Where to buy nexxus aloe rid locally?

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by Sokesleezy, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Sokesleezy

    Sokesleezy New Member

    I tried a local supermarket chain called Public and Walmart as well to no avail.
  2. beesknees

    beesknees New Member

    word is that the formula has changed and its not nearly as effective as it used to be. try paul mitchell clarifying shampoo as an alternative.
  3. You can get it on amazon,com. it is a discontinued item, they no longer make it. You can substitute ultra swim (walgreens) or Paul Mitchell 3(chain salons). I might throw some aloe in my hair too, just for the hell of it. everything else has been in there, including shout, spray n wash, and toothpaste. Fuck it. Do ya'll think it will do any good to soak my hair in methalyne or however you spell it, they use it to extract drugs at the lab, maybe it will extract some from my hair.
    Good Luck BTW!!!!:):soapbox:
  4. tomservo

    tomservo New Member

    i've been using coal tar shampoo, going swiming, then coal tar again then paul mitchell 3
  5. I have been using everything under the sun, I got some of that Paul 3 today because I couldn't find that Aloe Rid. I am gonna self test a week before my court date. I hope none of this is counterporductive. I did lose some hair, but its cool, bc I have plenty. I was thinking about braiding my hair and saying its a weave, and let one little piece stick out, and tell em its my only real hair and the weave is sewn in, and destroying the fuck out of that little piece, which would be cut down to 1.5 inches. after the self test, I will decide on haircut/ destruction of cortex.I have that coal tar too. If you have access to a sauna I would recommend that, I am lookin for one to sneak into. and I am gonna sit in there 20 minutes, wet my hair w hot water, leave some ultra swim or PM3 in there for another 20, then rinse w Hot water.The things we do for love,

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