but Amen. eventually things will change. it will have to there r more and more ppl nowdays smoking it and admitting that they do and saying hey look it ain't that bad and the more ppl that we help make understand the more ppl to have with the Cause. peace all
  11. Buggie Owens

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    The federal budget for the drug war (I believe) has already been approved. However, I feel that there is a chance that the war against pot could end...soon.

    We are at turning point in American history. Our national priorities are changing. We could, with the proper strategy, turn the marijuana issue into a matter of national security. Convince people of the waste in our law enforcement resources to fight against a domestically grown plant.

    Those against a rational marijuana policy have not lost their focus on pot. It is important that, if nothing else, we educate, cajole, entertain....whatever it takes to get the message out.

    okay....I'm getting off the soapbox now
  12. Buggie Owens

    Buggie Owens Guest

    OK..back on the soapbox..

    I take hope in the intransient position of our federal officials concerning MJ. What possible rationalization do I have for this hope?

    I look back historically at other situations in which the hardline on issues were pushed until the people just didn't buy the bull**** anymore.

    As such I compare our federal position on MJ to the East German government right before the fall of the Berlin Wall. As our leaders are again approaching the level of rhetoric concerning MJ not see since Harry Anslinger, their foolishness will soon be apparent to those who are in the majority across the country.

    Have hope that the MJ wall is going to come crumbling down...soon.

    Or then again the powerful business interests against hemp (re: oil, pharmaceautical companies, the private prison industries, lumber, etc) will be successful in sicking their "attack dogs" (including Rep. Bob Barr, Sen. Orrin Hatch and Jon Kyl, potential drug czar John P. Walters, DEA chief Asa Hutchinson, and that icon of American "wisdom" Bill Bennett) to confuse, lie to, and ignore the American public...again.
  13. HolpDarkan

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    Why is it litterally not legal? we just want our plant back...

    Hello, My name is Cody and im 19 years old.... Dont get me wrong though, Im young but I have a pretty good hold on life i am enrolled in the nursing program ( guys gotta earna livin'!) at CCC and work as a CNA right now.. Marijuana is one of my favorite things in the world..... I have a lot of neck pain and despite the alleveation of it, cannabis made me feel so peaceful and it was a great way to relax.... I only smoked or drank tea of it about once a week when the time was appropriate and i felt ghreat doing it. I dont use any other drugs including alchohol or Caffiene ( yes Caffiene!) alchohol cause over estimation, agression, and can be overdosed on easily.... and caffiene is phisiologically addicitive as well and psych..... but Cannabis is a feeling that is probably the safest thing available to legalize.... Why you ask? Because Marijuana does not affect "serotonin" this is the neurotransmitter that affects your mood, decision making, and "Id" ( inate primal feelings, ussually to gain pleasure and survive). alchohol and virtually every drug has this byt not cannabis, thast is exactly where the paranoid feeling comes from... this is why you want to just sit back and not cause a fuss, and blunlty speaking....you feel better behaving than misbehaving... not to mention marijauan is not phyisiogivcally addictive... After smoking for about a year I quit so i could get a job as a CNA, one try it was easy... i had no withdrawls... i wanted it ivery much but it was not physical... I have not smoked for 5 months and no withdrawls..... but I do miss it because it was a great way to relax, calm, alleviate pain, and when smoking a sativa i enjoyed writing my biology reports on it. it coould so easily be a money maker for the governtment, not to mention get it off the streets away from kids.... 1937 the marijauan tax act passed and made it pointless to cultivate. George washington said " grow the hemp seed and use it every where in everyway... racism and other factors came together absolutley perfectly to illegalize this great plant. Look we dont care if the gov. made a mistake..... we all do! its OK! we just want out plant back to us legally with no hard feelings...
  14. Lothar121

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    Get in the trenches

    It will not happen on its own, or it may but it will take a heck of alot longer. It really depends on us that are bothering to read this right now to direct our efforts in an effective manner. You are new to the forums, so I have to ask if you are supporting NORML, MPP, and/or the DPA?

    If you want to help and make it happen, you can start by donating to one or all of these organizations. Pick the one that suits you best. I understand NORML has a new executive director. Perhaps he can add energy.

    Give whatever you can afford, even if it is $10. Just do it. Your information will remain private, trust me I am a member of two of the three I listed above. Have you written your elected officials that represent you on both the state and federal level? If not, you need to get on that right away and send your letter in.

    Finally, you need to talk to others both online and in real life. Engage them in thoughtful conversation about marijuana. Use good english and carefully craft your messages to appeal to them. Don't lie or exagerate, acknowledge marijuana has some harms, but make sure you inform themthat doesn't mean it should be illegal. If they are receptive to your speech, refer them to one of the big three organizations I listed above.
  15. vladimir

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    what i find interesting is that the us was actually a world wide producer of hemp before it was legalized. a lot of the history books have been 'cleaned' to say that states like kentucky made their money by growing tobacco, but at least a third of kentucky's exports pre-illegalization came from hemp.
    and right now, we have many countries in europe either decriminalized (netherlands, england, switzerland) or pretty much on their way there (belgium, germany). canada is well on its way to decriminalizing. this means that pretty much every 'civilized' country on earth, besides the us, will have accepted that weed is harmless. and when that happens, the pro-prohibition people are gonna be on the losing side of the argument no matter what they do, leading to the inevitable decriminalization (and after that, legalization) of marijuana in the us.
    till then, keep fightin the good fight.

    ps: did you know that tobacco companies have already trademarked all the names they would consider for their weed products (like mary jane, etc). the industry is gearing up for it. :cool:
  16. Piece2All

    Piece2All New Member

    It will happen.

    I think its safe to say it will happen. Like it has been said in many previous replies on this thread MJ is becomming more and more accepted in the media, although that is just the tip of the iceburg.. It seems that since the 60's generations have been more and more accepting of our favoirte plant, soon enough i feel that all the lies connected with it will be gone and it will just been seen as something people do to have a good time and not a gateway or a silent killer. Then we will finally, FINALLY be free.

    .. I would personally smoke my own shoe laces before i would anything big tobacco produced
  17. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    very true, very true indeed, but sadly enuf the chances hav it that when marijuana becomes legalized, the tobacco companies will hav it first. starting up whole new companies just for weed will take a long time
  18. LegalizIT!

    LegalizIT! New Member

    I hope that in the next 20 years it will be legalized in all 50 states. And i beilive in the next 10 years medicinal MJ will become avaliable in all 50 states.
  19. sheraGurl

    sheraGurl New Member

    power to the cause man !!
  20. concerto

    concerto New Member

    Just give it another century and maybe....

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