Whens your favorite time of day to smoke or vape?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by califdude, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. califdude

    califdude New Member

    I like smoking around evening time, when all my work and responsibilities have been met and its time to relax and watch television or goof around with the family. I find it so relaxing and I am much more fun to be around too. LOL!!
  2. Stay Negative

    Stay Negative Sr. Member

    at night, listening to music
    laying down (;
  3. Rocketman

    Rocketman Sr. Member

    Evening. Or during the day if I have nothing to do.

    watch some trailer park boys, its all good.
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  4. Dylirious

    Dylirious New Member

    Weekdays I vape at around 4 n 830 then a couple hits at about 12 fo a good shuffle on the ipod in bed
    Weekends without work 1, 4, 8, n12 for a solid day
  5. Justiiice

    Justiiice New Member

    I love smoking at night time, but I just like being outsude and doing stuff at night time better. And I ususually smoke at midnight and later... But I also love waking up at 10 in the morning and getting baked. So I'd say night - midnight, and early morning. And also if you have a sunset to look at, I suppose evening would be swell. Idk, hell I love smokin' all day! :blazed:
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  6. Dylirious

    Dylirious New Member

    Hittin a 420am sesh is always nice :blazed:
  7. Justiiice

    Justiiice New Member

    Yeeeeah! but that makes me stay up until 6am at least, and that only comes around once in a while, but it is sweet. :cool:
  8. floating_rascal

    floating_rascal New Member

    love a morining bake (8ish) and then a really nice hike
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  9. chronicflower

    chronicflower New Member

    Right when ya wake up.
  10. califdude

    califdude New Member

    That sounds awesome!! Do you live near a good place to hike?
  11. Buds_Of_Steele

    Buds_Of_Steele Your Undisputed Disputer

    I find every time has its ups and downs

    Morning you get to start the day off on a good foot, but you may find yourself a little burnt for the rest of the day

    Noon is the hottest time of day and best time to be outside in the colder months, good for swimming in summer but again some like it hot and some don't

    Afternoon it starts to cool down, there's still sun and that feeling of unwinding as the day winds down. I actually cant find a downside to smoking in the afternoon
  12. floating_rascal

    floating_rascal New Member

    I live in Colorado Springs... Im on the sw side, about a mile from Cheyenne Mtn Canyon. Its beautiful right now. Everything is just starting to GREEN. ;)
  13. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    Anytime. O its 3:47? Lets celebrate by smoking a bowl.
  14. Midnighttoker

    Midnighttoker New Member

    my favorite time is Early evening. That way, I get to eat dinner, Maybe watch some tv or surf the web after, then fall asleep as I come down.

    Although I enjoy smoking at any time of the day of course
  15. Dylirious

    Dylirious New Member

    Very solid choice, theres a nice provincial park between me and my workplace so I get a nice wake and bake and travel through the depths of the woods on my way to work :hippy:
  16. cthcforlife

    cthcforlife Sr. Member

    vape earlier in the day n smoke in the later part
  17. stonerr6758

    stonerr6758 New Member

    when im out with friends and its real nice and warm out i like smokin a little bit before the sun starts setting and then go to this lake and sit on one of the benches and chill and watch the sunset and then smoke some more. when im on my own at home though i enjoy a wake n bake or around 9:30 at night and just chill and listen to music or watch tv.
  18. buddlydoright

    buddlydoright New Member

    How do you do a wake n bake at 9:30 at night? Do you work 3rd shift or something?

    I just like to smoke weed. So when my mind or body says "lets smoke a bowl" then thats the time. Usually I don't wake n bake anymore just because I really like to wake all the way up first before I start to have an altered mind.
  19. jikaboom123

    jikaboom123 Sr. Member

    I vape in the morning. Smoke makes me too groggy. Opposite for nighttime as vape keeps me awake, so I smoke.
  20. token_roddd91

    token_roddd91 New Member

    My favorite time really has to be early afternoon. Sometimes between 2pm-3pm. Especially during the spring, the temperature is real nice and there's quite a bit to do around the town.

    However, I'm definitely a fan right around 7am. There's really nothing better, too, than a long session with some friends starting right around 9pm.

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