Where does mid-grade come from?

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  1. kcbennie

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    I smoke mid grade bud that go for $130/ounce. It's pretty bright green, smells kind of piney, kind of limey, and has a good mostly sativa high (although sometomes it seems to be pretty half and half sativa/indica). It's definitely not brick. The seeds are dark green and big, not smashed. It's not kind bud.

    Do you think it comes from Mexico, or do you think it is US grown? It's been extremely consistant for many years, so it is definitely coming from a commercial source, but is it US or Mexico?
  2. Plainsman1963

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    That a good inquiry you made 'kcbeenie' b/c if it's coming from Mexico you could be INADVERTENTLY supporting the Mexican drug cartel which carries out violence against the disabled, impoverished, and facilitated by profits from the child sex trade to work their distributions. I am curious to see where it comes from also?

    Also, where does 'dank' come from where does "headies' come from?

    These are all noteworthy questions of inquiry and Thank you for NOT turning a Blind Eye to the source of your cannabis. I applaud you kcbeenies.
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  3. 1956

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    I have always believed it was outdoor grown in the US by people who grow enough of it that they could not afford the time to really baby it to it's full potential. Probably started once upon a time by some designer seeds then propagated via clones, then seeding plants. Just an opinion though. But your description is what I usually get my hands on, I have no complaint with it, but it is nice to get hold of the kb when the opportunity arises.
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  4. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    Most likely it is still being imported from Mexico, Jamaica, Columbia, or somewhere of the sort. It has simply just been handled better than many of the bricks that make it over the border. When I visit buddies in Texas, we get BOMB mid grade straight from over the border. It's super cheap down there also.

    Most high grade dank nugs you buy were grown in the United States and (depending on whether it is indoor or outdoor) is grown in someone's basement or back yard/field. There is also high grade nuggets and "beasters" (the dense, mishandled nugs that begin to smell like a farm due to improper drying, curing and packaging) which make their way down from Canada. I would say when you buy the high grade indoor, you have a decent chance it's coming from a fellow American (maybe even local).
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  5. kcbennie

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    I have to agree with you. I've actually grown the seeds from middy bags and it grows pretty dank outdoors and even danker indoors. I personally think that it is the same kind of weed that brick is comprised of but handled more tenderly, contains less leaf and is cured instead of bricked freshed and then dried. I would like to know if what I'm smoking is actual Latin American sativa, or some hybrid that is grown domestically on a commercial scale.
  6. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    Since it's origins are most likely south of the border, it is probably mostly sativa. However, due to the large scale it's produced on, the strain is most likely a hybrid, since it would be very hard to keep and breed a consistent strain through out. Since most strains down there are sativa, it is probably highly sativa dominant.

    And yeah; bricks come in all shapes and sizes and off all qualities. I have seen bricks of the mids you are most likely refering to and a one pound brick it about the size of a 3-5 pound brick of the much denser pressed, lower quality weed. It just isn't as compressed and is handled/cared for better through out the entire process.
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